My Book

… well last month my book the “The Promise of Paper and Pen: Write it down!” was published … I haven’t told you this?

Yeah, I know, but there was the thing with Mercury Retrograde going on and I preferred to wait until now to share this news with you. I am so happy to anounce that the book is available in Amazon.

What is it about?

The magical link between paper and pen!

Let me ask you, when was the last time you have used literally paper and pen? … and why? To write your shopping list or do you do this also on your smart phone?

When was the last time you have written down your ideas? You save your money in a bank, why not save your ideas?

Even your terrible ideas that you secretly cringe at in your alone time. At some point, that deplorable idea you shudder at, might become a great idea. If not, it can, at the very least, buy you some precious time to come up with another unique idea or to finish a post.

Storing away ideas, for later, is always a great thing to do, especially if you have a terrible memory. The trick is, to always have a way of recording an idea when the magic strikes or Mercury Retrograde is on the plate.

Of course you can use your cellphone to keep all of your personal notes there, temporarily, but at the end your are missing something . In this cyber mundo , there is still magic. It’s hidden, but it this there. Having a spark of magic in your life is so important. I go even further and say it is as important as drinking your water and eating vegetables and fruits.

So, I invite you to give it a try. Next time you are doubting and can’t decide between two or more options… simply take a paper and pen and write everything down. Don’t by shy! The list is just for you to clarify your mind and to narrow the idea or choice .

Once you start to write, a whole new world opens up to you. You will be able to reach fresh new horizons, which before we’re out of your reach.

I love to here from you. Please let me know your comments, suggestions and ideas.

Happy Wednesday!


Creativity Spark | Lenormand and Coffee

Hello again! I am greeting you today from a super sunny and warm San Miguel de Allende . My Feng Shui client and I are off for a coffee-break … and I take the chance to share with you today’s spread

#lenormandsummer No. 27


Clover + sun☀️ +stars ✨

What a beautiful Lenormand tip for a Thursday. These are harmonious and peaceful vibes surrounding us. But that’s not all … there are tons of creativity 🤩

Can you feel the sparkles, your intuition and inspiration 💡are also top on edge .

Your day didn’t start so well? Don’t worry there is somebody, who knows you very well and he/she/it will do anything to make you feel good .

Your communication channels might also be running hot . Everything from social media up to your SMS / WhatsApp… so, don’t forget to pack the chargers for your devices . 💻📲🖥🖨⌨️🔌

There could be interesting news from young colleagues/ familiars and also the opportunity to start a new project .


Happy Thursday 🍀

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

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Recalibrating? | Early Morning Numerology

Hello, Good Morning! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen!

My team and I are already on the road. Today I will be doing a Feng Shui Consultation in San Miguel De Allende . It’s a very exciting project for me …. old building with several patios … my update for you is also ready. Let’s see some details:

Stop in your tracks if you sense you are moving without direction. Really ? Yes! That’s one of my tips for today.

There is a mixed vibration laying on this Thursday. Plus, there is this immense boost from today’s numerology one and it can get a little wild.

Your chore-list seems to be endless. Whittle it down to a manageable size. Set priorities 😊 • and remember your #choice determinates the path

Thankfully, I packed my journal 📓 and pen, because, at least for me, on a day like this I have the best ideas 💡 …and I tend to forget them if I don’t keep a record…

So, my second tip today is, inhale and exhale, concentrate on your breathing. Lean back and let the universe guide you . Even if it’s just a little bit 😊. The good thing is that your intuition, sensibility and idea processing is top on edge . Therefore I think you should be on track .

Time for some coffee ☕!

Happy Thursday!

P.D. There is one more thing …. Spend more time with the people you enjoy and less time in larger settings where you never really get to talk to anyone anyway.( #justsaying 😊)

Note: All photos are taken by Kikis de la Creme | Door in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Seeking Peace | Lenormand and ☕️

Hi there, how are you today?

My team and I are busy bees 🐝. We are about to have a private Paint & Coffee event in my Studio #arthouseworld … but, of course first join me for a coffee and my Lenormand!

Today’s spread:


Message 📯+ ship🚢 +tree 🌳

Enjoy today’s vibe. There might be news (happy ones ) from far away. Progress is also on the path. So, by all means stay positive and practice patience • ☕️🤩🍩

The hidden message here is the 💐 bouquet. Certainly there is the prospect of thrilling time ahead…. as for myself, I think this will be a fun event 🎨 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨

Wishing you all a very peace-and joyful Wednesday !

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

#gold silver #creativewriting • #blogging #design #travel #travelblogger #kikisdelacreme #독일 #거피 #기기 커피숍 카페 #fengshui #elpaso #numerology #astrology @fengshuialacreme @b.arroso #amplemannontour #worldtraveler #fengshuialacreme #coffee #ig_captures #ig_europe düsseldorf #kikiscafe #instagood #art #queretaro

My FREE APP | Lenormand

Hi there! Welcome back to my Numerology -Feng Shui- Lenormand Cafe. How are you today? Ready for a quick coffee-break ?

You know what,  I just discovered that here, in my blog site ,I can also post audio and video. Yeah!!! So happy about this…

So for all of you my deck “Lenormand a la Mexicana ” is also a free App in iTunes and Googlplay, Here the link and also a small welcome audio of mine.

Link Lenormand a la Mexicana

Welcome Audio:

Please let me know your comments. Can you identify with the cards? What do you think of the App? How about our first digital spread ? Did you find orientation, guidance or even a clear answer.

Sending you a big hug and looking forward to hearing soon from you.

Kikis de la Creme.jpg


Stamp your trademark

Good Morning ! June mood is on ✅. How are you? By the way, my team and I are back to Mexico and enjoying the summer breeze in full bloom. I would love to read how you are enjoying the summer season 🌴😎?

This is a super interesting week ahead. The planet #Venus is on tour and bringing love and abundance especially in the first half of the month. Today’s numerology is #3 adding an extra dash of creativity and inspiration to this Monday…here I have some more details. Come and join me with your coffee 😃 ?

  • You probably  want to discuss your latest ideas with your inner circle of trust, hoping to weed out those thoughts which might not be very productive.
  • That’s good!
  • Your friends are happy to listen with objecti ears and tell you exactly what they think.
  • But……. you might feel, that their information, comments and observations are not as powerful as you wish.
  • But… is it really them who are lacking in feedback, or…
  • could it be that your idea exposé is not so precise….
  • Always keep in mind , Communication  is  the human connection and the key to personal and career success.
  • Time to polish your speaking, listening 👂, writing skills….
  • but whatever you do, say or publish Stamp your trademark on your intellectual property before you share it with the world • #justSaying
  • Happy Monday! ☕️😎

Free Hugs

Good Morning! Guten Morgen 😃! Buenos Días ☀️! How are you? I am so happy to be back here . We are very busy bees 🐝 on this Saturday and excited to be on the #Japantag here in Düsseldorf. Blue sky, no clouds, the weather is just superb for the event. Today’s numerology is #6 and I have some details for you :

  • Today’s opposition between romantic Venus and cautious Saturn could give you pause🤔
  • Of course you and I and everybody else might not be so happy about this, but
  • the planet Saturn demands structure and order, and lately, it’s made you a lot more process-driven about everything from money to love
  • Happily, the diplomat of the zodiac, Venus can help you see that there are many shades of gray 😁🙌in your imagined black-and-white world
  • Hello, … open up a dialogue and see what the other party’s bottom line is!
  • There might be a big surprise ✨ and you may be closer to consensus than you realized.
  • Actually, under the current sky and today’s numerology #six communication and gratitude are two important keywords
  • Let people know how much you care 🤗
  • Maybe this is your “free-hugs” Saturday
  • With an extra touch of sensibility you will be able to enjoy with friends, family or neighbors beautiful day
  • After all, intuition is the whisper of the soul
  • Happy Saturday 🌷🌻🌼🌸

There is no shortcut

Good Morning 😃! How is your morning so far? It’s already midweek! My dogs and I are very early birds today. The coffee is almost done and my numerology weather forecast is prepared for you. So, let’s see, how this Wednesday could be unfolding for all of us:

  • It’s definetly a day with mixed energy. Although the number eight is a very positive and powerful number… under the current sky and the strong influence of the Sun and Pluto caution is required.
  • On the other hand, Venus and Mars invite to collaboration over competition.
  • I totally agree, that unpredictability can be exciting, but at the end of the day, you desire something and/or someone who knows what they want.
  • As my father always a says, “life is full of ups and downs • the trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs”
  • There are no shortcuts!
  • Happy Wednesday! ☕️✨
  • April 11, 2018 | Day 6 of #36dailynumerologychallenge

• •⚜️ #doorsofqueretaromx #doorsofsanmigueldeallende #doorsofsanmiguel

doors of San Miguel de Allende, Gto by Kikis de la Creme.jpg
doors of San Miguel de Allende, Gto by Kikis de la Creme

A cup of happiness |Day 10

What happened to the beautiful spring sunshine? Just opened the curtains and I am greeted by a completely clouded sky .

It seems that with the current full moon 🌕 in Libra the weather changed too.

That won’t change my good mood. Especially today I woke up feeling very 😃 happy.

  • Let me share a cup of happiness with you!

“Is there any particular reason for being you so joyful this morning ? My friends Mo asks…”No, it just like this. I slept like a baby and feel ready for some super duper breakfast cooking . What do you think of some enchiladas verdes with chicken”, I answer with a big smile.

You remember I have the house full of guests this Easter weekend and it makes me really happy to pamper my friends with good food. I love to see them enjoying my cookies, cakes and hot dishes.

So, I have to hurry… the kitchen and my guests are waiting… wishing you all a very relaxing and joyful Saturday with this quote from Albert Schweitzer:

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when your share it. –

P.D. .. The Sun is already sneaking through the clouds…. XOXO

The first coffee |Day 8.5

Coffee art by Kikis de la Creme.jpg


Hello, good morning ! Thanks for stopping by on this long Easter weekend. It is a beautiful sunny morning.

Lupis I am enjoying my first coffee of the day.  Lupis, one of my dogs, and I are trying to understand what happened yesterday.

For the record, it was a very busy Wednesday, with a lot of tension in the air and it took me an “mega extra” effort to keep track with my 12-daily-post-challenge | Day 8.


But I did it! Winner

Nevertheless something happened to the post. It could either be that by posting it, I made a mistake -or-  that the elf, was sneaking around the corner, came by and prepared a little joke for me- or – that Mercury Retrograde did his thing.

I still have no answers for this. Since 20 hours my last post is out, but with 2 (two) different titles. In Facebook you will find it as Loyalty is Loyalty  but here in my blog it appears as Once the Magic is broken

How did this happen ? I have no clue! Any suggestions? I am all ears and would be happy to fix it and prevent that this happens again.

For now, I am having my 2. cup of coffee, continue scribbling in my journal and doing some brainstorming on:

  • What could be the lesson?
  • What’s the hidden message?
  • Is my text still interesting?
  • Can I do some re-phrasing or re-writing in honor to Mercury Retrograde and to all my readers?
  • Should I delete yesterday’s post ?

I firmly believe and trust in the promise of paper and pen.

So. I will keep writing and my 12-daily-post-challenge |Day 9 will be out this afternoon:)

Meanwhile, I wish you all a very happy and joyful Thursday (“Gründonnerstag”)!  Please share with me your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you all for being here with me, it is a privilege and an honor.

Sending you a big hug .