Cultivate Patience

Take your time! The recent Lunar Eclipse in Leo needs also some time to reveal all the effects. Actually, the following two weeks will bring interesting news of all kind .

But, it’s not only the Full Moon in the fire sign … the planet Saturn, traveling in Capricorn, is having also a word … and this brings the slowing-down vibes to the day and the week.

My special tips for today: under the current sky and today’s vibration of “seven” include some extra coffee/tea-breaks, go for a walk or do a new routine in the gym, take notes of the ideas and solutions that pop up.

It’s not a momento to rush in decision-taking. It’s a lot better to accept upcoming delays and challenges as a way to manifest details and insights. Definitely avoid hasty actions and words.

On a professional level there might be some interesting opportunities lurking around the corner.

It all sounds very attractive and you might be eager to accept right a way… nevertheless, giving the impulsive decision-taking some time-out will do really good.

It gives you the chance to include the ones, who are important in your life, in these important choices and they might have a couple of observations to reconsider or do some adjustments in any proposal.

Wishing you all a very constructive and peaceful week beginning.

Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

A little ahead of the Curve

Turbulent crosscurrents interweave in business and/ or also in your professional world.

Thanks to the current sky and today’s numerological vibration of “nine” you might need to re-structure your strategy and inclusive your agenda.

The good thing is, you are not the only one you feels like this today!

My tip: a spontaneous brainstorming session with the team / colleague / boss might help to put together an action plan… to incorporate many mixed points of views and differing objectives.

So, with so much distractive energy surrounding us you might try to be as visual as possible.

There is this saying…a picture paints a thousand words. If you’re making a sales pitch/presentation, or trying to get a point across today, consider the efficacy of imagery.

Make full use of what can be communicated non-verbally through visual means now. You know, what is said can easily go in one ear and out the other, but what’s seen may not be so quickly forgotten.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful week beginning.

Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

Expect the Unexpected

Good Morning! How are you on this 1. Sunday of the year? … if you are someone , who struggles with changes… we’ll, I can imagine, that you really might have a hard time right now .

The 1. New Moon in Capricorn / 1. Solar Eclipse 2019 just happened. The moon still remains in Capricorn. It’s an exciting energy mixture together with today’s numerological vibration of “one” and its nearly impossible to determine the results of our actions today.

On the other hand, the very unpredictable planet, Uranus ends its retrograde phase.

What does this bring? – It’s like the topping of the cake, putting us on notice that chaos can suddenly rear its head without any warning. It’s exciting and interesting and my tip is simply to go with the flow.

Of course there might be several fateful aspects lurking in the shadows, as if waiting to catch us off guard. But, hand on your heart… this is part of the show, part of life …

The Moon’s late-night square to Uranus reminds us how quickly the energy can change, if we try to cling to the past. So, it’s time to look firmly forward!

Let’s talk a little bit about your mind-body-soul aspect. There is always room for improvement, no matter how healthy your present diet is or how fit your body.

Under the current sky there is also the super inspiring invitation to introduce something new to your taste palette. Pay attention if a nutritious dish/ recipe makes your mouth water .

Wishing you all a very inspiring and relaxing Sunday!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis


Are you ready for a very special Saturday? …under the current sky and today’s numerology “nine”, the 1. Solar Eclipse of 2019, a New Moon in Capricorn there is so much activity. Actually there are 5 planets now transiting in the goal-orientated earth sign of Capricorn.

Together with the vibration of the number “nine”.. this eclipse can bring the unexpected into your life. For some of us it could be a wake-up-call.

Use the energy to accelerate progress in your personal and professional life to bring the changes quickly.

This 2019 we have three eclipses and these can potentially open your doors. New opportunities might be already lurking around the corner…

Here, I like to remember my tip, to not act exactly on the day of the eclipse… it’s always better to wait a couple of days to get the whole panorama and then take the advantage of change.

Yesterday, In my FB Live program I said that this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is like a “Marathon run and not a sprint ” . There is no rush!

Also, your mind-body-soul connection plays an important role. Set some new wellness goals that you work toward over the coming six months. … no sweets, more vegetable, more water, less alcohol…

You should put your necessities first … now that the personal planets move through Capricorn. It’s time to plant the seeds and to work your project from here to July.

Finally, I like to recall that all eclipses have certain symbolism… so, you might also need to let go of something or someone… or you will need to close a chapter / door in order to purify and get space for something new.

Wishing you all very inspiring New Moon / Solar Eclipse! Happy Saturday

XO Kikis

Socialite and Spontaneous

Make sure the facts are on your side as you forge ahead today . Today’s numerology vibration of the potencial #eight✨ and as we are heading to the 1. solar Eclipse 2019 ( New Moon in Capricorn) … this is a strong goal-orientated accumulation of energy.

In addition to this, the planets Mercury and Uranus are in a very harmonious angle… feel the passion to express yourself ?

Actually, I consider this like a little test-run. If your current plans and stand up to this kind of bold and sincere energy , your confidence will soar now.

But if not… then take steps to address the legitimate need for more information. You know, plenty of potential headaches can be eliminated by sticking to this wise advice my father always gave to me: “If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

The eight is a very strong mountain-moving number. It’s often considered to be also a very extreme number . You can experience some severe emotional ups and downs.

Therefore, I like to add also some additional tips… keep today’s menu as “green” as possible.

Definitely don’t forget to pack you walking shoes. Trust me, balancing your food and sportive activities will be very useful to avoid falling into emotional extremes on any decision you need to take today.

All in all, it’s an excellent day for brilliant ideas!… and don’t forget to plan something interesting for tonight … if it’s an spontaneous escape even better …

Wishing you all a very productive and joyful day. Happy Friday!

XO Kikis

Buckle Up

Sending you a warm welcome greeting on the 2. Day of this fresh 2019. It’s already midweek!

Today’s numerological vibration is “six”, the planets, Sun and restrictive Saturn are managing the speed of the day. The action-orientated planet Mars is traveling through Aries… there is really an interesting energy boost inviting to take part in the journey of your next projects.

Actually, the dynamic of the day might initially slow down and help you to decide better about the next steps to take.

It’s a really mixed /opposing energy we have on this Wednesday. Plus the energetic accumulation is getting stronger as we are heading to the 1. Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Capricorn )… But, your instincts will tell you when it is time to buckle up.

My tip: Don’t focus too long on how far away the finish line might be now. This will only kill your enthusiasm. Win, lose, or draw, there are rewards that can only come from following your heart. Claim the adventure that belongs to you.

You might remember one of my latest articles, I called the “friendly six”…

So, besides working on your goals and projects… find some time to reconnect with who is important to you… a coffee-break is always a good occasion for a little chat.

Wishing you a very productive and joyful Wednesday!

XO Kikis

The Sparkling Nine

Here it is, the last Monday of 2018, the last day of the year! Curiously today starts with the numerological vibration of the #nine.

A closure /completion number, which invites especially now to do a review on what still needs to be attended before we say sayonara. Certainly, not everybody will be so lucky to say, there is nothing more to do…I am done…

But, if you still wish to send some pain, burden, anger, disappointment, disillusion, hate in the most beautiful suitcase to te universe… Well, here is your last chance!

Therefor I invite you to have a little paper block and pen. Handwriting is such a powerful exercise to get rid of emotions, organize your ideas and to focus on the next steps.

On the other hand, the action-orientated planet, Mars starts today transiting again in the fire-sign Aries . Hello my dear Rams, this is your chance to get things done from now until February 14th!

What an incredible free-spirit and so productive energy not only for Aries, but also for all the other 11 zodiac signs.

But, here my tip: although it may feel as if there are never enough hours in the day, things will get done if you pace yourself with the clock in mind.

Trust me, rushing only leads to mistakes. Be relentless as you tie up loose ends, but remember to breathe along the way.

Wishing you all a very productive and harmonious New Years Eve Day! Also I like to thank each of you for taking the time to read my (almost) daily updates.

I feel very honored.

Get safe to the New Year and may it be full of blessings for you. Enjoy and celebrate!

Happy New Year 2019!

XO Kikis

The Green Monster

It’s the last Sunday of the year! Just two more days for 2018

Today’s update numerological vibration is “eight” … plus the Libra Luna is in a stressful opposition to s u p e r unpredictable Uranus.

Well, the number eight itself has a powerful vibration. It can easily fall into extremes. Either very prosperous, strong, positive, happy or exactly to the opposite which develops deep sad emotions, disappointment, disillusion, lose, worry, anger…This is like a wildcard that defies rational analysis.

Here my 1. Tip: Please inhale, exhale … do the whole breathing routine before reacting and saying things you might regret.

Definitely, getting along with people may be more complicated than we anticipate, once we get up this morning.

Especially, if someone isn’t playing according to the rules, the GREEN MONSTER is already lurking around the corner and could just pop out at any moment!

I go even further and say, that a power play could decide our fate once the Moon switches signs and enters intense Scorpio.

2. Tip: Go for a walk or run! Do some sports. Physical activity is an excellent catalyst. It clears your mind and free all the anger.

On the other hand, you know there are things you want to finish before the new year begins, but you may be too distracted to accomplish much .

3. Tip: Don’t blame others! Being social and going with the flow does not mean giving up your power in the process. So, if friends and family set the agenda, choose in what part you can and want to participate without loosing the chance to work your pendings.

Wishing you a very peaceful and harmonious Sunday!

XO Kikis

Trace your Plans

Sharing the control tower with others ensures safe and successful flights, wherever you may go. By the way today’s numerological vibration is #five .

With Christmas behind us and New Years Eve ahead you still have fabulous 4 days to tide loose ends.

Lots to do!

Wishing you all a very productive Thursday!

XO Kikis

Happy 4. Advent

The last Full Moon of 2018 just happened … Now, answers that have long alluded you, might manifest in unexpected ways. It’s like a big winter salad with many ingredients… you are about to discover.

This means, it’s still your job to unpack the meaning of the signs and symbols that show up in your life.

My special tip for the day… Set aside the need for linear progress as you follow your intuition wherever it leads.

Take time to refine your plans for the future. The moon makes a heart-centered connection to both, diplomatic Venus and forgiving Neptune, you’ll be so inspired to deal and heal.

By the way if you haven’t done already a full space cleaning (🧹) this could be the perfect opportunity. Burn some incense (e.g.sage)… then open the windows… go for some flowers and enjoy the uplifting Chi.

Wishing you all a very joyful day. Enjoy, relax, unwind with friends and family.

Happy 4. Advent! Happy Sunday!

XO Kikis