You already know the answer, don’t you |Day 4


Before we dive into a longer chapter about a collection of numerology examples, I like to honor here my dear friend Antonio Duarte (he agreed happily to be mentioned here), the famous radio show master “El Palace de la Z” ( La Jefa)

Day 4 | #12dailypostchallenge

He told me once:

“The bigger your choice options, the more complex the decision taking… turns out to be”.

Lenormand a la Mexicana.jpg
I think he knows what he is talking about. There is the dilemma in choosing between two or more options, and probably you will not take the “right” decision. Or maybe it will be the best decision of your life.

That´s the risk we all run.

But there are helpful tools to clear your head and to analyze the pro´s and contra´s.

You know already my answer, don’t you?

Yes! Write it down. The promise of paper and pen… and some inner beauty!!

P.D. this video link sums it very good up  ☟☟☟😂