Brilliant Ideas | Lenormand and Coffee

Hello, hola, hallihallo! How is your day so far?

I know, it’s a little later today with my #dailytips a la #Lenormand … but, I like today’s tips so much, that I think it is worth to read it at any time of the day • there is progress + good news on the Path

Practice a little more #patience, as #mercuryretrograde is still going on… that gives you actually the chance to re-view, re-structure, re-define … to have a behind-the-curtain-view and get more insights

• also you might have a kind of “aha-moment” during a casual conversation at your coffeeshop or supermarket • without expecting it, good advice might come in a subtle message •

✨my special tip: don’t forget your 📔 journal • your #creativity is top-on-edge ….& you defentily should keep record of your brilliant ideas 💡 •

• Please let me know if this works for you. Happy Wednesday!

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay


Third Eye | Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there ! Here I am enjoying my lunch 🥗 time at the park . I actually brought my walking shoes 👟 and as soon as my Lenormand tip is out there for you… I promise to walk for 20 minutes 😅.

Are you ready?

Tara Tara 📯

16+ 9 + 22

💫 stars+ Bouquet 💐 + Path

Today’s spread couldn’t be more perfect . I am so happy to enjoy some time outside and hopefully you can also do so. Being at fresh air, having a brisk walk in the park clear your mind and help you to get unstuck

It’s not that you are not having excellent ideas 💡, oh no! … But they are just ideas, if there is no planning done.

Come on,you can do better. Trace your strategy, keep your plan handy, so you can double-check, whenever you feel lost ( remember Mercury Retrograde 😅😂) and stick to it.

There is a strong energetic bond available and I can tell your & my thirdeye are top on edge today .

So, whenever you feel a lack of information • trust your intuition!

Happy Thursday 🍀 🔮 •

Secrets Anyone |Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there! … Well, I am just asking … Secrets anyone ?

Today’s spread is ready!

Tara Tara 📯

33 + 26 + 14

Key🔑 + Book 📖 + Fox 🦊

… well you better watch out your words, surroundingsand any underhand -sneaky -foxy -snaky 🐍 behavior from your most unscrupulous competitors… Woow can’t believe I just wrote that ! Welcome to a fresh month. It’s August 1st, 2018.

Yes, indeed there is some foxy 🦊 energy walking and sitting around . In Mexico people say “you put the needle into the fabric just to pull the garn out” . In other words you try to find out…. whatever it takes…. Are you really prepared to just reveal your most sacred information?

In case you are not, mark your boundaries clearly. Stay firm, whatever is the challenge.

On the other hand train your in-between-line readings … it might be quite revealing 😂 • Happy month beginning!

Happy 😃August !

Wishing you a very peaceful & harmonious Tuesday! •

• By the way • 🎉 • this is a spread #thirtythree • #lenormandsummer briefing at #kikiscafe • #yearofthedog

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Money Talk |Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there! How are you today? My Lenormands are waiting to reveal the Friday tip . Are you ready?

Tára -tara 📯

#Lenormandsummer No . 29

34 + 7 + 3

Fish 🐠 + snake 🐍 + ship⛵️

Well, if this isn’t good news 📮 ? Uncertainties in financial matter could come to an end.

It’s time to move on. Are you ready for the 💰 money flowing in ? 😂😃 yes, there might be still some delay, but this is minor and the cash or deposit is on its way.

Can you also feel the breeze from the ocean ? How about a quick weekend trip to the beach. You remember that plan you had like two weeks ago? Why don’t you go and un-dust the idea 💡… a little escape to the beach or a river/lake nearby can be a superb mood-changer.

Wishing you all a very joyful and of course relaxing Friday! 🍀


#lenormandsummer no 29 • 🏖 •

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Painting by Kikis de la Creme • “Ladies Sparkle” @ Art House World

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Seeking Peace | Lenormand and ☕️

Hi there, how are you today?

My team and I are busy bees 🐝. We are about to have a private Paint & Coffee event in my Studio #arthouseworld … but, of course first join me for a coffee and my Lenormand!

Today’s spread:


Message 📯+ ship🚢 +tree 🌳

Enjoy today’s vibe. There might be news (happy ones ) from far away. Progress is also on the path. So, by all means stay positive and practice patience • ☕️🤩🍩

The hidden message here is the 💐 bouquet. Certainly there is the prospect of thrilling time ahead…. as for myself, I think this will be a fun event 🎨 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨

Wishing you all a very peace-and joyful Wednesday !

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

#gold silver #creativewriting • #blogging #design #travel #travelblogger #kikisdelacreme #독일 #거피 #기기 커피숍 카페 #fengshui #elpaso #numerology #astrology @fengshuialacreme @b.arroso #amplemannontour #worldtraveler #fengshuialacreme #coffee #ig_captures #ig_europe düsseldorf #kikiscafe #instagood #art #queretaro

My FREE APP | Lenormand

Hi there! Welcome back to my Numerology -Feng Shui- Lenormand Cafe. How are you today? Ready for a quick coffee-break ?

You know what,  I just discovered that here, in my blog site ,I can also post audio and video. Yeah!!! So happy about this…

So for all of you my deck “Lenormand a la Mexicana ” is also a free App in iTunes and Googlplay, Here the link and also a small welcome audio of mine.

Link Lenormand a la Mexicana

Welcome Audio:

Please let me know your comments. Can you identify with the cards? What do you think of the App? How about our first digital spread ? Did you find orientation, guidance or even a clear answer.

Sending you a big hug and looking forward to hearing soon from you.

Kikis de la Creme.jpg


Let it Go | Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there ! It’s my late lunch break and I am greeting you from my favorite coffee-shop . You might be already a fan ofmy daily-early -bird -numerology …. yeah…. ,but for some •unknown reason • I missed the post this morning .

But, I have a Lenormand update for you 🤩. This is a very interesting sky. There is a Venus / Uranus alignment, plus we are heading to the first Partial- Solar-Eclipse in ♋️ Cancer.

So today I have:

20 +8 + 25

The garden + coffin + ring 💍

A surprising and not so surprising spread = Lenormand tip. As under the effect of the Solar Eclipse in the water sign ,Cancer , domestic and relationship aspects are emphasized.

• …. breathe & relax • there are things in #life you can not control• a negative vibe • a bad intention • a toxic relationship •

Now that the #solareclipse is on your path “change” is unavoidable • let it go! More details 😉☕️✨..

Venus, the planet of love 💗 and beauty is traveling in Virgo. This gives certainly a serious touch to our relationship analysis. If the grits have already been very wide, then the eclipse might be the desired game-changer. Each of you might decide to go it’s own way .

It also could happen, that a friend will inform you , that they just filed for divorce. A business partner could call to give the update about a recent negotiation… which finally couldn’t be sealed .

These are just a couple 💡ideas… be inspired and flow with the change, as it is happening for some reason .

Happy Wednesday! 🍀✨

its the #lenormandsummer spread no. #22•

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this #lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

#gold silver #creativewriting • #blogging #design #travel #travelblogger #kikisdelacreme #독일 #거피 #기기 커피숍 카페 #fengshui #elpaso #numerology #astrology @fengshuialacreme @arthouseworld @b.arroso #amplemannontour #worldtraveler #fengshuialacreme #coffee #ig_captures #ig_europe #düsseldorf #kikiscafe #missouri

That’s me today

Hello Good Morning! Buenos Dias ! Guten Morgen! How are you ? Any plans for today?

Finally over here, the Sun is sneaking through the clouds. From the favorite spot on my veranda I can see a little dot of blue sky🌤 Thanks God! After a week of clouds, rain, thunderstorms, wind… we all deserve this break. The birds are singing in competition 🎶.

Well, let me tell you that besides the beautiful weather, the day, so far, has surprised me  with mixed energy.

I didn’t have a good-night-sleep. Somehow, my bed and I were dancing tango instead of resting. 💃😂 . That’s weird because I enjoy my bedroom and my mattress is extra hard like a pebble-carpet, perfect for my back and bones.. .But… somehow… its one of those nights 🙄

Of course, I was then a super-early-bird and started today with a long morning walk at 6:00 a.m. Yeah, I know its weekend… but you remember the tango dance between my mattress and me.  Before I continue, please don’t worry this has nothing to do with you, its more me , who is  going through a phase of mayor changes and challenge?

But come on, don’t you also have these mornings, once in a while? 🤪 When the world out of sudden seems to be totally different🤯.

The slightest noise or dust pearl disturbs you. The good news is, that appearently during my walk I got rid of  ten kilos🏋️‍♀️ of emotional stress and burden.   Now, I am definitely in better mood…

Happily, also my ☕️ machine is in good mood😃, as well as my dogs. By now, I am having my third cup of coffee and my mind and the laptop are running hot🔥 with all the ideas I wish to settle down. This is exactly the moment, I am so glad, that in all my transmissions and posts I always recommend to keep a paper and pen handy. Writing the ideas and wishes down is so helpful.

Whats on the list for today? First,I upgraded my wordpress account. You can now find me as . That’s something I wanted to do since last month, it gives a more professional touch to my work, at least this is what I think


Next task on the list is my Etsy Shop. I already started to list a couple of new articles. For a little sneak peek just dive in here  Almost done ✅! ….  and the third pending is to continue writing my book  #amwriting .🔜

This might take you a little by surprise, as I have not announced any progress so far. But it is a promise to post during the day more details and the actual status about this adventure. And the last item on today´s to-do-list is publishing again my daily Lenormand Spreads. 

I already have a new hashtag : #lenormandsummer and if you follow me already in Kikisdelacreme you might have seen that this new challenge started like six days ago. The plan is to share this also here with you… so why not do this right away… now, that you are reading me here 😉 :

Day 7| #lenormandsummer

36+ 15+12


Cross + Bear + Birds


  • Stability is today’s keyword
  • Today’s numerology is #6
  • There is an energy shift going on.
  • mostly grounding, cultivating a sense of ease and contentment😃 .
  • Don’t rush or skimp on the practicalities of any plan.
  • No matter which choices are made or which course of action is chosen.
  • On the other hand your self-esteem is getting a fresh boom ✨
  • This fresh energy will also help you to handle a couple of unexpected delays, challenges or even a surprising discussion
  • My extra tip: You do good to pack half-a-kilo of #diplomacy
  • .. and of course expose your point of view
  • There is a happy solution of everybody
  •  😉 Enjoy!
  • Happy Saturday!
  • June17th, 2018 |#summerlenormand

by Kikis de la Creme | Kikis Cafe Logo Kikis Cafe 2018super


by Kikis de la Creme

Hi there! You are back 😃! Thanks for joining me again in today’s Lenormand tip .When you are reading these lines, enjoying with your  ☕️… we ( my team, the Amplemann and I) are already half-day ahead and decided that this is an ice-cream-sunbathing-lunch 🍨🍦🍨

Are you ready?

Day 16| #36dailylenormandchallenge

27+ 25+ 31


  • The news today will be as positive as the weather forecast .
  • So lean back and focus on the details. Some fine-tuning for your current project,
  • as well as doing some brainstorming for the long-term-goals should also be on everybody’s list
  • Be especially attentive to all kind of messages , even the most trivial text-message could have a valuable content
  • The clue is to read in-between the lines\
  • Happy Tuesday 🌸🌼🌺!
  • May 6th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

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A quick hello to all of you! My team and I are on the road 🚗☀️😊. Its a busy and intense Thursday. Maybe you already discovered in my prior post, that WiFi is a little moody today and doing its thing . But, taking the challenge by the horns 🐃, here I am with my Lenormand and Ampleman ready for today’s tips:

Day 15| #36dailylenormandchallenge

33 + 2 + 22

Key 🔑+ Clover + Path

  • This is a quick-moving Thursday!
  • Creativity, security and stability are todays keywords, to open new and exciting horizons.
  • You might even “literally” have the key 🔐 to unlock a happy / lucky opportunity
  • At a second glance 👁 … have you noticed, there are two Master number in this message (33 +22)?
  • Very interesting…focusing on change, communication, harmony, peace, change in communication, peaceful communication…
  • You have it all to win, but under the current planetary aspect… watch you tongue and don’t ruin it with some power-struggle.
  • The following 3 to 5 weeks will mark a decision-taking-period ✨
  • The aspect is positive and what you will like most about it is, that the solution/ agreement / outcome will be quicker than expected.
  • Open the windows, clean your desk once again (!) and give your creativity
  • and inspiration a little boost .
  • Happy Thursday 🌸🌼🌺!
  • April 26th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

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