Slow and Steady

Hello Good Morning🌴! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen! Time is running, it’s already the last day is May; a bank holiday in Germany ( enjoy!)… for all the others ( including me 😃it’s a working Thursday) . A beautiful fresh morning over here with numerology #2. The coffee is still running, but my tips are already here for you:,

  • Are you feeling a hard-to-resist urge to do something #wild & #crazy in the name of personal growth?
  • Well, then you better step on the #brake +re-focus!
  • Balance and Equilibrium are the top priority keywords.
  • Which for, this is certainly not a day for sudden change.
  • But, contemplating #change is healthy and can lead to significant #lifestyle improvement further on…
  • You know, a slow, steady & supportive style wins the race 😉✨
  • Happy Thursday 🌷!

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Stuttgart Dowtown Mala Kikis de la Creme jpg
Stuttgart Dowtown Mall | Kikis de la Creme jpg

Get Started Now

Good Morning ! 😎 Did you see the super full moon 🌕 ? It’s (almost) the last day of May; it’s a traveling day for us, we are enjoying the last coffee ☕️ before catching the next flight . Today’s numerology #1 is bringing a fresh breeze…my tips are ready:

  • Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect.
  • There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions.
  • So what? I would say : Get started now! 👍
  • With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and…
  • Of course more and more successful! 😃
  • Happy Wednesday ✨!

  • Stuttgart Schlossplatz |Kikis de la Creme jpg
    Stuttgart Schlossplatz | Kikis de la Creme jpg

Full Moon Tuesday

Good Morning! ☀️ … just was reading a phrase Nelson Mandela said once : “There is nothing like a fixed, steady aim, with an honorable purpose. It dignifies your nature and insures your success” .. I couldn’t agree more.

How are you today? It’s a full moon 🌕 Tuesday in Sagittarius ♐️, with numerology #9 :

  • New horizons are opening up!
  • Communication is key as la #Luna invites us to discuss philosophical concepts that have little immediate impact on our day
  • actually your dreams are larger than #life today and it’s up to you to resist taking giant steps toward your #goals
  • My special tip ✨ … Slow your roll; blindly running ahead only invites failure •
  • On the other hand, ready to cross county lines, or maybe international borders on a moment’s notice
  • People from different backgrounds or countries are desfinaed to have a positive impact on your life over the coming 10 days.
  • Happy 😊 #Tuesday!

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Stuttgart Königsstrasse | Kikis de la Creme jpg
Stuttgart Königsstrasse | Kikis de la Creme jpg

Monday Vibes

Hello Good Morning! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen!

My tips are ready! It’s a little shorter than normally… my ⏰ didn’t ring or did it?😎 … Anyway I am running 🏃‍♀️ really late, but incredible happy to be here with you. My Monday-positive-vibes are already on ✅ Don’t forget to pack you sunglasses 🕶 the weather is superb . Thanks for joining me!

  • Your extroverted nature can spark your social life, but it’s most useful today to hide your true feelings from view.
  • You are like a stage magician 🎩 waving one hand 🤚 in the air so everyone’s eyes 👀 follow the movement, while your other hand 🙌 is doing something no one notices 😂
  • Not showing all your jokers is a good thing. Don’t worry, you will have soon plenty of opportunities to share your progress.
  • Today’s numerology is #8
  • …cultivate an environment, where others feel free to express their ideas 💡, whether they agree with you or not.
  • Also, if you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.
  • Finally, good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity 😉 and your path to success
  • Happy Monday ☕️!

Ernest wächst Denkmal | Stiftstrasse Stuttgart | Kikis de la Creme jpg
Ernest wächst Denkmal | Stiftstrasse Stuttgart | Kikis de la Creme jpg

Free Hugs

Good Morning! Guten Morgen 😃! Buenos Días ☀️! How are you? I am so happy to be back here . We are very busy bees 🐝 on this Saturday and excited to be on the #Japantag here in Düsseldorf. Blue sky, no clouds, the weather is just superb for the event. Today’s numerology is #6 and I have some details for you :

  • Today’s opposition between romantic Venus and cautious Saturn could give you pause🤔
  • Of course you and I and everybody else might not be so happy about this, but
  • the planet Saturn demands structure and order, and lately, it’s made you a lot more process-driven about everything from money to love
  • Happily, the diplomat of the zodiac, Venus can help you see that there are many shades of gray 😁🙌in your imagined black-and-white world
  • Hello, … open up a dialogue and see what the other party’s bottom line is!
  • There might be a big surprise ✨ and you may be closer to consensus than you realized.
  • Actually, under the current sky and today’s numerology #six communication and gratitude are two important keywords
  • Let people know how much you care 🤗
  • Maybe this is your “free-hugs” Saturday
  • With an extra touch of sensibility you will be able to enjoy with friends, family or neighbors beautiful day
  • After all, intuition is the whisper of the soul
  • Happy Saturday 🌷🌻🌼🌸

Inspirational Boost

… Good Morning! 😃☀️ hello ! it’s a busy Friday, but also very inviting to take some #time to yourself to recall your #dream. My tips today are very quick… By the way, we are getting ready for the ” Japantag 🇯🇵 Festival ” tomorrow … there is still a lot to do .

So today we are surrounded by a very special energy:

  • Your words connect with your deepest feelings today, enabling you to talk about nearly anything
  • Surprisingly you’re also willing to address the most taboo topics now in order to clear the air.
  • You could create a lasting bond with someone who becomes part of your inner circle as you stand up together to confront an unacceptable use of power
  • Don’t forget to pack your journal 📓 and a pen 🖌 to take note of your wonderful ideas or
  • throw down a tarot spread 😃 ( you can also check my Lenormand! Tips)
  • Pay attention to the “random” signs + symbols that surround you 💡
  • There is no need to analyze them
  • Just focus on how you feel and what the universe might be hinting at!
  • Happy 😊 Friday ! •

Fresh Perspective

Good Morning! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen ! How are you 😄☕️ we have been on-the -road 🚗 since early . It’s a cloudy ⛅️ morning here in Düsseldorf. Is it just me thinking, that the weather is kind-of menopausal 😂 ?What is this? Hello, it’s May! One day we are all sitting /l in super sunshine enjoying Italian 🍦 and the next day there are icy showers, ⛈ storm and strong wind 💨… well, but let’s talk about today’s numerology #4 :

  • Our struggle (s) are the short-term #lessons we learn to achieve long-term #success
  • Don’t get stuck in “square” thinking or in inflexible concepts
  • on the other hand, there is a lot of #sensibility in the air
  • One comment may be all it takes to provoke you—but don’t take the bait!
  • Here my proposal: you do a lot better in welcoming fresh perspectives 🤩
  • even if they feel a bit unfamiliar still 😉😃 • #justsaying •

• Happy Thursday! 🙌🤩

Wednesday Spark

Good Morning! Buenos Días ! Guten Morgen … we are well equipped with raincoats and umbrellas ☔️ ☂ 🌂 . Since early it’s raining cats and dogs, but this cannot shadow our mood today 😆😁 . There is a lot going on in the sky and with today’s numerology #3…here the details:

  • Mars gets in a flowing formation with the illuminating Sun, your mind could be blown by a passage of text or a stimulating group dialogue
  • With the Sun 🌞 winking at passionate Mars, you’ll be drawn to anything and everyone new
  • So, this could be your super Wednesday ✨
  • How about organizing a brainstorming session with people whose visionary skills always elevate your ideas to the next level ? 🤪🤩
  • On the other hand, #strength and an action plan is all you need today 😊
  • No matter how complicated interpersonal dynamics are at home or work
  • you have an action plan that cuts through all the noise and aims directly at your target 🎯. Bravo!
  • But if you get stuck In a heady discussion, by all means , after this, move your body 💃🕺🏻
  • Get rid of any negativity ASAP 😉
  • No doubt, the future belongs to the competent
  • Happy 😊 Wednesday!

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Money Talk

      • Hello Good Morning! How are you? It’s a super pre-summer morning and totally ignoring the dark clouds ⛅️ on our left side 😂🤣 A very busy Monday for us… but the daily tips are ready. Please join me for a quick update :
      • balancing your personal & professional #goals is today’s main topic
      • whereas finances 💴 play an important aspect …
      • if you are considering developing new streams of income now 💸
      • it’s not too soon to make your move
      • But… it’s also possible to improve your cash flow by budgeting your expenditures
      • #justsaying 😊
      • today’s numerology is #2 •
      • Happy Tuesday 😃 🍀!

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      Finishing Touches

      Good Morning ☀️! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen! I am greeting you with a splendid sunshine 🌞 in the Pentecost- Monday; a day off over here. It’s for many a family day enjoying a walk in the park, 🚲 riding with the kids . We are in Belgium today … visiting a furniture exposition, catching ideas for the Feng Shui clients. We have been walking all morning and are now ready for a well-deserved coffee break …. my chance to share today’s tips with you 😃 :

      • Its the 1. Day of the Sun ☀️ in Gemini
      • plus the planets Mercury and Neptune are giving helping
      • today’s numerology is #1 • There is plenty of inspiration in words, sounds, art and design
      • Look 👀 at us, here we are getting inspired by beautiful designs
      • On the other hand … get all your existing tasks under control.
      • Efficiency and organization are two top keywords today
      • Update your LinkedIn profile; put finishing touches on a pitch or proposal and prepare to shop it around.
      • Hey.. but don’t forget to bring a little fun into the “get ‘er done” process ✨🤩
      • Variety is the #spice of #life
      • I wish you all a very happy and productive weeks beginning
      • Happy Monday 😃 🍀!

      • • ⚜️• #doorsofaachen #doorsofdüsseldorf #doorsofgermany • #doorsaroundtheworld •