Roundtrip ?

… Is it just me or are you also sensing a different ambience this Monday ?

It is a working week and a busy Monday. But I feel relieved 😅. My early morning phone calls to a clients and a plumper service have been flowing astonishing well . Unbelievable! After weeks of struggeling, in many occasions,  to get my idea across … (of course people had some tough experience in talking to me too😁).

I know it is to early to sing victory, as Mercury, the messenger planet is just making it through its first day of traveling direct… But, let me enjoy this moment a little bit over my coffee-break ☕️😎💮📿🃏with the Ampelmann and my Lenormand:

Day 8 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

12 + 3 + 31

Birds + Ship + Sun

  • Indeed communication flows, better, clearer, but slow
  • Are you having any travel plans? … or your special someone ?
  • Keep in mind that the cross-wired communication needs still some time to settle and probably there can be delays
  • There is a roundtrip on the menu (that’s good news), but you need to pay extra attention to all the arrangement
  • Double-check 🗺 🧐 car reservation, hotel, tickets, if you ordered your special menus, window seat… just to throw in a couple of ideas
  • Now you are good to go!
  • You will enjoy the trip, something exciting is on the path, either for business or personal pursue
  • Happy Monday! Happy week beginning!
  • April 16th, 2018 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

Amplemann and Lenormand |Kikis de la Creme

Who? …A Karmic Relationship? |Lenormand and Coffee


Here I am again 😃, with a nice coffee and my Lenormands.

Do you remember the cards ? Maybe you already had a chance to download them.

A big “Thank you” to all of you 🤗!

Last week, I got a couple of interesting emails. Questioning about those cards and …”how somebody like me is using these kind of tools..” (Mmmh, what are they talking about 🙃😂….).  Well, here the answers for all of you and to this specific person, who wrote to me…:

  • It is a tool, a metaphysical tool.
  • It is a very quick method in answering all kind of questions
  • Easy to learn and apply.
  • Fascinating in how accurate and clear the messages / answers are.
  • Very handy for traveling, as I made also an App in iTunes and Googleplay of my particular deck.
  • But, as I say, it is a tool…. You decide if you take or leave the message.

I hope this answers your doubts and you will like my new challenge. Probably by now you are already laughing about me… because there is already the #36dailynumerologychallenge and now I will have another one ? Yes! I spend yesterday’s afternoon on brainstorming which hashtag to give to this daily post.

Summing up:

  • Well, the deck has only 36 cards.
  • 3+6 = 9 The number nine is the Flying Star number which is hosting the center of the Lu Sho square this 2018. ( Feng Shui information) A very lucky number in the Chinese culture. So, the choice was between #36dailylenormandchallenge or #36morninglenormands 
  • I couldn’t decide ( probably because Mercury is still retrograde 🙂 )
  • So, I will use both hastag

Ready ? I invite you join me for today’s tip:

Day 1 | #36 dailymorninglenormands

18 + 36 + 27

Dog + Cross + Letter

  • A karmic relationship gains importance.
  • Even, when you have been doubting, you two are meant to be friends
  • This is a very lucky aspect for both of you
  • News is on the way… apparently a “casual” note
  • … BUT, with Mercury still retrograde, you do better in re-reading and re-thinking before answering or deciding
  • Read in between lines… the message has a “far-reaching effect”
  • Happy Friday! 🌸🌼🌺
  • April 6, 2018 | Day 1 | #36morninglenormands
Daily Spread | #36morninglenormands | Kikis de la Creme


No rush | Daily Numerology


Good Morning 🌞! It’s Friday and the mind, body and soul know it. This has been a rough week and it’s totally “ok” if today you need to slow down. Here the details:

  • no rush” is today’s slogan 😅
  • especially with so much creativity in the air, plus #Mercury still retrograde
  • but, the greater your sense of urgency, the farther away your destination seems 😱
  • there are 3 planets transiting in #Aries & other 4 planets traveling in #Capricorn
  • so, don’t look 👀 for shortcuts
  • better focus on the present moment •
  • Can you feel the #power of #now ?
  • Good! That’s exactly what will bring you satisfaction •
  • Do it step-by-step 😅😃
  • Happy Friday! •
  • April 6, 2018 | Day 2 #36dailynumerologychallenge

• ⚜️ #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofdüsseldorf #doorsofgermany • •

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Door in Querétaro Downtown, Mexico photo: Kikis de la Creme


Action vs. In-Action | Daily Numerology


by Kikis de la Creme

Hey, good morning!

Welcome to the new challenge the #36dailynumerologypost.

Thanks to this lovely Mercury-Retrograde -phase, I am re-structuring, re-viewing and re-defining my writing ✍🏼 .

So, starting today I will entertain your here, in my blog, also with my tips and tricks for a better lifestyle with daily numerology.

Today’s numerology: two

  • balance is today’s keyword
  • action vs inaction •
  • probably you thought that everything was in order and you were traveling on the right track
  • nevertheless, obstacles appear in your path revealing weak links in your chain of logic
  • causing you to doubt your previous decisions
  • inhale & exhale •
  • this is perfectly fine, as you are still on time to correct and restructure the direction
  • Happy Thursday! • 😃🌸🌺☕️
  • April 5, 2018

You like a little sneak peak

• ⚜️ #doorsofaachen #düsseldorf #doorsofdüsseldorf #doorsofgermany • #doorknob

#justsaying saying #doors #business #life #architecture #wanderlust #design #coffee #travel #travelblogger #kikiscafe #kikisdelacreme #독일 #거피 #기기 #커피숍 #카페 #astrology #fengshui #elpaso #numerology@fengshuialacreme @arthouseworld


Looking for something to read? My proposal: The promise of paper & pen – write it down! | Day 1

Day 1 daily post challenge

  • The 12-daily-post-challenge
  • Day No. 1

You are back! I like that!

Thanks for stopping by again. What’s the reason you are here again?- Did you like the headline of this fresh post or did I catch your interest with “Stop saying · start doing” or even my tiny first post two days ago.

By now, you have certainly figured out that I am new to this blogging ambience. That doesn’t mean I am new to writing. Nope! Its actually the total opposite. I am writing , on a dailycoffee and croissant 15 Marzo 2018 basis, since 2013. You can find daily numerology and Lenormand spreads of all kind in my social media accounts.

So, why starting this blog? Well, I like to ask you for your assistance. Its already a big plus that you are reading these lines, but I still have another favor to ask for.

Early this morning I set up the 12-daily-post-challenge for myself.  I am writing on my new book: The promise of paper & pen. Write it down!  Some chapters need a makeover and others will be created during this 12-daily-post-challenge. So, if you are looking for something to read, than this might be your deal and your feedback is the best help I can get. Are you ready? ( Please post your comments below or send me an email to

Day 1  | No time to lose

It´s not that I want to put some pressure on you, but time is really precious, as well as are your ideas and goals. So, before you get to your office today or tomorrow morning, stop and buy a block or note pad. I suggest that you declare this your exclusive “Wish List Book.” You will also need a blue or black pen for your annotations.

Screenshot 2018-03-21 16.07.49                       Please don´t use pencil.

The pencil will bring the temptation to doubt about what you wish and want. I have tested this several times and something rare  happens, when you use a pencil. It is almost like automatically you will make an orthographical mistake, so you can use your rubber and the “wrong“ ideas or wishes just disappeared.

But this is not the deal. Here we are talking about your intentions, affirmations, wishes, plans, ideas and short- and long-term goals.

You have to be sure, about what you want. Of course, this doesn’t exclude you from making a mistake in your list or later wanting to rephrase your wishes.

Trust me, it is so good to be able to re-read your annotations. Everything is worth and inspiring. Therefor I recommend to have a pile of paper or a spiral notebook to keep the whole collection of your inspirations.

Of course, if you feel better you can cross out the idea or put it meanwhile in brackets. I have done this millions of time and share this tip still today with my clients and students.

Last week I gave this instruction to a group of 10 to 12 years old kids. The group came for a painting easter camp to Art House World Studio . The camp theme was to paint your biggest dream or if you remembered one of your latest dreams, you could also paint this. In addition, I invited them to write a little bit about this dream in order to get an idea, of how to put this in shape on the canvas.

This group was so cool.

We had some very funny and revealing chats. But mostly the kids were intrigued about my idea of a paper and pen and why it had to be a pen. Actually Luis, the youngest artist asked me:” Miss, may I use my pencil. I love to write with pencil and I want to do a little drawing for the text.”

Yeah, that was a tough question. But the answer was: “No!”.

So, this obviously required an additional explanation. My young artists were really jaw-dropping, when I said: “I want you all to feel very sure and decided on what are your dreams.

What is your biggest dream?

Imagine your wish. See it in your mind. And everything that comes to your mind, write it down. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake and everything is so useful. Don´t be afraid of what you dream of and write it down. There will be no evaluation and also I don´t want you to forget your dream. That´s only the promise of paper and pen.”

Here I like to put some special emphasis on the importance on writing things down. Perhaps you are still not convinced and feeling ready to write your wish list.

Nevertheless, I urge you to get a journal, dairy or pile of paper. This is the first step.

Move slowly forward! Give it a try and write your to-do list or set your priorities for the day and week in a written form.

This is a simple exercise which not only will help you to stay organize, but also converts this list into a promise for fulfillment. This is the beginning of a new life and work style. Are you ready for this?

In my radio show and also in Facebook live transmissions, I remind my audience, that we are not getting younger.  Your and my memory will have some lacks. But, even if you are a young spinster don´t limit yourself in experiencing the power of paper and pen.

As I Master Feng Shui, Numerologist, card reader, writer and Master Reiki, for me energy is an important aspect. Energy is everywhere! Don’t waste this energy! Use it to the maximum in your daily life. Energy is also present when you take a paper and pen to write your wish list.

You add all your energy to each word you put on that sheet of paper. This is what makes it so powerful. Your hand and writing movement are the dot on the “i” together with your wish. This is also the reason why I do not recommend electronic devices for this kind of exercise.   There is a huge difference in writing your list on a tablet, computer or smart phone. The energy level is just too low.

Thanks for joining me on Day No. 1 of my 12-daily-post-challenge. I am so looking forward in reading your comments. Tomorrow I will have more for you.

Blessings & happy reading !!! 🙂 XOXO