The Coffee Break

Today give yourself the chance not to jump to conclusions. When in doubt on how to respond, err on the side of kindness + the drama will subside.

By the way today’s numerological vibration is seven…

Oh and I have a little extra tip for the love sector… Be emotionally present without second-guessing the intentions of anyone else.

Remember, just because someone isn’t as effusive as you, doesn’t mean they care less. Give without concern of what you get in return.

✨🎄wishing you a very harmonious and joyful Tuesday!

XO Kikis

It is Pressure that creates a Diamond.

It’s a powerful week ahead … at least concerning communications and negotiations .

Are you ready for some details?

By midweek there will be three planets transiting in the fire sign, Sagittarius. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury will give a real boost to speak up.

My dear friend, if you are born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius or your ascendent is in one of these sign…. inhale -exhale before speaking and take it easy with what you have to say. All of us will feel an extreme urge to get things done and might be impatient when apparently nothing is moving. Relax…

I like to see, that this Monday start with the numerological vibration of the seven . A little restraint is really welcome !

Work-related projects and last-minute social events seem finally to effortlessly fall into place.

So, try not to question why things are breaking in your favor. Luck is more likely to be on your side when you are centered and not operating from a position of reaction.

The truth is opportunities are a result of your state of mind.

Wishing you all a very productive week beginning . Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

Just four more Days

Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. – Vincent Van Gogh

• It’s the first Monday of December and the Messenger planet, Mercury, is at the very end of its retrograde period. Yeap! Just four more days…. Hallelujah !

I love to tell you, that there is a strong breeze of creativity and inspiration blowing under today’s numerological vibration of the #three.

Additionally to this the Moon and Venus are dancing softly seeking harmony. At least for the day… let camaradie win over competition. Focus on channeling this boost of creativity. How about joining the team for an intense brainstorming-kick-off-meeting?… and then just let the divine intuition flow through you….

Wishing you all a very creative and productive months beginning!

Happy Monday 🎄!

XO Kikis


Dream Big

it can’t get better … today is considered to be the luckiest day of the month.

The Sun hooks up with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Also today‘s numerological vibration is #three, these are the las 5 days of November and let me top this by telling you…it’s only four more Sundays ’til Christmas .

It’s time to boost your wings!

You might feel that whoever said you can’t have it all. is someone who hasn’t met you… Be attentive to the signs around you. There might be many useful messages and it’s worth to take note of them.

Trust me, it is a great day to push yourself beyond your comfort zone; anything new and inspirational will get your heart pumping!

So, here my special tip : Shine your inner light without worrying about expectations or results. You are the most authentic when you perform from the heart.

Wishing you all a very creative and successful week beginning.

Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

Reassess your Commitment

The full moon in Geminis just happen … It’s easy to over-promise and/r under-deliver today … literally words could roll off your tongue, before you have time to think twice about them.

On the other hand a full moon or new moon is always a culmination of a certain moment, situation, project or probably a chapter in your life. Today’s numerological vibration of the number “nine” underlines this even more.

That is is friendly invitation from the universe to use the free-ticket for all your worries and burden, for all that stuff that doesn’t fit anymore in your life , things and articles that are outdated and ready to be send in an imaginary suitcase to the universe.

Now that you are ready these line I invite you to give a try . The earlier you can do it today, it will have a beautiful impact on how your day and of course the rest of the week will unfold.

By the way multi-tasking is not the best way to do things today. Reassess (Mercury still retrograde) your commitments, now, can save embarrassment later.

Wishing you al Avery productive and joyful Friday!

XO Kikis

Full Moon Sparkle

This morning I greet you with a question: What have you been working on for the past six months? Double -check your calendar and flip straight back to April 15th, 2018 the date of the corresponding NEW moon in Aries.

Tonight we have the Full Moon 🌕 in Aries . So, what have you achieved until now? Let’s count your blessings and achievements . I am sure there is something to celebrate.

It’s a week beginning with very mixed energy under the vibration of the number #8

… yes, there is this strong drive to move forward… but there could also be buried anger.

I highly re-commend to stay as neutral as possible and to pack the walking shoes . You will do so much better, if you leave the drama queen at home.

Further on, with a very harsh angle between the Sun and Saturn, some of us could see the green monster just stepping out• inhale • exhale •

Whatever challenging situation you might be facing keep it as discretely and private as possible … trust me you don’t need to update the whole world about any nasty incident .

On the other hand, there is a lot of progressive energy on the table. Ideas fly high! Just double check, if this is what you are really passionate about ?

That said, don’t let perfectionism kill your enthusiasm. The good thing is that later on there will be plenty of time to fine-tune .

So, coming back to the Sun-/ Saturn rendezvous… it’s probably safe to assume some compromises will be in order on Tuesday. For some of us the taskmaster, Saturn will be traveling in your career zone. In this occasion the Sun and Saturn form a testy square and could affect all kind of partnership .

This is something that only happens a few times a year, but when it does, there’s no missing it! If you’ve been asking yourself why everything seems to “heat up at once”… well here you go, this is your answer.

Let’s take a little sneak peek. For example the zodiac sign of Aries: The taskmaster planet will spend a total of three years in your professional sector (from December 19, 2017, to December 17, 2020), offering valuable teachings and giving you the experience and credibility you need to advance. But, when it forms a harsh angle to other planets, that’s when you get stressed. Watch your words… less is definetly more…

Especially, if you have your own business… this week might have a special lesson for you… please listen carefully to your clients demands!

Everybody will be so happy, when finally the coming weekend the planet , Pluto, is turning direct …. This will be certainly the opportunity for many of us to set fresh goals and to make considerable progress .

I am ready for another coffee!

To yours and mine success!

Happy Monday!

P.D don’t forget to take an Aries-Full-Moon-Bath 🌕🌝🌱🛀💚

Third Eye | Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there ! Here I am enjoying my lunch 🥗 time at the park . I actually brought my walking shoes 👟 and as soon as my Lenormand tip is out there for you… I promise to walk for 20 minutes 😅.

Are you ready?

Tara Tara 📯

16+ 9 + 22

💫 stars+ Bouquet 💐 + Path

Today’s spread couldn’t be more perfect . I am so happy to enjoy some time outside and hopefully you can also do so. Being at fresh air, having a brisk walk in the park clear your mind and help you to get unstuck

It’s not that you are not having excellent ideas 💡, oh no! … But they are just ideas, if there is no planning done.

Come on,you can do better. Trace your strategy, keep your plan handy, so you can double-check, whenever you feel lost ( remember Mercury Retrograde 😅😂) and stick to it.

There is a strong energetic bond available and I can tell your & my thirdeye are top on edge today .

So, whenever you feel a lack of information • trust your intuition!

Happy Thursday 🍀 🔮 •

Objectivity is your Friend

Hi there ! Good Morning 😃! It’s a beautiful Monday morning; birds are singing everywhere… I so love this summer weather.

This is an interesting week we are just starting . It’s Leo 🦁 season . Fashion, fun, joy, celebrations 🎊 mood, show, show-off, subjectivity, emotional ups-and -downs and also some ego issues will be on the table.

The next Eclipse and Mercury’s 2. Retrograde Phase of the year are part of the Menu.

Well, … and then there is also a little twist ahead for tomorrow. Venus and Neptune bring some foggy breeze…opposing one another on Tuesday.👀 Making it clear that you are not seeing something clearly at all.👀 be attentive ! Snap out of it — before your heart pays the price 💔

You remember that I talked about the July numerology in general ? All month long there is this healing-closing-chapter-emotional-detox energy surrounding us. … so, maybe this is the time to break free from something that’s still toxic in your life. Everything is possible !

Todays numerology is a #5 (five) and all about action. Is your Master-To-Do plan ready? 📝 get things done. Stick to your strategy and plan. By all means leave impulsiness and impatience in the closet… you better dress today with the Zen-inhale-exhale look👌💫

Allow the murkiness to clear before jumping to any wild conclusions.

My special tip: Objectivity is your friend • Happy #Monday✨

The 22 Master-To-Do Plan

Hi there! Good Morning! ☀️🌴Buenos Días ! Guten Morgen!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, with a light and fresh breeze 🌬. Today I greet you from my Veranda. The coffee machine is running and I just finished polishing the details for today’s astrological and numerological update. Are you ready?

Have you seen today’s date? It’s July 22th, 2018.

The day is a 22 = master number

If we take each digit and add them up the result is also a “22”

2+2+7+2+0+1+8 = 22

this is certainly a very special combination and a strong invitation to work on a Master-To-Do-Plan🤩 . This is not a time for passiveness. The Master number 22 is a powerful base to make things happen. You can and will be very successful as long as you stick to a strategy, to a Master-To-Do-Plan .

Finally the 22 adds up to the 22 adds up to the single digit 4. The spirit of walking the extra-mile to achieve your goals. Your actual choices have a long-term effect.

  • Actually, under the current sky, you may feel an energetic shift, that motivates you to tackle overdue chores or settle outstanding debts. Hurry up! You can still do some notable progress before Mercury turns retrograde later this week.
  • Well, I have some more exciting details✨, as the expressive energy of summer begins to culminate. The Sun ☀️ moves into showy Leo ♌️.

You and I , we can feel the heat of emotion, now that the Moon (in Sagittarius) and the Sun (in Leo) are both in fire signs.

Yeah that’s hot 🔥!

Also, a beautiful Venus-Jupiter sextile sets the stage for sweet 💕 love.

B u t, please be aware: To give because you truly want to is one thing. But to sacrifice because you feel pressured to is quite another. 😉( #justsaying)

Share your likes and dislikes freely and allow others to do the same. The twinkle ✨ in your eye reflects the light in your heart ❤️ .

Happy Sunday !

Money Talk |Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there! How are you today? My Lenormands are waiting to reveal the Friday tip . Are you ready?

Tára -tara 📯

#Lenormandsummer No . 29

34 + 7 + 3

Fish 🐠 + snake 🐍 + ship⛵️

Well, if this isn’t good news 📮 ? Uncertainties in financial matter could come to an end.

It’s time to move on. Are you ready for the 💰 money flowing in ? 😂😃 yes, there might be still some delay, but this is minor and the cash or deposit is on its way.

Can you also feel the breeze from the ocean ? How about a quick weekend trip to the beach. You remember that plan you had like two weeks ago? Why don’t you go and un-dust the idea 💡… a little escape to the beach or a river/lake nearby can be a superb mood-changer.

Wishing you all a very joyful and of course relaxing Friday! 🍀


#lenormandsummer no 29 • 🏖 •

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Painting by Kikis de la Creme • “Ladies Sparkle” @ Art House World

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