Leave that Stubbornness behind

You’re probably drawn to repair frayed threads in a relationship that’s important to you. I absolutely support the idea

My tip: Mindfully enter into the reconciliation gently as you both might be entrenched in your separate positions.

Acknowledge that your blind spot is making it difficult to see your own #stubbornness .

Chance this #negativeattitude … Speak more about the “positive aspects” of the relationship than dwelling on the injustices.

Once you settle into a comfortable rapport, you can unpack and resolve your differences.

Keep in mind, softening your heart inspires others to do the same.

This could be a page turning Moment under today’s numerology : nine

Just for your information we will have the next Mercury Retrograde season from July 7 to 31… time to do some back up of your devices.

Wishing you a very peace-and joyful Thursday

Thanks for being here and reading me . XO Kikis

Thursday Espresso

Coming from the Full Moon in Sagittarius and heading to the Summer Solstice, this Friday June 21, the first day of the Cancer season … You highly value now your independence and self-sufficiency.

Nevertheless no person is an island!

Under today’s numerology “two” here my tip: You are in a much better position, if you join the team or build the team …each of us is in a give-and-take dynamic with the cosmos + your community — so simple …to love and to be loved, is to feel the Sun from both sides.

Thanks for being here and reading me . XO Kikis

Photo: Kikis de la Creme, San Miguel de Allende, 2019

Luna Monday

Hello and good morning on this Full Moon Monday… over here it just happening at 3:30 a.m A bright moon in the fire sign Sagittarius, under today’s numerology “eight”

There is also a video version available: https://www.instagram.com/tv/By0IJCVHdPg/?igshid=13txn9npkosb5

Join me with your coffee for more exciting news… you know, this is all happening just a couple of days before the Solstice…, also it is a pushy week (oh yeah!) …very probably with power struggles for all the Zodiac Signs ( mark Tuesday and Wednesday in your calendars ); be mindful as you’re carving your path and profile.

So, now under this full moon… your heart is yearning for serious adventure? But it’s hard to decide, whether you want to go far and wide or stick closer to home… ?

I would say, if time and finances fit together, then get your suitcase ready for an interesting trip. In case that is totally out of options… and

you want to keep things simple, a jaunt to a restaurant with international cuisine or someplace that emphasizes a foreign culture can temporarily satisfy your cravings.

On the other hand, mingle multiculturally and don’t forget to check out the cultural activities like theatre, movies, expositions …

Then, by the end of the week we have the Solstice in the water sign Cancer. This Friday, June 21st, it’s the longest and lightest day of this year. There is so much inspiration and creativity in the air. It’s a very inviting moment to re-connect with who is important in your life. Leave the grinch aside and do the first step an enjoy.

My final tip for today…Feel things out with your intuition and then roll with the adventure. Your passion is your strength.

Wishing you all a very joyful week beginning.

Thanks for being here and reading me.

XO Kikis

Photo credit Kikis de la Creme, San Miguel de Allende , 2019

The Angry soon-to-be Ex-Wife {Guest Post}

This is the premiere of “Guest Posts” here at my site .

A very dear client asked me, if she could share her story (real story!) She is a beginner writer. A warm welcome here in my blog.

It’s a pleasure to have you here, Valentina … let’s read your 1. Post:

Today I decided to be Brave

The Angry Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife

By Valentina Wang

It’s late. I am sitting in front of my laptop. Just opened a blank page of Word.

I have no clue, how long I am sitting here already, staring on the screen. It’s now dark outside. If time is measurable in glasses of red wine, then I would say, I am sitting here and starring on thatscreen for the length of two glasses of Merlot. 

The other thing I know right now is, that I am actually not quite sure, what I am going to do next.

My office cellphone just rang and a very dear client called me crying, that she needs urgently a place to stay…. If I am still offering in my office house… Airbnb?

What an irony! 

Probably, this would have been a good moment to tell her, that she is not alone and that I am also having a very bad moment. But no, I couldn’t do that, somehow, I am still too pride to reveal so easily my pain. 

So, I also need a place to stay. I need to get out of this house as soon as possible. Now, that I decided to be brave. 

By now, I catch myself talking loud, alone here in my “west wing” of my still-husband’s house. And I am writing… All you are reading at this very moment. 

Well, actually I could move to my office, I have in a small house. 

But, that something I don’t feel ready to decide on…. Now… I will thing about my next living space tomorrow. 

For now, I only feel this deep desire, in me, to write all my pain, my disillusion, my anger off my chest. All these emotions that Ihave accumulated during the last 11 years…. with a strong crescendo (as my piano teacher would say) in the last two and a half years.  

The ideas are swirling in my head and if you ask me, what has happened or how I feel right now. 

A lot has happened in the last 11. Years.

I am angry. 

I am pissed off, at least I think that’s how some people would call my current feeling. 

I feel hurt. 

I feel not appreciated and certainly not desired and loved since a long time, 11 years. The last point, is something, I am actually not yet feeling ready to talk about.

So, let’s recap on how I got here, now, in front of my laptop screen with this blank page of Word:

Earlier this morning I woke up and I had that epiphany, I needed to take a decision concerning my marriage or better said, what’s left of my marriage. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

In different occasions and also today, during our phone-call, my still-husband had been very clear about his feelings. 

His last birthday plays a very important role in all this and although, we still have had “good” times since that event, (we went for a vacation on my birthday, but then he ignored me on Mothers Day) he says, that this was his deciding moment… when he knew, that this relationship was over for him. 

So, did he take this decision 12 months ago? 

I remember perfectly well his birthday. During weeks we had itchy moments, quarrels about “why” he is ignoring me as his partner ( At that time that red alarm light did not reach me!), why we don’t have sex, why I never know what he does in the evening during his business trips… the list is long. 

But, come on, at that point of my life, I still was so naïve in thinking that these were peanuts and somehow, we would be able to manage these ups and down in our long-distance -relationship. 

I call it a long-distance-relationship, as we sometimes only see on weekends or in the worst case 3 or 5 days during a month. Therefor communication, in all forms, has always been the priority number one on my bucket-list…. Yeah, but not on the one of my still-husband. 

Yes, I have to admit, that I already had some very, very ugly and painful moments experienced with him. We are a couple and of course he also lived painful moments with me, too. Of course, he has his anger and disillusions. 

But we can talk about that. Not talking only makes things worse and definitely is not a good base for solution-finding.  

Finally, what couple doesn’t have strong fights and a pile or several of broken plates?

So, things got worse, after I was ignored on Mother’s Day. It hurt so much!  I spent a long time crying in my car, my office and that’s when I started to analyze the last 12 months. What did I miss? What signs didn’t I pay attention to?

I think the astrological weather gave me a helping hand, as all the pieces of the puzzle started to fit. I got one insight after the other.  

There was this red alarm light I didn’t see, when my still-husband presented his decision, he took about our relationship almost 12 months ago. 

I have been so sad, so scared… feeling so helpless in the last four and a half months. 

That’s what I remember, here and now, sitting and writing. 

So, today is the big day… I called my husband and there it was again. 

The purpose of my call was to sum up and somehow “verify”, what I finally understood …and to be sure that we are on the same line…. As I had a big news for him…, but before I could tell him that

He was preaching a g a i n: ”I have taken a decision, I am living my life, I am travelling I am bying this and that, , I am going to the movies, I am … I am… I am… I am done with this relationship…”.

Yep! Among so many “I am “ there was definitely no space for me. 

Yes Sir, without any doubt! 

Also, he made it very clear, that he was in “no hurry” to get the divorce, as he still wasn’t dating anybody ( what do you think? I love to read your comments) ….

Well, that sounds generous!

But I had big news for him. 

When he was taking a deep breath, I took my chance and just said: “I want immediately the divorce”!

So, that’s “how” I got here, now, in front of my laptop screen with this already 1130 written words in my new word file and after 3 glasses of Merlot. 

How do I feel now?

I feel lighter.

Nevertheless, the pain is immense. 

There is a big stone in my chest. 

I feel exhausted and tired. 

I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow, next week. How am I going to live.

There is so much I like to share with you. 

For now, I will try to sleep. 

Oh, and by the way, I am Valentina Wang. 

Thank you.


Cafe de Olla

Are you ready to ride on the unpredictable winds? It’s already the second day of June,

with the Sun and Moon traveling in Gemini plus today’s numerology #two

So much to say and the day has only 24hr. … well, … many of us might be thinking this under the current sky.

Communication is written in capital letters.

Especially, it’s all about “how” you communicate… use your words <wisely >

Here my tip: today before you leave the house, do a little double check… haven’t you forgotten something?

I know what it is, this extra dose of diplomacy. Don’t get me wrong, there is this touch of “persuasive power“ and charm, thanks to the positive influence of Pluto/Venus.

So, enjoy the talk, the coffee … Have you ever tried Café de Olla? I am having one right now here in San Miguel de Allende. So delicious! Enjoy the conversation with some delicious coffee…

But, once you have delivered you message .. let people digest it … you don’t need to be twisting arms.

Wishing you a very communicative and joyful Sunday.

Thanks for being here with me and reading me.

XO Kikis

Monday Morning Sparkle

Hello and good morning to this fresh week . It’s Monday, May 27th, 2019 … starting the week with numerology “eight” . A strong bold number, which characteristics give us an incredible support , b u t … there is some smoke machine working this week… fogging the whole panorama.

Don’t get me wrong, as there might be a beautiful, happy energy surrounding you . Nevertheless, even if good vibes are flowing, make zero assumptions about where anyone stands.

There is more … and I invite you to grab you coffee and join me for some interesting details:

For today … Go with the flow! You could also attract a powerful alliance, either for business or romance. Does someone’s energy merge naturally with yours?

How about exploring the possibility of to join forces, ideas…

…by midweek…

On Wednesday and Thursday the air might be quiet sticky. Some casual conversation can easily open up the tremendous Pandora-Box. Do you really want this?

OMG … here my first tip … listen carefully before you react. Be prepared to guide the conversation in a proactive direction.

On Thursday, Mercury gets into its second dust-up, this time opposing retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and your candid ninth house. These two planets are the “big mouths” of the zodiac, but when sitting across from each other, they can muddle your message.

Here my tip: Don’t be too hasty in your actions, reactions and desicion … and also do your prep-work.

The T-square formation of Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter can rile up debate. People w i l l question you and your data, presentation, info-sheet …!

Nevertheless, this is not <!> the moment to take it personally.

Shift your attitude and understand that it’s <probably > your job to sell others on your vision.

There is no shortcut. If you don’t know how to answer something, simply say, “Let me get back to you on that.” ( but don’t forget to get really back to this)

All in all, it very important not to burn the bridges in your personal and professional relationships.

Thanks for being here and reading me. Wishing you all a very productive Monday

XO Kikis

The result orientated Groove

It’s already midweek! The Sun and Mercury are dancing Zumba in Gemini’s until June 4th, 2019 . This is definetly bringing some fresh and exiciting breeze under today’s numerology #three .

The air is filled with plenty of inspiration and creativity. But today’s number three has also another purpose. Everybody’s communications and creative expression is also under the spotlight .

As much as you like to be the driver of your most ambitious projects… the one you’re focused on today may affect your partner, colleagues, family …, so they may feel inclined to offer assistance.

Here my #numerologykikis tip:

You do need the help, even if you’re too proud to admit it. Imagine how much more satisfying reaching your destination will be, if you and the partner/team collaborate on it together.

This kind of teamwork can lead to a deeper and more satisfying relationship bond right now.

So, why waste it?

On the other hand … A significant shift in your attitude can turn what started as a chore into a pleasure. Under today’s numerology #three …You feel like you’re walking on sunshine when your motto is… « Nothing succeeds like success »

Wishing you all a very productive and joyful Wednesday!

Thanks for reading me.

Xo Kiki

Monday Magic

Today I will go straight to the main point on the Menu : Creativity rolls off the tongue and can be the sexy spice that you can add to your love life right now

About this? Yeah I can see some eyebrows rising, but let me fill you with some details.

Of course I know it’s Monday, week beginning, you are in a hurry for heading to the office, struggling with kids to be dropped off at school …b u t.

There is a Sagittarius Moon with joyful Jupiter dance.

This vibration shows us that we do not have to place limits on the love we express at this moment. In addition to this a Venus-Jupiter partnership reminds us not to let our passionate impulsiveness overtake us, but it also shows us how much we have to look forward to when it comes to matters of the heart right now.

.. and if this is not enough … it’s the last day of the Sun dancing in Taurus under today’s numerology “one” .

Not a bad day to be alive!

Here my tip:

Be bold in how you live, and how you love! -Kikis de la Creme

Have a deep and unhurried conversation with your romantic partner or love interest about it today: Something you talk about together could spur a new paradigm, help you find an unexpected solution to an issue or even just wake up sexy vibes.

Set an intention for what you want to change and know that taking this first step can make a huge difference in matters of the heart.

Wishing you all a very exciting week beginning

Thanks for being here and reading me.

XO Kikis

Venus in Taurus Mood

Hello, welcome and greetings to each of you.

This is a very different post for the day. I have been working hard on te-structuring and re-defining my different sites … and well this,of course, includes also my posts here in Kikis de la Creme Blog.

So, I would love to know what you’d like to see , read, listen more of in this spot.

It’s always a chore for me to send out, but I’m super active on Instagram, and also post these updates on Facebook and sometimes Twitter too!

I am, however, keen to know what kind of updates tick the box on my blog, and even how frequently you’d like to see it appear it over here – feel free to hit reply to this post with feedback – it’s so welcome! 

On the other hand there is a new IGTV post with some interesting details about the planet “Venus” now traveling in “Taurus”… Inviting us to keep beautifying but with a more “practícal” touch?

… with #Venus now traveling in Tauro ♉️ … maybe you will re-adjust your shopping plans … and leave that Gucci Bag for another occasion 😅☕️☕️✨ here the reason why

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis