Venus | Mercury

The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.
― Bob Marley

It’s a super interesting Friday! Venus, the Lover planet, ends her backtracking phase the same day as Mercury, the Communicator turns retrograde.

Stagnating issues of the heart begin to take flight while words get tangled in misunderstandings and double entendres for the next three weeks.

Yeap, that’s the way it is !

Here my special tips for you:

  • Find balance in this little turmoil.
  • Keep a paper and pen handy to write all your good ideas and pending tasks down.
  • Make sure your honesty comes with a hefty dose of tact.
  • Hold off a little longer on the style updates.
  • By the way, today’s numerological vibration is two.
  • Happy Friday!

    XO Kikis

    Course Correction

    Some light might be shining on places where you may be struggling to pull it all off as a solo act.

    Hey, but you don’t have to give up #power or #control to collaborate.

    If you team up with the right people, being part of a collective effort will only make your mission stronger.

    But, there is still more … I would actually say, that you should close the door of your office … because the day is just perfect to boost your #productivity by setting reasonable limits on your distractions.

    So, always remember you’re never stuck. It all about course-correction!

    Wishing you all a very productive day. It’s getting fresh over here…

    …don’t forget your scarf 🧣!

    Happy Wednesday! •

    XO Kikis


    Monday Sparkles

    Energy flows where attention goes.

    Keep your desk clean and clear of clutter. It’s a busy week ahead!

    Also little introspection can bring the insights and answers you are searching for.

    Wishing you all a very productive week beginning.

    • 🥐☕️✨Happy Monday!•

    Make it Happen

    Today the Capricorn Moon pairs up with commanding Saturn plus today’s numerological vibration is “six” …

    I like to say there is something for everybody on today’s menu.

    The trick is not to obsess over the future, but to keep moving in the right direction. For many of us “patience” will be testy today… this is definitely a slow-motion-process … start with small steps and keep going.

    Why don’t you go for a coffee and let others get ready meanwhile? Once you are back … everybody will be “Listo” to join you for the plan. Work is on the center stage this coming week (s).

    Therefore, in case you are still lacking a coherent plan, get organized while the planets are giving you a chance to demonstrate your dedication.

    Actually my suggestion is to have a two-section-plan , as today’s”six ” is a cozy-bounding-sharing loving number. Leave enough space for a relaxing brunch, spontaneous coffee-talk , long after-lunch-chat or autumnal walk in the park with whom is important to you.

    I wish you all a very productive, relaxing and joyful Sunday!

    XO Kikis

    Jittery and Restless

    Go easy on the caffeine or sugar today, because it might make you extra jittery and restless

    You know, that’s the thing about the number “five”… such a dynamic number, supporting with lots of vitality. But the number “five” can also be draining.

    Actually, maintaining an easygoing nature can frustrate anyone’s attempts to ruffle your mane.

    What they probably don’t capture us, that it’s not like you are attaining some imperturbable peace; you’re simply in a live-and-let-live frame of mind now. Now you can respect everyone’s choices as long as they respect yours!

    Desire on Fire

    “Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” -Heraclitus

    Of course sticking to a plan and working hand in hand with your priority list is perfect, but… I would say …your inner child needs some loving attention and conscious indulgence

    The planets Venus and Mars are offering all their support… let me re-phrase romantic Venus, still retrograde, forms a trine with super dynamic Mars.

    Wow, that is really intense! My special tip: pay some extra attention to your outfit…it’s really perfect if today you dress to impress 🙂 Sparks could fly ya any moment and anywhere.

    Already coupled? Host a party together.

    … an of course don’t forget to plan some special fun activities for the evening.. stay spontaneous .

    Happy Friday!

    XO Kikis

    New Moon Vibes

    It’s a New Moon in Scorpio Wednesday, inviting to work on balancing your personal and profesional agenda .

    Actually, there are two major astrological events happening around the New Moon. The first is, that Uranus moves out of Taurus and back in Aries ♈️.

    Expect the unexpected!

    But there is still more…

    At around the same time, though, the planet of the risk an expansion , Jupiter moves into the sign of Sagittarius ♐️ .

    Yes, it is a very busy week with an enormous potential to heal…. if, you are into this kind of things..

    All in all, this week’s focus is mainly on home and family, but it’s also time to treat yourself.

    How about a Spa-day, a delicious massage … maybe with your special someone… inviting to work on balancing your personal & profesional agenda?

    Then you might also find some time to work on your wish-and goal-list (the promise of paper and pen) .

    Here my last tip: Bring some fresh flowers to your office or home… this is always an excellent “chi” -lifter.

    Wishing you all very harmonious and joyful Wednesday!

    XO Kikis

    Kindness is King

    It the first Friday of a fresh month. Under the current sky and today’s numerological vibration “6”….

    Hold off on final decisions regarding some aspects until next month. You’ll have stars in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach … but also fog in your brain.

    For now, my special tip is to have flexibility as your top-keyword. Don’t worry I am just suggesting to bend, but not break.

    The vibration of a number six is generous, peaceful, inviting , friendly, kind … with a pampering touch and the urge to re-connect with people … a beautiful energy. Nevertheless today, it requires some extra effort to really make that happen.

    Of course you can and should stay true to your values and convictions… but today it needs a little more to maintain some of your relationships. Re-adjusting your strategy and including an extra touch of compassion and friendliness in the ingredient list is perfect.

    I know, you might be a bit impatient with the extra effort required, but more pleasant interactions are likely, even with unpleasant people.

    Kindness is king.

    Wishing you all a very joy- and peaceful Friday!

    XO Kikis

    November Breeze

    Sometimes all you need is to honor your need for “space” instead of forcing yourself to be social.

    Under the current sky and today’s numerological vibration “5” unfolds a fresh month with interesting opportunities.

    For many it will be focusing on enriching your private life. Others can expect an improvement in financial aspects … Júpiter will be traveling in Sagittarius… I will keep you updated

    Wishing you all a very peaceful month beginning

    Happy Thursday!

    XO Kikis