The Sparkling Nine

Here it is, the last Monday of 2018, the last day of the year! Curiously today starts with the numerological vibration of the #nine.

A closure /completion number, which invites especially now to do a review on what still needs to be attended before we say sayonara. Certainly, not everybody will be so lucky to say, there is nothing more to do…I am done…

But, if you still wish to send some pain, burden, anger, disappointment, disillusion, hate in the most beautiful suitcase to te universe… Well, here is your last chance!

Therefor I invite you to have a little paper block and pen. Handwriting is such a powerful exercise to get rid of emotions, organize your ideas and to focus on the next steps.

On the other hand, the action-orientated planet, Mars starts today transiting again in the fire-sign Aries . Hello my dear Rams, this is your chance to get things done from now until February 14th!

What an incredible free-spirit and so productive energy not only for Aries, but also for all the other 11 zodiac signs.

But, here my tip: although it may feel as if there are never enough hours in the day, things will get done if you pace yourself with the clock in mind.

Trust me, rushing only leads to mistakes. Be relentless as you tie up loose ends, but remember to breathe along the way.

Wishing you all a very productive and harmonious New Years Eve Day! Also I like to thank each of you for taking the time to read my (almost) daily updates.

I feel very honored.

Get safe to the New Year and may it be full of blessings for you. Enjoy and celebrate!

Happy New Year 2019!

XO Kikis

The Green Monster

It’s the last Sunday of the year! Just two more days for 2018

Today’s update numerological vibration is “eight” … plus the Libra Luna is in a stressful opposition to s u p e r unpredictable Uranus.

Well, the number eight itself has a powerful vibration. It can easily fall into extremes. Either very prosperous, strong, positive, happy or exactly to the opposite which develops deep sad emotions, disappointment, disillusion, lose, worry, anger…This is like a wildcard that defies rational analysis.

Here my 1. Tip: Please inhale, exhale … do the whole breathing routine before reacting and saying things you might regret.

Definitely, getting along with people may be more complicated than we anticipate, once we get up this morning.

Especially, if someone isn’t playing according to the rules, the GREEN MONSTER is already lurking around the corner and could just pop out at any moment!

I go even further and say, that a power play could decide our fate once the Moon switches signs and enters intense Scorpio.

2. Tip: Go for a walk or run! Do some sports. Physical activity is an excellent catalyst. It clears your mind and free all the anger.

On the other hand, you know there are things you want to finish before the new year begins, but you may be too distracted to accomplish much .

3. Tip: Don’t blame others! Being social and going with the flow does not mean giving up your power in the process. So, if friends and family set the agenda, choose in what part you can and want to participate without loosing the chance to work your pendings.

Wishing you a very peaceful and harmonious Sunday!

XO Kikis

Shift your Perspective

Maintaining your emotional balance is like dancing on the edge of a cliff. When you make equal room for another person’s point of view, you open up to a whole new way of interaction.

Move beyond codependency to embrace interdependency and watch your connections flourish.

On the other hand schedule some sportive activities on your agenda . Instead of regarding exercise as punishment, view it as a gift you give your physical self 🙂

That’s the friendly #6✨

Wishing you a very harmonious and successful Friday!

XO Kikis

Trace your Plans

Sharing the control tower with others ensures safe and successful flights, wherever you may go. By the way today’s numerological vibration is #five .

With Christmas behind us and New Years Eve ahead you still have fabulous 4 days to tide loose ends.

Lots to do!

Wishing you all a very productive Thursday!

XO Kikis

Dreams of Sugarplum Faries

Happy Christmas Eve Day! Among all the preparation and final touches tension might be getting really high.

Before I started to write this morning, I gave a really long thought about what could be my best tips for this day…

So, let’s see.. just on time for the celebrations, the planets Mercury (Master of communication ) and Neptune (the Dreamer) are squaring off.

That gives a very blurry flair to the whole ambience and being still a little more precise… Dreams of sugarplum fairies dance in our heads.

On the other hand, revealing your feelings is a double-edged sword today. Although you believe that the emotional waters will remain calm throughout the day, there’s a tempest brewing out near the horizon.

Whatch your words and even more prepare a conversation-topic-list! (!)

Casually expressing what’s in your heart may not be in your best interest until the hectic energy settles down. This of course includes all delicate subjects, as politics, religion, giving your sister or aunt a piece-of-mind…

Yes, it is like it is and somebody might not be in holiday-mood . Pay attention to who might be lurking on the sidelines. 

Thankfully, tempering your rapid responses and bringing empathy can catapult you in a wonderful direction. Also, compassionate action rather than defensive reaction is the key to your happiness.

I wish you all a very harmonious and joyful Monday.

Merry Christmas!

XO Kikis

Happy 4. Advent

The last Full Moon of 2018 just happened … Now, answers that have long alluded you, might manifest in unexpected ways. It’s like a big winter salad with many ingredients… you are about to discover.

This means, it’s still your job to unpack the meaning of the signs and symbols that show up in your life.

My special tip for the day… Set aside the need for linear progress as you follow your intuition wherever it leads.

Take time to refine your plans for the future. The moon makes a heart-centered connection to both, diplomatic Venus and forgiving Neptune, you’ll be so inspired to deal and heal.

By the way if you haven’t done already a full space cleaning (🧹) this could be the perfect opportunity. Burn some incense (e.g.sage)… then open the windows… go for some flowers and enjoy the uplifting Chi.

Wishing you all a very joyful day. Enjoy, relax, unwind with friends and family.

Happy 4. Advent! Happy Sunday!

XO Kikis

Put your Thinking Chapeau on

It’s a very special Friday, the shortest day of the year. The day of the winter solstice under the numerological vibration of eight.

Workplace politics might capture your attention, today, as you reassess your career trajectory.

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game. -Marry Poppins

The Sun will be transiting in Capricorn … giving an extra impulse to focus on your next goals. You probably like to be all hands-on and deeply involved in every detail …doing most of the things by yourself …

However, delegating responsibility is vital when it comes to keeping professional pursuits running smoothly. 

Just keep in mind what Andrew Carnegie once said … “No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit

Wishing you all a very successful day and a joy- and peaceful Winter Solstice.

XO Kikis

The friendly Six

…. real communication is impossible without listening !

But you need ato understand, that giving another person space to tell their side before you respond, is not the same thing as surrendering your position…

A change in attitude determines your success. Trust your heart but use your head under the current numerological vibration of the #six

The six is a very friendly number and gives literally a helping hand to work on your personal and professional relationships … maybe it is time to let go grinch attitude and spread some peaceful vibes… (#justsaying)

Wishing you all a joy- and peaceful Wednesday! The countdown keeps running just 5 more days 5 more days ‘ til Christmas.

XO Kikis

The Bliss of the Three

There is so much creativity and emotions in the air…

My special tip: spend time journaling everything you are experiencing to help you sort your emotions from your thoughts.

Finally, this prevents you from oversharing or overwhelming those with whom you are compelled to impart your mindset (😅)…

You know, sometimes less is more when delivering your message.

Wishing you all a very blessed 3. Advent!

Happy Sunday!

XO Kikis

San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico

The Pipe of Peace

Good Morning and Happy 2. Advent!

This could be a super active and joyful day for you. Today’s numerological vibration 5️⃣ …together with the planet Chiron ( wounded healer) ending its retrograde transit … you and I are more then ready to leave the grunch or green-monsters behind.

It’s definitely time to move on. Practicing some forgiveness could be an excellent start.

But, there is a little tiny observation I like to add here…. don’t get too excited and suppose that everybody might be as well ready to smoke the pipe-of-peace with you.

My special tip here is to keep things as simple as possible ( no drama king / queen) and stay realistic. Some people are not ready to join your team. Show respect to other peoples opinion and then just move on!

Hey and there is still more… Do you think someone is keeping a secret from you? Well, now could be a good time to go for an answer / revealing moment. Give that person a call and invite for a pre-Christmas coffee. Then Be straight forward «strategically», but with an extra touch of diplomacy.

Afford the other person an opportunity to offer an explanation. The answer might really surprise you.

Wishing you all a very peaceful Sunday!

Happy 2. Advent 🕯🕯✨

XO Kikis