A Massage for the Rules

It the last day of the first month 2019 and today working behind the scenes is the secret to your current productivity.

The planet Saturn and Neptune are joining forces. Today’s Mantra is: Do what you love, and others will love what you do.

On the other hand, the planet Saturn is the big task-reminder and my special tip is to keep a to-do/priority list handy . But on the other Saturn and Neptune are working peacefully together … so, I would say this is like a “massage” for the rules.

The actual numerological vibration is #eight and it presents itself in a different facet… under the current sky… Make the most of this moment by experimenting with a variety of tools and materials.

It’s time to put together an action plan,entrepreneurial venture, or maybe an educational itinerary of your own (?). Transform excitement into motivation to fuel your success.

There are so many options and the best is that the powerful number eight gives a strong helping hand.

You know, when your heart is open, your aura naturally shines as bright as sunshine on snow.

Transform excitement into motivation to fuel your success.

Wishing you all a very harmonious and inspiring Thursday!

XO Kikis

P.D. 4 Days 12 Hours ’til the Year of the Boar 🐷

Mastery requires your singular focus

Be open and frank about your reasons for adopting a “one-track mindset” …especially when dealing with those who are trying to tempt you into scattering your attention here, there, and everywhere…

You are brimming with positivity and therefor not about to waste a single drop 💧 of it. Make no apologies for doing your brilliant best

By the way … we are heading straight the Chinese New Year … only 5 days and 10 hours left.

Thanks for reading me.

Happy Wednesday!!

The communicative number Three

… enjoying my coffee and writing the numerological update, I just thought it would be good idea to dig in a little deeper…on what the sparkle of the number three can bring to a day, week, months and of course the year.

As you already know I love to the updates together with astrological flow and there is always something very special about the number three, especially now that the planet, Uranus is traveling again in the fire sign Aries.

The planet of innovation in the sign of the individual is not only dealing with our perceptions, but also with meeting new people.

As I stated in my podcasts and FB Live… the whole year is focusing on our communication skills, how we relate to others … and of course in how we can build up new relationships.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a video and iTunes podcast about the Universal Numerology of 2019… which actually is a “three”. Composed by a “12”, then adding 1+2=3 . Here it’s interesting to see that the there has to be and will be a transition from the individual way of thinking and acting … to and inspiring and productive team-group-orientated concept.

… words can be gold ✨( oro) so indeed, today, it’s the perfect day for making progress in a communication-related project .

what’s on your plate? Writing a #speech, a #teaching project or #speaking endeavor.. Go for it, your words are ready to shine!

Happy Saturday!

XO wishing you a very joyful day. Thanks for reading me.

Show Time

… today’s balance-seeking number “two” plus a very auspicious trine between firy Mars in Aries and Jupiter give an extra sparkle to the day.

Lift your head and find the way out of your daily-comfort-zone. What’s on your list you can share with the world?

Definitely you shouldn’t hesitate or be shy … its showtime for your talents!

Happy Friday!

Thanks for reading me!

XO Kikis

Wild Thoughts

… Needs take precedence over wants and necessity dictates that the bottom line be obeyed.

Sounds tricky?

It’s easy to let your imagination run wild today, but it may be in your best interest to rein it in. Set only realistic goals now, especially in areas of work, health, or service. 

Yep, but then the pleasure can be your singular focus when your work is done!

Wishing you all a very productive Wednesday!

XO Kikis

Cultivate Patience

Take your time! The recent Lunar Eclipse in Leo needs also some time to reveal all the effects. Actually, the following two weeks will bring interesting news of all kind .

But, it’s not only the Full Moon in the fire sign … the planet Saturn, traveling in Capricorn, is having also a word … and this brings the slowing-down vibes to the day and the week.

My special tips for today: under the current sky and today’s vibration of “seven” include some extra coffee/tea-breaks, go for a walk or do a new routine in the gym, take notes of the ideas and solutions that pop up.

It’s not a momento to rush in decision-taking. It’s a lot better to accept upcoming delays and challenges as a way to manifest details and insights. Definitely avoid hasty actions and words.

On a professional level there might be some interesting opportunities lurking around the corner.

It all sounds very attractive and you might be eager to accept right a way… nevertheless, giving the impulsive decision-taking some time-out will do really good.

It gives you the chance to include the ones, who are important in your life, in these important choices and they might have a couple of observations to reconsider or do some adjustments in any proposal.

Wishing you all a very constructive and peaceful week beginning.

Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

Twists and Turns

… with the lunar eclipse just around the corner and today’s numerological vibration of “five” it promises to be a very entertaining Saturday.

Wherever you are and whatever you have planned for the day… this current combination gives an extra energy boost and and probably some changes to your plans.

But you know, sometimes it’s the exactly the unexpected twists, turns & monkey wrenches that invite the most exciting things into your life.

By the way…A fresh hobby or future occupation may be in the making now. Don’t hold back when it comes to pursuing your passion.

Stay open-minded and go with the flow!

Enjoy 😊 ! Happy Saturday!

XO Kikis

The Student becomes the Master

The exchange of positive energy is a #two✨ -way flow.

Some people might call it multitasking, but what you’re capable of today is more like an amazing juggling act.

So long as all the balls are spinning in the air, you’re at your best! … Ever thought about it… that there’s a necessary pause between an inhalation and an exhalation?

Happily, deliberation about how to bring each one of them safely and smartly down to earth… arrives later this evening. 

This is a brand-new situation, which makes it a perfect opportunity to take a serious step forward. But let a calm, cool mindset prevail.

The past cannot be changed; the future is yet in your power.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful day. Thanks for reading me.

Happy Wednesday

XO Kikis

A little ahead of the Curve

Turbulent crosscurrents interweave in business and/ or also in your professional world.

Thanks to the current sky and today’s numerological vibration of “nine” you might need to re-structure your strategy and inclusive your agenda.

The good thing is, you are not the only one you feels like this today!

My tip: a spontaneous brainstorming session with the team / colleague / boss might help to put together an action plan… to incorporate many mixed points of views and differing objectives.

So, with so much distractive energy surrounding us you might try to be as visual as possible.

There is this saying…a picture paints a thousand words. If you’re making a sales pitch/presentation, or trying to get a point across today, consider the efficacy of imagery.

Make full use of what can be communicated non-verbally through visual means now. You know, what is said can easily go in one ear and out the other, but what’s seen may not be so quickly forgotten.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful week beginning.

Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

A Blissful Saturday

Starting a Saturday with numerological vibration “seven” is something really delicious. Don’t you thing so?

After a busy work-week finally being able to have a breakfast in bed or just put your pant on and head to your favorite coffee-shop and enjoy your latte/ cappuccino/ super large coffee with all the calm the universe can offer … I know, what I am talking about … as I already sit here on my veranda , the dogs are also here …. well, but let’s get started with today’s update,

Definetly the early morning invites to start the day with some introspection. B u t , there is the Moon-Mars conjunction, which pushes our thoughts out of our heads and into the physical world.

My special tip: Be ready to shift gears from blissfully low-key to high-velocity action 🤩💨virtually at a moment’s notice.

Actually, a rocky path may lead to a spectacular destination. Take a moment to reconsider what you most want to accomplish…Just because it isn’t easy to do doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. In fact, the opposite could be true. One step follows the other.

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.” Michael Philips

Finally one more tip… it’s weekend… under under the current sky… I like to say, leave as much room as possible for something spontaneous to happen when making social arrangements.

It’s essential to know that a delicious detour or extra stop isn’t out of the question, especially if you’re ready for adventure.

Wishing you all a very blissful Saturday. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis