Let your Creative Vision be your Guide

Hello and good morning on this very first day of May. My team and I are just back from Washington D.C., a very interesting and exciting city . You have probably already seen a couple of photos from doors over there (#ihavethisthingwithdoors)…

May 1st is for many of us a “Day Off”. If this is your case, well, enjoy this “Labor Day” (Día del Trabajo) and try to really rest. Spending some time outside/ open-air could be the best way to re-charge batteries .

May 1st starts under the vibration of the number “nine” such a versatile number. It certainly stands also for closure … which for it might not be surprising that you have an eye or two… on the finishing line …

Now, there is the thing, that under the current sky hot Mars forms a very uneasy connection with ice-cold Saturn — one planet says “go” while the other says “no”.

Here my tip: Start the day with a winning feeling and it hangs with you straight through until bedtime.

Believe in your power to make good things happen annd work hard to see your dreams come true •

Faith moves mountains! Let your creative vision be your guide.

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

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The light Breeze and a Walk under the Palms

It’s a beautiful day to evaluate a couple of situations and circumstances … are you ready to walk this tiny extra mile to make things and relationships happen .

The full moon in Libra just happened, today’s numerology is “nine” …

You might feel ready to implement a new pattern /lifestyle under the beginning of a new astrological month…when the Sun enters sensible Taurus.

We all are less interested in starting something new, than we are in stabilizing what we already are doing.

The down-to-earth influence of the Taurus Sun urges us to strongly to consider the practical side of any decision. … what I like in addition to this is , that we’re not quite ready to let go of our attraction to the >adrenaline rush< once sensual Venus slips into action-packed Aries ( until May 15th).

This is very good news to pamper and beautify your mind-body-soul in all senses. Even, if you have been struggling with your bikini-diet… this dynamic Venus/Aries combo will strengthen your willpower to loose these extra kilos.

I wish you all a very joyful and harmonious Saturday! What’s on your list for the day?

Thanks for reading me and sharing my tips.

XO Kikis

Sunshine in your Pocket

Appreciate all the sunshine and moonlight, that illuminates your life. It’s a beautiful Saturday over here. I will be traveling to Yucatán to meet with a Feng Shui client … this is going to be a really “hot” trip in all senses 🙂 The weather is superb over there …

So for today I like to say, that under the current sky and today’s numerology “two” … there are limitless ways to live out with lots of inspirations and harmony

Nevertheless, some might want to do things in your own way, but your friend, relative, or partner has ideas of his/her own?

Here my tip under today’s numerology : Cooperation is almost certainly the preferable option now. By the way, eventually, you might happily admit that some of your loved one’s proposals work out just as nicely as anything you could suggest. Appeasing others today ends up pleasing you.

Wishing you all a very joyful & harmonious Saturday.

Thanks for reading me

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The Rose Colored Glasses

A fresh week with exciting energies …. hello and good morning on this Monday morning!

There are three things I recommend for your starter kit today :

The rose-colored glasses ( once Venus + Neptune are in charge), sensitivity and compassion.

Although it‘s a workday .. under today’s numerology #six✨ find some time for coffee, lunch or dinner with who is important to you

Well, this is on of this super lovely weeks of the year… of you celebrate your Birthday in the following days … you will really enjoy the party, friends , love …. the whole package.

With the planets, Venus and Neptune dancing waltz in the water sign Piscis ( at the same degree) … wow this is a lot of sweetness and dreams bathing everything

B u t, please be warned that the Venus-Neptune conjunction will heighten the fantasy element for a couple days.

For some of us, this maybe is exactly what you need to finally get this soulmate party started! That’s fantastic! Nevertheless for others it can serve up a whole lot of sweet nothings

So, watch out carefully, not to get sucked into some charmer’s undertow.

Truth telling anyone ?

This week also the truth-telling Jupiter starts his annual retrograde until August 11 , 2019 ( inSagittarius) .

Wow, this might bring some surprises… outspoken is one thing …out of the plate is quite another. Consider yourself on notice!

I am just saying, embellishing stories (even in “the most harmless” ways) could seriously damage your credibility over the coming four month… more details coming with the next breakfast!

Thanks for reading me.

Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

Originality the secret to Success

It’s Friday! A very special day with the Aries New Moon under today’s numerology #three.

With all this happening in the first zodiac sign it promises to be a day filled with renewed spontaneity and enthusiasm, with a lot of sizzle and zazzle, lighting up and magnifying every emotion.

It’s time to open new doors! But hold

For a moment… Reminders will pop up everywhere around you, whispering or shouting about how much there is yet to >learn< .

The good news is, that you are not alone in this inspiring journey. You will be in contact with interesting teachers and students along the way.

Well, let’s say it could be rocky start, while the Moon squares taskmaster Saturn and ruthless Pluto…. b u t breathe, … the general overview is very positive… if you go with the flow.

So, be mindful … as whatever and whoever is invited into your world today is likely to stick around for a while.

Step into the adventure zone, have a look around, and make yourself known.

Finally Originality is the secret of your success!

Thanks for reading me

Happy New Moon! Happy Friday!

XO Kikis

Don’t forget your Thinking Cap

Keep your thinking cap powered up and close at hand. Take ownership of what you can control and let go of the rest.

There is a subtle tug from your intuition that may be holding you back today and inviting you under the Numerology #two✨ …. to >not< throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever you do….


Well, certainly there is a reason behind this … so here my proposal for the day:

Temporarily close the curtains, turn off your phone, and hang a do-not-disturb sign on your door.

You need time to balance things . For some of us this could be an easy and quick task … especially if you can solve it by yourself . For other this might require a bigger adjustment.

Grab your coffee, zero in and focus! What needs a makemover

Follow your curiosity wherever it leads. Finally it’s always better to find out than to suppose.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful Thursday…. tomorrow is New Moon Friday… I’ll be posting details.

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

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April Latte

It a fresh month with exciting energies and opportunities. We are starting a New Moon week,; the Sun and the Moon dancing in the fire sign, Aries.

Today’s numerology is eight. This powerful and determined number to move forward and… well, under so much quick-impulsive-kind-of energy you should select a lower gear and give it a thought or two before deciding

On the other hand, originality attracts rewards like a magnet. It’s time to let your creative light shine and put your best ideas out there with confidence

Every bit of feedback received is valuable as you work to turn a dream into a reality.

My next tip for you is to pack an extra dose of flexibility. People can be unpredictable creatures, there’s no doubt about it. It’s unnerving when someone says one thing, then does another. 

If you find yourself on the receiving end of some of that kind of chaos, going with the flow could be the best available option, at least for now.

Consider it as “the” opportunity to give your resourcefulness and resilience a healthy workout.

Wishing you all a very successful April.

Happy Monday ! Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Photo credit: Kikis de la Creme, Aachen Germany 2018

Ring, Ring! He is Back-on-Track

So how are you? It’s the big day. The expression planet, Mercury is turning direct under today’s numerology “seven”.

Mercury is slowly untangling the cross-wiring drama. During the last three weeks you might have had some awkward, but also very very revealing moments (AHA-moments).

So what to do now? Be patient!

Many of my clients have told me, that they have a couple of things they like to buy. A new car, a tablet… one said his phone has gone crazy and he had to give it to repair… but it’s not working properly… so, for sure he will need a new phone…

Since we must wait a few days for the messenger planet to gain momentum before we see any forward movement. Meanwhile, the ambitious Capricorn Moon keeps our eyes on the prezzies… on your shopping list?

There is good reason to be positive.

B u t, don’t misunderstand … you still need to get every question answered, check quality, compare prices and read the fine print…. don’t trust blindly. This is when I like the numerological vibration of today’s “seven”. It make us more conscious and willing to take a step back to analyze.

Not all that glitters is gold!

While Mercury turns direct today, Venus fills this space up with incredible potential since Tuesday until April 20th. Being able to declare what you want and need in order to achieve the bond you both desire will be easier now.

Plus you and your special someone will feel a strong pull to make things work, no matter what.


So, here is the thing…

Whatever stays, let it stay.

Whatever goes, let it go.

Some of us are about to become all Buddha-like when it comes to your perspective on love.

There is no doubt, that you do have the highest ideals and best intentions toward your partner or a prospective romantic interest. At the same time, however, you realize that love is not possession, and in order to love, you have to give it unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

Love can bring us incredible bliss, but it can also bring us unimaginable pain.

You’ll become a master at that over the next few weeks. Fortunately, a reward is likely in romance as a result.

Wishing you a very joyful and productive Thursday. Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Photo credit Kikis de la Creme

When the Butterflies fly High

… there is good news on my list today… only three more days ’til Mercury Retrograde will say sayonara (さようなら) .

How are you doing?

You might have already an interesting list with ideas, wishes and plans for the next month…But for now, it’s time for some behind-the-scenes work, in order to make your plans a lot more doable. 

As you still may not have all the details together, do the detective work!

Are you ready for more good news?

… well, this week some of us might feel the butterflies in the stomach, see the flowers blooming even more beautiful… now that the planet of beauty, romance, love (and also money aspects)…Venus, will dance in Piscis .

With the Spring season in full swing and the upcoming Venus dance, there is a romance-Cupid-forecast :0

To be precise, from this week on until April 20th, 2019 Venus will certainly activate your romantic-artistic-poetry-sweet-love vines.

So far so good and I wish that everybody enjoys this time by maximum. But under today’s numerology “four” and with Mercury still retrograde…. I cannot just let go without, giving a couple of extra tips:

The Venus / Piscis combo, this is a (too) illusionary aspect. Keep your feet to the ground and don’t let the illusion and your heart win over your head .

Under today’s numerology “four” (and also on each of all the other days ’til April 20th) make it an habit to prepare your priority and To-Do-list while enjoying your first coffee. This is an excellent excercise to organize part of your day.

Now, you should keep this list as “handy” as possible. Frequently double checking, will make it easy to work on your tasks.

There is a lot of love potential for singles and also if you are already in a relationship. You might feel again the butterflies…. The ambience invites to enjoy and smooth the edges… b u t Love can bring us incredible bliss, but it can also bring us unimaginable pain.

So, there is no need to rush … give it time, maybe another thought or two before you promise too much.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful week beginning .

Happy Monday!

Spring Sparkle

It’s a Full Moon Wednesday in Libra, the fully “worm” moon welcoming the Spring and Aries season .

Telling the truth is an act of kindness if your intentions are pure. Kikis de la Creme

Libra is written in capital Letters. Th ere is a lot going on, especially in all aspects related to all kind of relationships, balance, harmony, peace, romance, beauty, Art, fashion …

This Full Moon is all about sorting things out/things peaking and Libra is all about relationships.

What I love most about this moon is that we get two of them. Yes, in case you can’t get your ducks in the row … there will be a second chance for everybody by April 19th.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

By the way it’s already some time ago, that we have had the March Full Moon plus the Equinox on the same day. To be precisely this happens the last time in 1981.

So, today’s numerological vibration is “eight”. A strong, bold and powerful number inviting to move and look for progress under this current Libra lunation… nevertheless there is still a little tiny issue…you remember Mercury?

Well, Mercury is still retrograde until March 28th, another eight days. This means, that probably you will face some challenge and even testy situations with people around you.

Inhale- exhale and try to see the positive aspects. I like to say there is some relationship-lesson for everybody… and yes, some of us will need to decide (soon), if they are “in” or “out” of a relationship.

On the other hand, this Luna is also about balancing your diet. You know what I mean, … less coffee more water; less chocolate more vegetable….

I wish you all a very joyful and exciting Spring beginning. Happy Full Moon!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Photo credit Kikis de la Creme