The Pushy One

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. ~ Zig Ziglar

… be more serious about our goals today, the steady #Taurus #Sun forms a smooth aspect to taskmaster #Saturn • my tip: under todays numerology #one✨you do good in finishing what you start, for loose ends invite « fateful twists « to the stories we are still writing.

On the other hand …Trial-and-error techniques can gradually lead you to an update that works like a charm.

Swim with the transformative tide.

Wishing you all a very exciting Saturday. Stick to your plans!

P.D it’s a long Mother Day weekend. Yesterday we celebrated here in Mexico . It’s always on May10th… for others it’s this Sunday …so, here my best wishes to all the Mothers. Enjoy your day and weekend. Blessings !

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Sunshine in your Pocket

Appreciate all the sunshine and moonlight, that illuminates your life. It’s a beautiful Saturday over here. I will be traveling to Yucatán to meet with a Feng Shui client … this is going to be a really “hot” trip in all senses 🙂 The weather is superb over there …

So for today I like to say, that under the current sky and today’s numerology “two” … there are limitless ways to live out with lots of inspirations and harmony

Nevertheless, some might want to do things in your own way, but your friend, relative, or partner has ideas of his/her own?

Here my tip under today’s numerology : Cooperation is almost certainly the preferable option now. By the way, eventually, you might happily admit that some of your loved one’s proposals work out just as nicely as anything you could suggest. Appeasing others today ends up pleasing you.

Wishing you all a very joyful & harmonious Saturday.

Thanks for reading me

Photo Credit : Kikis de la Creme

Time to bury the Hatchet

So, now that “Chiron” (the wounded healer) is traveling in the fire sign Aries , there might be some questions, doubts and resentment popping up … especially under today’s numerological vibration of “nine”.

Actually, you might find yourself at a crossroads. On one side, you could be obsessing on a past injustice. But on the other hand, you might finally feel ready to let it go.

So now what?

While the second choice sounds like the quicker fix, make sure you’re not acting /deciding out of frustration. Indeed the number nine is a page-turner. But that is a very important step, which requires pure honesty in your feelings.

That sounds like some of us will need to include some extra coffee/chai breaks to nail things down..

Finally, another little tiny tip… your Intuition has a d a y -o f f ticket for this Friday. In other words… you can’t count on it today . So, whenever there is a question or doubt, you better get up and ask!

Wishing you all a very productive day. Watch your communication.

Thanks for being here. Happy Friday!

XO Kikis

Photo Credit : Kikis de la Creme | Siegen, Germany 2018

Brilliant Ideas | Lenormand and Coffee

Hello, hola, hallihallo! How is your day so far?

I know, it’s a little later today with my #dailytips a la #Lenormand … but, I like today’s tips so much, that I think it is worth to read it at any time of the day • there is progress + good news on the Path

Practice a little more #patience, as #mercuryretrograde is still going on… that gives you actually the chance to re-view, re-structure, re-define … to have a behind-the-curtain-view and get more insights

• also you might have a kind of “aha-moment” during a casual conversation at your coffeeshop or supermarket • without expecting it, good advice might come in a subtle message •

✨my special tip: don’t forget your 📔 journal • your #creativity is top-on-edge ….& you defentily should keep record of your brilliant ideas 💡 •

• Please let me know if this works for you. Happy Wednesday!

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay


Re-Build the Bridges

… well let’s put is like this …. now would be the perfect timing to bring your castle in the air down to earth. Reveries need grounding, if they are to make a concrete entrance into your world.

Today’s numerology is five, composed by a 23… two numbers that make communication the center stage. Listening and speaking have been difficult. This isn’t just love relationships I am talking about;  it’s also about our family, friends, and coworkers, too. If you had any fights, or you and I have been holding on to a long-term grudge, this is a good time to finally put them to rest.

It is indeed a lovely energy surrounding each of us, as the Master of Communication, Mercury is now traveling for a short period (until October 10th) in the diplomatic sign of Libra .

Not only are resources and support coming from unexpected places, you have the dedication required to make a mark.

But, as I already mentioned deditacition and commitment are an absolute must . It is this very commitment that is aiding your success.

Are you ready for some action? Well then, let’s pursue the unconventional and watch your dreams unfold.

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Happy Friday!

Third Eye | Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there ! Here I am enjoying my lunch 🥗 time at the park . I actually brought my walking shoes 👟 and as soon as my Lenormand tip is out there for you… I promise to walk for 20 minutes 😅.

Are you ready?

Tara Tara 📯

16+ 9 + 22

💫 stars+ Bouquet 💐 + Path

Today’s spread couldn’t be more perfect . I am so happy to enjoy some time outside and hopefully you can also do so. Being at fresh air, having a brisk walk in the park clear your mind and help you to get unstuck

It’s not that you are not having excellent ideas 💡, oh no! … But they are just ideas, if there is no planning done.

Come on,you can do better. Trace your strategy, keep your plan handy, so you can double-check, whenever you feel lost ( remember Mercury Retrograde 😅😂) and stick to it.

There is a strong energetic bond available and I can tell your & my thirdeye are top on edge today .

So, whenever you feel a lack of information • trust your intuition!

Happy Thursday 🍀 🔮 •

Secrets Anyone |Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there! … Well, I am just asking … Secrets anyone ?

Today’s spread is ready!

Tara Tara 📯

33 + 26 + 14

Key🔑 + Book 📖 + Fox 🦊

… well you better watch out your words, surroundingsand any underhand -sneaky -foxy -snaky 🐍 behavior from your most unscrupulous competitors… Woow can’t believe I just wrote that ! Welcome to a fresh month. It’s August 1st, 2018.

Yes, indeed there is some foxy 🦊 energy walking and sitting around . In Mexico people say “you put the needle into the fabric just to pull the garn out” . In other words you try to find out…. whatever it takes…. Are you really prepared to just reveal your most sacred information?

In case you are not, mark your boundaries clearly. Stay firm, whatever is the challenge.

On the other hand train your in-between-line readings … it might be quite revealing 😂 • Happy month beginning!

Happy 😃August !

Wishing you a very peaceful & harmonious Tuesday! •

• By the way • 🎉 • this is a spread #thirtythree • #lenormandsummer briefing at #kikiscafe • #yearofthedog

• @kikisdelacreme is the author & artist of this deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

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Expect the Unexpected

Good Morning ☀️! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen!

Today my dogs and I are super early birds. Ready to go for a walk to our favorite coffee spot…to enjoy a croissant 🥐 or two ( one prezzie for the girls😂). How are you?

So, before we rush out, my tips are ready. Come and join me with your first coffee ☕️:

In case you haven’t noticed, today is the last day of the month, the Tuesday has the vibration of the number four, of course Mercury is still retrograde and my general tip for the week is to have a low-key dynamic.

On a day with numerology four, having a plan to stick to is the best you can do ✅. Under “normal” circumstance I wood say…. hey… think a little outside the box , be open to innovative concepts….

But no, that is something you should really be carful with , especially starting tonight until this Friday 😁.

On the other hand, some of you might have some super emotional moments. Don’t be shy ☺️, it’s totally okay to wear your heart on the sleeves… as long as you leave enough space for other to do so too 😉

A moon-Venus opposition invites you to take a big step back. Watch your plastics and cash 💵 . It will be all too easy to splurge.

Things can get really wild 😜 and push you in a direction that you might regret later on. But even worse, when Uranus and Mars are squaring off . Both traveling in fixed signs, Taurus and Aquarius, showing off your stubborn side 🤭.

So, let this important investments desicion mature for a couple of days. The eagerness to agree to the first proposal or option could bring some serious pain… and get you later out of trouble could be harder than climbing the Mount Everest 🏔🧗🏻‍♂️

Plant your ideas by hooking into people’s visions, but don’t oversell. One way to be sure you don’t get carried away is to have a script—and stick to it!

Happy 😊 Tuesday🍀!

Mr. Zarmora and his Magical Lifestyle

You meet people in life for a certain reason. Probably you have heard this phrase a million of times, but there is something true about it. In 2015, Mr. Margarito Zarmora and I met for the first time in Greenville, South Carolina. He is the owner of a cabel manufacture with offices in the United States and Mexico. He had directly contacted my office for a Feng Shui study. So, on the day of our meeting I was prepared with my Luo Pan, the floor plans of his office and a couple of preliminary notes. There is no real greeting, but a quick Q & R between us.:

“What is this wodden thing you brought? “

“It’s my Luo Pan, a Chinese compass!”

“Did you bring your cards?”
“What cards?“
“The Tarot, Lenormand, Baraja Española or whatever you use. Forget about the Luo pan. We don’t need that”

Who is Margarito Zarmora? Fifty years ago, he was born in Chihuahua, Ciudad Carmargo. He likes it, when you call him “Don Margarito. He has four brothers and one sister. Two brothers already passed away. As the youngest child, he declared himself as the most rebel one. Not very attached to his family.  His mother had to use quite often the “chancla voladora” (flying pantofle).

In High School, he was a leader in his class. But sometimes the schoolmates were afraid of his impulsiveness and his eagerness for a good fight. Then, they admired him again, for always being available, to defend for a good cause. On the other hand, they loved to have him around, especially when he was the best DJ of the whole school and of his generation in this little town.

His grandmother, Doña Chuchis, is an eminence back in Carmargo City. She plays an important role in his life and he defines her as his “real” mother. He proudly commented that with 81 years she is still famous for her excellent card readings. Neighbors and friends would make a space to check-in with the “brujita”, how they call her with respect.

Doña Chuchis is still his secret adviser. But now she is getting older and lately her tips have brought severe financial loss to him.

“You remember that you ordered a Feng Shui study with me? I will use the antique technique and art of this Chinese tool to help you harmonizing your office. We will discover the negative and positive aspects, once I have defined the facing direction and established the Lo Shu Square of your building and office”, is the next I still remember to have answered.

“So, the “Feng Shui’ thing you are talking about, are these cards?


“Okay, then we have a problem. Let’s go to my office, I need to show you something.”

Don Margarito is without any doubt, an absolute fan of the seventies dress code. He is the second person I know, who, still nowadays, opts for this satin-gold-black shirts and wide-leg pants.

He is a charmer and talking to him is opening the Pandora-box. On the way to his office, we talked about parties, his love for the tarot, his music taste. Surprisingly all his playlists have top hits of the eighties.  

His office was impressive. We were greeted by an elder woman in a very serious skirt-blazer suit. Her hair was fixed to a ponytail. There was an oversized wood-metal desk. a telephone, a small yucca palm, an antique console and that was all. Just his four white walls and there was no art.  Don Margarito already showed off his weakness for the seventies and eighties and you would expect something more ‘stylish”. His office is the example of the minimalistic tendency. There he took a key from his table, his business headquarter. The panorama view to the Fall Park Downtown was astonishing.

The key opened the antique console. He called it his secret treasure. Over two shelfs, there were piles of different oracle cards. Karma cards, witch decks, Lenormand, different seizes and brands, tarot decks, old and new ones, even one his grandmother, Doña Chuchis, was not using anymore.  He had Runes and a blue-white talavera pot, his emergency-cleansing –salt.  Don Margarito proudly shared, that many of these decks are travel souvenirs.

He doesn’t know to read and interpret them all, but he loves to pull every day three or more cards to find orientation for his business decisions. Whenever he has the opportunity he flys to Carmargo City to have a reading with his grandmother. He doesn’t like to have an internet consultation, as this is not “personal”. Feeling the energy and the vibes during a reading makes it so special, he admits.  The Lenormand are his favorites. When he is doubting about a partner, signing contract or if he should buy or sell some property he asks his grandmother and his own decks. According to him, the Lenormand give quick, clear and precise answers.  Definitely, he had no idea about Feng Shui.

But can Feng Shui, this over 5000-year-old Chinese technique, really be considered a metaphysical tool?

For decades, the traditional metaphysical tools have been clairvoyance and fortunetelling with coffee, palmistry and all kind of oracle cards. The Gitanas are also still active. Later on, and still up to date it became fashion to have a fusion of numerology, astrology and oracle cards. The Feng Shui has also a spiritual part, where the Chinese astrology Paht-Chee-Chart -Reading ( birth chart) plays an important role. Nevertheless, the classical Feng Shui is not at all accepted and known as a metaphysical tool. Yes, there is a split in opinions.  Some say it is one and others say it forms part of the “Five Arts”. ( Four Pillar of Destiny, Xing Xang, Bazi…)   The Chinese call this “physiognomy”, the observations of appearances, wind and water, spaces, ambiences, landscapes through calculations and formulas. Although Feng Shui is not considered a science, but a pseudoscience. Here, you work with exact data, starting with the person’s date-of-birth, calculating the KUA number, defining the auspicious and less auspicious direction.

The Luo Pan is the top-notch tool to work with. A good Chinese compass is a real jewel. It’s pricy, but you can use it for 40 years. The outer and inner circle correspond to the twenty years of each period. Currently, we are still in period eight and it has all the information at a glance. Once you set the exact facing direction of the 24-mountain -directions, the nine – flying – star combination is right there. The astrological signs corresponding to the facing direction are easy to identity. All you need to do is to transport then this data to the floor plan. Despite many opinions, the floor plan is absolutely indispensable. The most important of all this information is the facing direction of your main entrance. Sometimes defining the main entrance can be a problem. Especially, if there is a mouth-of-chi area or other space making you doubt of a clear decision.  An inexact reading could have a very bad impact on elaborating a report of remedies, enhancer or blocker for the space. Doing a good Feng Shui implies real responsibility.

Don Margerito has experienced several financial loss and betrayal in the last six months. He thinks that his grandmother, now, is really getting old and that her insights are not helping him anymore. Although she told him about some problems. But what he actually is experiencing is not just “some problem”. A Master-To-Do plan is required and he knows that.   Therefor he contacted me. His table needs to be moved, as he is sitting in his total-loss-direction (the Chueng Ming direction) . As a Kua number two, he needs to be facing the southwest, which this year has the Flying Star number six. Also, he needs to put some moving metal to subdue the very unfortunate number two/five combination or even better move his office to a number eight area. There is so much more to do.

Margarito Zarmora used to have long, straight hair, always with bangles covering his left eye. In the photo collection, he shared with me in one of our long talks, he always appears with suspender. His collection is impressive. You find a pair of red ones with strips, all rainbow colors, polka dots in green, yellow, rosa Mexicana, red, orange, all in all something for every day. A very extravagant look for a teenager and College student later on. Of course he had to mention several times, that the girls thought of him as “ a hot chico” (a hot boy). Also, he wanted to distinguish himself from the common dress-code, but even more from the way of thinking. Since the young age, he had a very determining and also progressive way of life.  His oracle collection and cleansing methods are certainly part of this. Men and Women are equally interested in metaphysical tools. Also, it is still a taboo and people laugh about horoscopes, tarot spreads, Lenormand readings, angel messages. Who doesn’t love to get a quick sneak peek from the Universe?

When he was eight, his family moved to Tequisquiapan and later to Queretaro, Qro. Mexico. During sometime his father was the secretary of agriculture over there. By then, Don Margarito was decided to stand out from his family. The school, his friends and the daily routine were simply too boring. He always had attracted attention in everything he has done after college. He doesn’t want to change that. There is still a long way to go.

Note: I posted this text for a workshop about “Writing the Truth with Style”. This is a completely new writing style for me. Your comments, feedback, tips, corrections and suggestion are so welcome.


Good Morning ☀️ ! Bonjour! Guten Morgen !

So, how have you been, after the first day of Mercury Retrograde? Are you ready for he longest Eclipse if the century XXI? It’s a Full Moon 🌕 Friday in Aquarius ♒️. A super culmination of energy

I hope you had some time to backup your data 😉. Happily, last night I had the chance to work on this. Did I tell you that, during the first retrograde season, my phone and my tablet suddenly stopped working . You can’t imagine what a trouble that was … I write most of my posts and forecast on my phone …

So, today’s numerology is a nine ✨. It’s a double nine. The day is a 27 = 9 , plus the sum of the complete date adds also up to a 27 = the second no 9. Additionally the numerological vibration of the month July is also a 9.

The absolute invitation to be prepared that something is coming to an end . Under the current with the “Blood Moon 🌝 “in store . The red-orange sparkle will give a helping hand to purify relationships, partnership, toxic situations … P O O F!

Get ready to blast into a whole new social realm. Your friends in high places reflect your excellence, but there may be a few with whom you take issue now.

Trust, that the cosmic clearing is making space for more righteous connections of the heart. The Lunar Eclipse offers also new freedom in self-expression.

Pleasure and Creativity, and of course also retrograde Mars/ Mercury asks you to reevaluate how you cultivate joy.

Wishing you all a very productive and harmonious Friday!

Happy Eclipse 🌕✨🔥💥!