The chocolate ears of my bunny | Day 9

chocolate bunnies Kikis de la Creme.jpg

Hello, welcome back ! It’s Friday (Karfreitag) Are you enjoying your long Easter weekend? What’s on your list for today? For us /me it is a “baking” Friday! We have the house full of guests and now after breakfast we will do some baking together.

When I was running yesterday evening, I remembered, last year, my father gave me a very easy cookie recipe. Now, I have been navigating in my 2017 journal (that’s part of the promise of paper and pen) for some baking recipes. You know, there is this thing about me and writing.

I write down basically everything. After so many years, I have already a respectable collection of journals. Sometimes I pull any of it out and do some random reading. You can find title ideas, numerology essays, proverbs, quotes, shopping lists mixed up with baking, cooking recipes, Feng Shui enhancer, remedies , “aha” moments and knitting instructions. There are even some sketches for my Art House World projects ; our Paint and coffee /sips.

Today and in honor to the long easter weekend I´ll share this super easy cookie here with you:

  • 300g flour
  • 150 g sugar
  • 150 g cold butter
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • vanilla essence
  • 1 tiny dash of salt
  • 1 egg

That’s all you need! Mix all the ingredients and put them for one hour into the refrigerator.   Preheat the oven 180 degree Celsius . Prepare a baking racket with baking paper and have the “seasonal “forms ready. We have small bunnies, large bunnies, a “Frohe Ostern” seal and the bunny heads. Enough to choose!

Do you back seasonal cookies ?

Do you back easter cookies?

Well, in my family we are very traditional in celebrating all events. We have long brunches, lunches with friends or family dinners. For Easter my mom always  un-dusts the fine collection of decor treasures. She has an impressive amount of wood, pottery, metal and glass bunnies. Easter-eggs in all seizes and materials from different parts of the world to decorate the sitting areas in the house.

I have brought that family tradition also to Mexico. If you come to visit me, you will find a bunny greeting in surprising places and the huge hall table is my showcase for the easter egg collection.

Osterhase DPA.KikisdelacremeThe other I found also a list of annotations (once again the promise of paper and pen) I made years ago about the “rabbit”, the myths and facts:

  • Did you know, that the “‘Rabbit foot” is another way of saying ‘scaredy cat’ – although originally, if someone was “rabbit footed” they were a speedy runner. That makes more sense, doesn’t it ?  Some bunnies can run up to 75 kilometres an hour!
  • “Falscher Hase” or “mock rabbi”‘ is a traditional meat-loaf dish. Many Germans still love this today. I love it prepared with olives and paprika…. But did you know that this name was made up from when only a few people could afford good meat?  The cooks would make ‘mock rabbit’ with the cheapest bits of meat, which were ground into mince and formed into the shape of a roasting joint, to give the impression of a fancy roast dinner.
  • “Angsthase” . Here the theory is, that rabbits run away from humans because they associate them with all things evil, although scientists are still trying to figure out a way to prove it…
  • “Da liegt der Hase im Pfeffer” / “There the rabbit’s in the pepper” is the German equivalent of ‘there’s the rub! “Hasenpfeffer”  used to be a dish, in which rabbit was served in spicy sauce – why this became an expression of an irritant is not clear… at least this is what my father told me.

chocolate ear of my bunny Kikis del la Creme

Well, my lovelies, I have to run. My guests are ready for another round of coffee and cookies.

I wish you all a very harmonious and relaxing Friday… and I invite you a chocolate ear of my bunny…

Sending you a big hug. XOXO Kikis

Baking is a Metaphor for Life | Day 7

How are you today, my dear friends?

Its already Tuesday; day 7 | #12dailypostchallenge

I am enjoying lunch-time over here. A very sunny day,  with 32 degrees Celicius in the shadow. I just had a delicious soup from the “cucina povera”, a Minestrone and followed by a very refreshing salad with shrimps. My chef of choice topped this with some recent made “Pre-Easter” cookies and a double espresso.

By the way, just in case you haven’t visited my Art House World Instagram site, this morning I had group of little chefs preparing Easter cookies. We had so much fun and no doubt kids are great bakers 🙂

So,  here I am working on my #12dailypostchallenge.

Do you remember yesterday’s post about Mercury Retrograde “Dos & Dont´s for love / romance / relationships. I promised to write about the role of the “Ex´sssss” during this three-week period…. and well, I am not like Napoleon Bonaparte, who once said: ” The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it¨. – For me a promise is duty!

Baking is a metaphor for life.

One must follow a recipe for happiness,

but adding equal measures of reliable ingredients

mixed with innovative spices in order to create

a cookie that is satisfying and sweet and

full of adventure.

                                                                     –   Kikis de la Creme


This is one of my favorite quotes. I know, I have used it countless times in conferences and posts, but I consider it still one of my best recipes.

You know, there are days in life, that you wonder why your indie spirit comes out in full force. Well, there could be many reasons. Probably it happens in response to undue pressure in a relationship. But then I invite you to use / apply my above mentioned quote.  Instead of bolting and leaving people wondering, why you’ve ghosted them, explain what’s irking you.

Sorry for what I said Kikis de la CremeThey or you might not even realize, that they’ve / you’ve  crossed a line. Before you start pointing fingers, though, ask yourself if you’ve sent any mixed messages ( that’s the biggest problem of Mercury Retrograde).

It’s not fair to rake someone over the coals, if you decide to re-write the rulebook in the middle of the game. So, slow down, take a deep breathe and remember my quote! Once you feel relaxed, let’s continue and discover what else Mercury Retrograde has in store :

During Mercury retrograde your “Ex” or “Exes” could re-appear. So simple!

What to do now? I have prepared a couple of options for you. Let me know if there is something among the list that suits you best!

Option No. 1: Finally, it all depends on you. Does this have “future potential” or not. In case you’re thinking about someone you once loved, this is a great time to track them down or simply honor their memory by visiting a special place you once went together.

Option No. 2: You accept an invitation from this “Ex” and over a coffee (better than bubbles 🙂 ) you have a lovely talk and that’s it (real person-to-person-mermories),

Option No. 3 : Your “Ex”contacts you and this brings still butterflies to your stomach. But, you are in a relationship and prefer not to risk this for some temporary heat. Of course, you can still be friend on Facebook or Instagram.

Option No. 4 : Your latest love life has been very sad/ stuck  and you have lost faith in love. Out of sudden an old flame contacts you ( Mercury retrograde effect). Long time, you both were very much in love, but for not “rememberable” reasons you took separated directions. Now, this is your opportunity to rescue the taste of love/romance sparkles in your life. So go ahead and date this guy/girl. Re-read my above mentioned quote and enjoy

P.D. Don’t forget to share with us, if you two will give it another try.


Happy Tuesday! XOXO