The chocolate ears of my bunny | Day 9

chocolate bunnies Kikis de la Creme.jpg

Hello, welcome back ! It’s Friday (Karfreitag) Are you enjoying your long Easter weekend? What’s on your list for today? For us /me it is a “baking” Friday! We have the house full of guests and now after breakfast we will do some baking together.

When I was running yesterday evening, I remembered, last year, my father gave me a very easy cookie recipe. Now, I have been navigating in my 2017 journal (that’s part of the promise of paper and pen) for some baking recipes. You know, there is this thing about me and writing.

I write down basically everything. After so many years, I have already a respectable collection of journals. Sometimes I pull any of it out and do some random reading. You can find title ideas, numerology essays, proverbs, quotes, shopping lists mixed up with baking, cooking recipes, Feng Shui enhancer, remedies , “aha” moments and knitting instructions. There are even some sketches for my Art House World projects ; our Paint and coffee /sips.

Today and in honor to the long easter weekend I´ll share this super easy cookie here with you:

  • 300g flour
  • 150 g sugar
  • 150 g cold butter
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • vanilla essence
  • 1 tiny dash of salt
  • 1 egg

That’s all you need! Mix all the ingredients and put them for one hour into the refrigerator.   Preheat the oven 180 degree Celsius . Prepare a baking racket with baking paper and have the “seasonal “forms ready. We have small bunnies, large bunnies, a “Frohe Ostern” seal and the bunny heads. Enough to choose!

Do you back seasonal cookies ?

Do you back easter cookies?

Well, in my family we are very traditional in celebrating all events. We have long brunches, lunches with friends or family dinners. For Easter my mom always  un-dusts the fine collection of decor treasures. She has an impressive amount of wood, pottery, metal and glass bunnies. Easter-eggs in all seizes and materials from different parts of the world to decorate the sitting areas in the house.

I have brought that family tradition also to Mexico. If you come to visit me, you will find a bunny greeting in surprising places and the huge hall table is my showcase for the easter egg collection.

Osterhase DPA.KikisdelacremeThe other I found also a list of annotations (once again the promise of paper and pen) I made years ago about the “rabbit”, the myths and facts:

  • Did you know, that the “‘Rabbit foot” is another way of saying ‘scaredy cat’ – although originally, if someone was “rabbit footed” they were a speedy runner. That makes more sense, doesn’t it ?  Some bunnies can run up to 75 kilometres an hour!
  • “Falscher Hase” or “mock rabbi”‘ is a traditional meat-loaf dish. Many Germans still love this today. I love it prepared with olives and paprika…. But did you know that this name was made up from when only a few people could afford good meat?  The cooks would make ‘mock rabbit’ with the cheapest bits of meat, which were ground into mince and formed into the shape of a roasting joint, to give the impression of a fancy roast dinner.
  • “Angsthase” . Here the theory is, that rabbits run away from humans because they associate them with all things evil, although scientists are still trying to figure out a way to prove it…
  • “Da liegt der Hase im Pfeffer” / “There the rabbit’s in the pepper” is the German equivalent of ‘there’s the rub! “Hasenpfeffer”  used to be a dish, in which rabbit was served in spicy sauce – why this became an expression of an irritant is not clear… at least this is what my father told me.

chocolate ear of my bunny Kikis del la Creme

Well, my lovelies, I have to run. My guests are ready for another round of coffee and cookies.

I wish you all a very harmonious and relaxing Friday… and I invite you a chocolate ear of my bunny…

Sending you a big hug. XOXO Kikis

Once the magic is broken | Day 8

“Loyalty isn’t grey, it’s black and white.

You are either loyal completely or not loyal at all.

And people have to understand this.

You can’t be loyal only when it serves you.” 

These are p o w e r f u l words. I like the energy that comes with these lines. Today’s numerology is six and just perfect for day 8 | 12-daily-post-challenge.

Well, hold on! That’s what I thought, early today at 5.00 a.m.. Opening my right and then my left eye. Everything seemed so easy and possible at that time. But now, it is after-lunch, which by the way had too much carbohydrates for my taste. I feel sleepy. But here is my 12-daily-post-challenge. So zero laziness and let’s see what has happened so far.

After yesterdays baking quote, by now you may have figured out that I am a huge fan of proverbs and quotes. They are an incredible source of inspiration to me.  I use them on a daily basis, in my consultations, texts, instagram numerology and occasionally they are the most important consultation tip for my clients.

I go even further and think, that the hidden message of a quote and proverb is absolutely stunning. In countless moments these little lines have been so helpful in my personal and professional life.

Have you ever been in that kind of situation, that you can literally smell trouble ?

Doesn´t like your opinion Kikis de la CremeDo you have this kind of sensibility? Can you sense, that your partner, client, colleague or business associate is not going to like your opinion or vision about a certain situation or circumstance?

I can!

That´s when I get a helping hand  from this “diplomatic tool“!

Early this morning, I attended an on-site Feng Shui visit. The client had ordered a complete House-Feng-Shui- update 2018. They recently moved to this new property and the last month they had experienced a lot of trouble in their personal and professional relationships.

The Northeast sector of this prosperity has a home office for the husband, which we will need to relocate. During 2018 the Flying Star no. 3 is hosting the Northeast sector. This can bring, and apparently already brough, the tendency to disagreements, quarrels, plus together with the current #MercuryRetrograde phase, to important misunderstandings. Not to mention the unfortunate water and mountain star combination (2/5) which in their case, can bring worse luck to them .

But that’s not all. Having that Feng Shui talk with my clients revealed, that there is more going on. The husband has his own business. According to his comments:…” 2017 has not been an easy year for him. He says, it has been good financially, but he had serious difficulties with his team colleagues , plus idea /concept and client robbery.  He thinks that he is too warm-hearted and always give second chances…”

Wow, that’s tough, but also interesting.

There is something very particular about this 2018. The year of the dog, the earth dog yang. dachshund 3 Kikis de la CremeFor me , I have felt a very different dynamic in my work, with my team and how people are relating to me and vice-versa.

It is so far, definitely a much peacefuller and harmonious year . Hopefully, I am not singing “victory” too early.  For now, the ambience feels less stressful . Although, I have to admit, that 2017 was a complicated year for me and my company, too.

Actually, I experienced some severe loyalty issues.

So, I shared the above mentioned quote with my clients and they were very surprised. Yeah, I know… getting such a powerful quote is something special.

So, of course, as an Feng Shui expert, I will give all the details to get the house updated , but it is very useful to do also some “Spiritual Feng Shui”.

… Hey, please stay here with me! Don’t run away, just because you read the word “Spiritual”. Ok, ok, maybe this is not the correct word choice.

Here my promise, that I will be working on another option. 

Getting back to the point… I consider, that talking about loyalty is a very important, delicate, sometimes awkward, but absolutely necessary subject.

I explained then to my clients: ” Please, take a couple of minutes to think about this quote. Loyalty is defined as “the state or quality of being loyal”; #faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Obviously, this requires that you need to make someone or something a #priority.

In this case, your team members and you have to be the priority. This means, that you all need to stay true to each other and to the company., to the actual working environment. Even when other situations / influences call attention”.

My clients nooded silently and I continued: ” The other keywords I like to throw in, are constancy of allegiance and commitment. This has to be very clear to each member of your team. You can’t just change your allegiance, when you feel like it – when it works best to your #advantage .

I have suffered from #betrayal and as far, as I understand, you too. Once this happens you need to change the strategy and establish new rules. This is hard and painful!

There are then no second-chances.

Once the magic is broken, it is broken for ever. 

Nowadays it is very special and rare to find true, loyal friends and employees / team players. So, this year of the dog 2018 work on your relationships. Review this circle-of-trust! And if you own a dog, you know instantly what loyalty is all about”

Today, I left my clients really thoughtful. I like that! Doing some declutter in your contacts, team, friendships… is necessary once in a while. The dog is an excellent example. Dogs never leave their masters nor do they waiver in their affection.

Please be as fiercely loyal to those you love and are committed to.

Black and white. Nothing lukewarm please. I am signing off now, not without inviting you to stay tune. My clients and I will meet again in a couple days and I have some very special tips for them… and also for you.

I wish you a lovely time. Take care. XOXO

Fear vs Love |Day 6

Hello again! Good Morning, afternoon or evening, wherever you are in the world. It is still a busy Monday over here.

I am enjoying  a 15 minute salad-sparklingwater-coffee break. People are queuing to schedule their appointments still with the promotion for personal numerologies and Feng Shui Q & A … last day is March 28. 2018.

But, even on such a busy day, I won’t miss posting and sticking to my goal. I am really enjoying being here around with you and especially writing for my #12dailypostchallenge.

The coffee is almost ready and since a while I am scribbling here in my golden notebook… Did I tell you already, that the planet Mercury is traveling retrograde through brash #Aries from March 22-April 15, 2018.

This trickster planet could mix up our messages, emails, whatsapp’s and not to mention your verbal communications. Without any doubt this is as fine a time, as any, to familiarize with our communication styles! We already had some bumps with words early this morning…. happily we could rescue the incident. But you better watch your words, as somethimes there is simply no plan B,C orD to rescue.

Doing some brainstorming on this subject, there is an interesting aspect for love to consider. The slow motion of this planet reflects in different ways on our daily life. Out of sudden putting the prefix “re” to most of the verbs is an excellent deal. Let’ s see:

 Fear vs Love |Day 5 (#12dailypostchallenge)

“Hang on! Don’t seal it with a kiss, a handshake or a hastily dashed deal memo. Especially not, when you are in the middle of any Mercury-Retrograde-phase. You could regret your impulsive decision, once Mercury is back on track.

But for any other moment, go ahead”. That generally is the special tip, I give my clients in love-romance-relationship matters. And, together with this, I normally hand them over a small copy with the Mercury-retrograde-phases of the current year.

Here a sticky note just for you:

Mercury Retrograde | 2018

March 22nd – April 15th

July 26th – August 19th

November 16th – December 6th

For the record we are now still in 2018. Working on this chapter, it is the first of three retrograde phases this year. Happily, Mercury will be turning direct just in time for the company’s anniversary and my birthday.

There is so much information in internet available on this particular subject. It is astonishing. From backing up your data, double-checking your travel arrangements, avoiding the signing off for any new project, calculating a lot of extra time to transfer to your appointments and not to mention to the airport. That is all fine! Don’t ignore those tips.

But what happens with love and your relationships during this period?

The other day I re-listened to an audio I posted in facebook about 3 years ago. It has a long list with different kind of tips, but what most caught my attention are the relationship “does & dont´s” , which are absolutely timeless.

coffee talk Kikis de la Creme.jpgLove is a complicated subject and relationships are staying right behind on that list. I remember last year, December 2017. This was the last of a very “inconvenient-Mercury-retrograde” phase, which ended just 2 days before Christmas. Everybody was super stressed. Christmas shopping was hell and many forget gifts and had to find last minute “solutions”.

At that time Ana Karen came to see me at my office. She was desperate. Her communication system apparently failed completely (devices and verbal communication). Also, the day of our appointment her car didn’t start and she came in Uber. She literally said: ” My whole life is like a huge cable salad. Plus in case you thought this is not enough, Miguel just proposed to me. Look at the ring. I am afraid. I don´t know what to do. We have been discussing so much and know he shows up with this surprise.”.

I was very happy for her and explained that getting a marriage proposal during any Mercury-retrograde-phase is a good thing. You have then at least three weeks to re-analyse the feelings for this person, re-define your common goals,  re-structure future plans and of course to re-thing, if this engagement is what you really desire. So, to all of you, if right now you are in a similar situation. Enjoy! In general the dynamic is slow during these weeks and invites to check out all the necessary angles of any situation.

On the other hand,  if you and your special someone (by the way applies also for friends and family) had trouble or decided to live separated for some time, I have good news for you. Mercury retrograde is also the invitation to practice forgiveness and re-connect. So don´t be surprised, if out of sudden you feel ready to meet with this person.

Keep your pride at home. Do the first step and give that person a call. A long talk can do miracles!

In Ana Karen´s case I suggested, that she should enjoy every moment with her partner. There is no reason for fear. Actually, I consider fear in a relationship the absolute killer. She agreed to do the exercise of paper and pen. Writing down what are your feeling for the person in question, is an excellent exercise. Writing clears your mind and gives you a wider vision.  

Time is over, my clients are waiting… in one of the next chapters, I will talk also about the “Ex´s” during Mercury-Retrograde.

For now, I send you all a big hug. Thanks for stopping by and I´d love to read your comments. Talk you to you tomorrow.