Sunday Coffee

Do you know, that you become what you believe?

Here’s another thing, your positive or negative thinking 💭 marks the difference in your focus.

So today, that’s my question for you. Under the current sky and today’s numerological vibration of o.n.e.

…pampering all of us with this beautiful „friendly-bonding-no limit” breeze …

I like to say, it’s so easy to be distracted and get lost on a less goal-orientated track …

get lost in over-analyzing on the “how and what” has happened, instead of changing your «perspective » to what has happened.

Please don’t get me wrong! Today it’s excellent to make time for coffee, breakfast, a business-lunch or dinner, to bond and re-connect…

either with a client, your friend, colleague, the kids, the partner

… but keep it organized and structured… _

use your “in-between” time wisely.

The opportunities are there, right in front of you… to focus on your goals, priorities, meetings, deals…

Or do you need to “re-focus”?

That is the other side of the number “one”. _

The invitation to {re}-focus and to probably set some boundaries

in order to make things happen!

Happy Sunday !

Thanks for reading me. XO Kikis

Monday Espresso

… one day your life will flash ⚡️in front of your eyes 👀. So, make sure it’s worth watching…


Oh yeah, with these words, I greeted today my friend @elizabeth velo and over a coffee ☕️, iced tea + berry-vanilla- yoghurt, we did some wonderful brainstorming ✨about…


the #equinox , the upcoming #newmoon in Libra … and how all these affects business , networking …


and all kind of relationships.


Bang 💥 !




So, first of all stay always connected to your “why”


What is this drive, this motor that makes you get up in the morning ☕️ ( I mean besides coffee)


What is your passion? How can you attract your clients and overall “keep” them?


We already chatted about being “authentic” …, but you can imagine … there is still more …


Honest communication is always one of your best strategy


…but communication has a part, we very often ignore


… and it is so “essential” (especially now during this Libra ♎️ season until October 23 rd,


to build up any kind of excellent relationship, especially with your client!

Listen to your clients needs, their feedbacks…


The musician Alfred Brendel said, “The word “listen” contains the same letters as the word “silent… So, true!


Just saying …. wishing you all beautiful autumn 🍂🍁🐿 beginning!


To your success!


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Photo credit @jorgerbadillo