The Coffee Break

Today give yourself the chance not to jump to conclusions. When in doubt on how to respond, err on the side of kindness + the drama will subside.

By the way today’s numerological vibration is seven…

Oh and I have a little extra tip for the love sector… Be emotionally present without second-guessing the intentions of anyone else.

Remember, just because someone isn’t as effusive as you, doesn’t mean they care less. Give without concern of what you get in return.

✨🎄wishing you a very harmonious and joyful Tuesday!

XO Kikis

The Pipe of Peace

Good Morning and Happy 2. Advent!

This could be a super active and joyful day for you. Today’s numerological vibration 5️⃣ …together with the planet Chiron ( wounded healer) ending its retrograde transit … you and I are more then ready to leave the grunch or green-monsters behind.

It’s definitely time to move on. Practicing some forgiveness could be an excellent start.

But, there is a little tiny observation I like to add here…. don’t get too excited and suppose that everybody might be as well ready to smoke the pipe-of-peace with you.

My special tip here is to keep things as simple as possible ( no drama king / queen) and stay realistic. Some people are not ready to join your team. Show respect to other peoples opinion and then just move on!

Hey and there is still more… Do you think someone is keeping a secret from you? Well, now could be a good time to go for an answer / revealing moment. Give that person a call and invite for a pre-Christmas coffee. Then Be straight forward «strategically», but with an extra touch of diplomacy.

Afford the other person an opportunity to offer an explanation. The answer might really surprise you.

Wishing you all a very peaceful Sunday!

Happy 2. Advent 🕯🕯✨

XO Kikis

Who is ready for Change | Lenormand and Coffee

Hello and welcome back to another daily tip a la Lenormand

A phase of big change is about to start 😊 • I say about to start as you should really hold your horses for at least 1-2 days when Mercury will be transiting direct

On the other hand …

…relationships, professional and personal ones can have an unexpected change …. I like to say that after September, October… and half of November snaky 🐍-foxy 🦊 -underhand-manipulative-tactics have been revealed … many of you could re-define and restructure the circle of trust… successfully! Other will still need to go a couple of extra miles to make it happen

Nevertheless, now that Venus is traveling trough Scorpio ♏️ the mystery aspect is back!

Loyalty and trust could become an issue.

Let’s see a couple of real-life examples:

There is nothing against innocent flirting …. but keep it transparent and innocent… especially if you have an existing relationship. For all who have a legal aspect to treat with, there is still some information to discover and in-between-reading will be a super tool.

⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay


… keep life in a healthy balance! The best way to hold space for ambitious goals …is to let go of the ones you’ve outgrown.

Decide what you really want prior to taking action. Experience the magic of paper and pen ( ) and trace you plan. Especially now, that Mercury retrograde is almost done this is an incredible tool.

It’s Sagittarius ♐️ Season and with today’s numerological vibration of #five, the keyword w a n d e r l u s t is written in capital letters.

After December 6th, you will be definitely ready to widen your horizons. Learning a new language, discovering different cultural aspects, it could even be one of those “study-tours” combing travel and learning … just to give you a couple of ideas.

Well, no time to loose, do some research and you might be lucky with a last minute special.

Wishing you all a very successful Wednesday!

XO Kikis

Just four more Days

Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it. – Vincent Van Gogh

• It’s the first Monday of December and the Messenger planet, Mercury, is at the very end of its retrograde period. Yeap! Just four more days…. Hallelujah !

I love to tell you, that there is a strong breeze of creativity and inspiration blowing under today’s numerological vibration of the #three.

Additionally to this the Moon and Venus are dancing softly seeking harmony. At least for the day… let camaradie win over competition. Focus on channeling this boost of creativity. How about joining the team for an intense brainstorming-kick-off-meeting?… and then just let the divine intuition flow through you….

Wishing you all a very creative and productive months beginning!

Happy Monday 🎄!

XO Kikis

A fresh Breeze

Remember, asking for support is a mark of inner strength, not weakness. -Kikis de la Creme

It’s a very exciting month ahead with lots of sparkles to talk about. I will give more details in my following posts.

The Messenger planet, Mercury, is still retrograde and switching signs back to Scorpio ♏️ … you will definitely benefit from reading in between lines.

For now we start the month with the very friendly number “six”. A beautiful numerology to bond, re-connect and share with those who are important to us. Be open to share a word, a coffee, a smile with those who stand unconditionally by your side.

Wishing you all a very harmonious and joyful month beginning.

Happy December! Happy Saturday!

Third Eye | Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there ! Here I am enjoying my lunch 🥗 time at the park . I actually brought my walking shoes 👟 and as soon as my Lenormand tip is out there for you… I promise to walk for 20 minutes 😅.

Are you ready?

Tara Tara 📯

16+ 9 + 22

💫 stars+ Bouquet 💐 + Path

Today’s spread couldn’t be more perfect . I am so happy to enjoy some time outside and hopefully you can also do so. Being at fresh air, having a brisk walk in the park clear your mind and help you to get unstuck

It’s not that you are not having excellent ideas 💡, oh no! … But they are just ideas, if there is no planning done.

Come on,you can do better. Trace your strategy, keep your plan handy, so you can double-check, whenever you feel lost ( remember Mercury Retrograde 😅😂) and stick to it.

There is a strong energetic bond available and I can tell your & my thirdeye are top on edge today .

So, whenever you feel a lack of information • trust your intuition!

Happy Thursday 🍀 🔮 •

Temporary indecisiveness ?

Good Morning and welcome back to my Numerology Café ☕️! It’s already midweek and the 🌧 rain season is in full bloom . You have read me that my dogs 🐕 🐶 are not very fond of the rain. But then then it’s wonderful green in such a dessert city …

Today’s numerology is #one plus the sky is very active with Mercury, Júpiter and Neptune (grand trine) . Please join me for some details while enjoying your coffee! 😊☕️

  • … The planet #Mercury slips into an emotionally self-sufficient Grand Water #Trine with #Jupiter and #Neptune
  • assuring us that we’re on the right track
  • even if we don’t know where we’re going 😂
  • #patience is a big keyword along the temporary indecisiveness
  • watch critical self-judgment
  • maybe leaving the choice for another day is a good option
  • You know, you don’t have to finish everything today;
  • the important thing is to get started.
  • Tap into this productive cosmic cycle 😃☕️✨ Happy Wednesday!

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Tightening loose Ends

Good Morning ☕️! Buenos Días! Guten Morgen!

It’s a fresh week with new opportunities … starting this Monday with numerology #eight and a huge coffee 😊 . How are you?

  • This is an interesting week beginning with the planet Neptune turning retrograde until November 24th.
  • Some of you might be happy to hear this, as this might bring a very desired clarity 💡 to relationships and current situations .
  • Definitely the main keywords are family, home 🏡 and also the protection / security aspect
  • Innovation and inspiration are the complementary keywords
  • Actually on Tuesday (tomorrow ), Mercury and Júpiter with be in sync … any plans to visit the family 😎?
  • Doubts and complication you might have experienced with your job, work, personal life … you will be able now to find balance.
  • The number #8 is a pushy number … inviting to tighten loose ends.
  • Let’s get started! Shall we …. ☕️☕️☕️
  • Happy Monday 😊!
  • Thanks for joining me in my daily Numerology -Café 😉👍✨

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One by One

Hello, good morning 😃! It’s a beautiful morning, fresh, no rain and we (the dogs and I ) are ready for the first-early-morning this week. The excitement is big 🎊🎉 …. so, here a quick update for today.

Are you ready ?

..practicing a little self-restraint can prevent instant #karma from slamming the brakes on your clever #ideas 😲😊

Can you see the street sign I have chosen for this Friday? •That’s exactly the key 🔑 for having energy flowing positively today.

Honest hearts 💕 produce honest actions!

Adjust your attitude and count your blessings😍 ( uno a uno | one ☝️ by one). By the way… today´s numerology is #5.

Happy Friday😊! •

Queretaro Downtown Streetsigns Kikis de la Creme.jpg
Queretaro Downtown Streetsigns Kikis de la Creme.jpg

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