Cool Off Period

…it’s the last day of the month, happy Halloween 🎃 👻!

The Master of Communication, Mercury is now traveling through Sagittarius and today Venus Retrograde is backflipping to Libra ♎️…., plus today’s numerological vibration is “7” …

You get the invitation to pause and to ask yourself, if this battle is really worth the drain on your energy or the hard feelings that may result.

But, here is the thing …Don’t be too quick or too bolt!

Partnerships, relationships of all kind are on the center stage. Today’s numerological vibration : #seven invites to include a couple of extra coffee / tea breaks and to give a thought or two about conflict resolution.

Yeah, I know some of you might feel irritated , when you are ready this. You could be so stuck in discussions or even the grid between you and the other person (s) could already be so wide, that a reconciliations is the last thing coming to your mind .

On the other hand, watch your words, now it’s so easy, that a simple (positive) comment is completely misunderstood … my special tip: try a “cool-off” period 😅😊 • Make a conscientious decision to put kindness first and trace your next steps.

Can this work for you? I love to read your comments.

Wishing you all a very joyful Wednesday! Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 !

XO Kikis

Mercury Dance

•… the day is perfect to pamper your body, mind and soul. Lately the emotional aspect has been quite bumpy… and a massage , pedicure or manicure could make you feel so much better .

Well, under today’s numerological vibration “6” … why not invite the neighbor, your mom or sister to join you for a little spa after afternoon. Enjoy, relax and have an updating chat!

By the way, depending on where you live, for some today and for others tomorrow… Mercury enters Sagittarius until January 4 (an extra-long phase, due to a retrograde from November 16 to December 6).

Your head will be full of big ideas; which is great and you should really work on your strategies, plans , travel arrangements, holiday vacationing , conference framework…

My special tip: Polish up all presentations before Mercury turns retrograde from November 16 to December 6.

So far, I wish you all a very productive and peaceful Tuesday!

XO Kikis

The Five

It’s a fresh week with three more days to end the month of October. How are you?

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

We start this Monday with the numerological vibration of the “5”. Its an exciting and active number. It’s always interesting to see how the numbers add up and today we get first a “23”. The two and the three, both numbers of the communication complex .

There is the invitation to be aware of the complexity between listening and speaking, writing, posting, how you are relating to people… Now, that the Master of Communication, Mercury will this week start to travel through Sagittarius ♐️… it will be impossible to tell a lie.

On the other hand, Venus is still retrograde and also will shift signs to Libra ♎️ . All kind of relationships are once again ( or still )on the center stage .

So, there is really a lot going on and it promises to be a very active week. My tips are focusing today on getting thinks worked out in your relationships.

Keep in mind that Mercury will start the next “retrograde” phase on November 16th…. it’s pretty soon ! So, postponing any longer that unavoidable “talk” with the colleague, client, boss or partner …. will not bring you any further.

Instead , how about making a small list of top points that you consider important for your meeting. It’s not about solving all world -problems in a single conversation, but creating a common base. In case you need to work further on in any negotiation, contracts…. for more reason get this done soon… Mercury Retrograde is never an easy time to seal deals ( either on a private or professional level).

Let’s shed some light on the “love” aspect . I think we all agree that this subject has been quiet rough lately. Yeah I can tell!

But this is also something positive about Venus Retrograde. You finally have time to re-analyze and re-define / rekindle your relationships.

So, the other day a client asked me if she should postpone her wedding date. She is getting married next Saturday… I advised not to cancel. If you are in the same situation, please go ahead with all your plans . The only tip I give is, to program a first-anniversary-vows-renovation .

Wishing you all very successful week beginning. Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

Sunday Breeze

… with the moon moving in Gemini …today’s numerological vibration :#four comes in as a wonderful support .

I know, you and I are willing to turn relaxation into an art form today… but you will make more of the day, if even your relaxation day has some form.

By the way, here in Mexico we already started winter-daylight-saving -time and got an extra hour sleep 😊

So, my proposal is …since early trace your agenda for the day… but most important find time to do some planning on the coming week •

On the other hand, Venus is still retrograde…. responding with kindness and compassion to others invites more generosity and love into your life.

Making more mental space for the people around you creates a stronger sense of community.

Wishing you all a very relaxing Sunday!

XO Kikis

What makes you Tick

The full moon in Taurus just happened … how about your whishlist? Did you write one or restructure the last one? You didn’t find time to do some brainstorming? Don’t worry, the moon is still bright and strong and it’s perfect to work on your goals, ideas, wishes and plans today.

By the way, this Thursday has the numerological vibration #one. A strong number inviting us to take action, but…

…maybe all you need , is a little detour on your path to success. Now, it is very important to stay open to fresh concepts and evaluate the different options.

You know, there is this thing about getting square-minded with a certain procedure /strategy, once it has been successful for you. That’s a very common issue among my clients and out of sudden you can’t understand, why it is not bringing the desired result…. when it always has worked.

That’s exactly because the environment is not static. Everything is energy and everything moves, changes and evolves. You change!

So, your enthusiasm and willpower are marking the rhythm. What is it you are exciting about? Roll up your sleeves and put these ideas on a paper, trace a plan B,C,D. Be open to implement new structures, strategies and concepts.

Well, get busy while the cosmic conditions are favorable. 

Wishing you all a very productive and succeful Thursday.

XO Kikis

Merge and Purge

It’s a full moon Wednesday! A lunation in Taurus ♉️, while the Sun and Venus ( still retrograde) sail through Scorpio…

It does not only sound intense, it really is!

Under the current sky and today’s numerology “nine”, my special tip for you is one of my favorite phrases:

A humble heart is a happy heart. You’re either in or out; nothing halfway.

Happy Full Moon 🌕!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday Sparkle

Wooow….when the planets are so busy, it suggests that it’s a time when we can start to make changes in our lives.

I prepared a little list for you to point out the most important events of this extremely busy week,let’s see:

  • Mercury connects with Pluto

  • The Sun changes signs and moves into Scorpio ♏️

  • The Sun opposes Uranus

  • The Sun and Venus connect but also….

  • Venus sextiles Saturn
  • oh, and there is more … The Full Moon 🌕 in Taurus ♉️

… and with so many gently conflicting energies, it could be hard to know where to start.

Under today’s numerology #seven, you might have the chance to look inward and trace a solid strategy. This may guarantee your future success. Actually projects that you start now can be the result of your hard-work & dedication to succeed.

Well, love and relationships is always a hot subject and the good news is, that a turning point in love is certainly possible this week. Your physical and material security needs in your relationships will be under the spotlight… this Wednesday.( 11:45 am here in Mexico).

But also, this full moon 🌕 opposes Venus (still moving retrograde) . As a result, what you want and what you need in love might be at odds.

On the other hand, this Full Moon and Venus will both be at a very harmonious angle to Saturn, making it more likely that security needs in love will be met — even if they haven’t been met in the past.

Change must be implemented strategically now, so as to do the least amount of collateral. I like to say here, that timing is absolutely important!

As I mentioned earlier, this lunation is in Taurus … it’s a very earthy full moon … inviting us to re-connect with natural products . It’s a great opportunity to update your menu, try some new salud recipes… visit the local market, join the knitting / crocheting circle… our Paint & Sip…

Wishing you all a very successful Monday! Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Coffee for you?

The friendly Aquarius ♒️ Moon harmonizes with the Libra ♎️ Sun, creating a solid foundation for all types of interpersonal interactions.

B u t an uncomfortable #Mercury / #Mars square turns molehills into mountains , if we put competition over cooperation | so, what to do?

Exercise control and good judgement,you will feel more secure about whatever transpires.

Then, adopt an exam-style philosophy; stick to your plan; when solving a problem, show your work. Of course, details matter in both, love and money.

Actually I have a little extra-tip: under so much pressure doing some workout is absolutely healthy . Go for a run, some kick-boxing …. Also eating today the “green” menu will be very helpful to keep you relaxed and calm.

I wish you all a very productive and peaceful day. Happy Friday 🎃!

Planning | The Intriguing Factor

The 3-C’s on a Thursday with numerological vibration “3”

  • creativity
  • coffee
  • communication ✨

Your thinking changes as you move from task to task, topic to topic, and conversation to conversation today.

The Aquarius Moon crosses words with argumentative Mercury and clashes swords with warrior Mars. 

  • It might be getting a bit too pushy when setting boundaries … watch your words
  • Wishing you all a very productive & peaceful Thursday !

    Turn the Beat around

    Exploring innovative ideas becomes more enticing than sticking to a predetermined plan, even if deviating from our original one decreases efficiency. The moon in Aquarius ♒️ squaring Venus retrograde…

    There is still more…. balance and communication are my next keywords under the current sky and today’s numerological vibration of the #two. Hey, before you go and cut anyone off or unfriend someone today, do yourself a big favor and try a different tack.

    Venus is still retrograde and relationship work is one of the top priorities also for the next weeks.

    Here my proposal.. how about opening your heart and sharing something that’s been troubling you. This could bring you closer together than ever.

    Of course this doesn’t mean that you have to figure it all out the same day… and you and I know, you can’t please all the people all the time… but it certainly if a great step …

    Wishing you all a very sucessful Wednesday!

    XO Kikis