Piggy Bank 🐷

Hello! Hola!Bonjour! Good Morning!

It’s again time for a coffee ☕️ break and my Lenormands. How about you?

Day 10 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

31+ 34+25

Sun + Fish + Ring

  • Any thoughts concerning your finances💸 🧐?
  • Actually the subject seems to be under the spotlight
  • and… I have good news😃
  • Everything related to your financial life is flowing a lot better… smoothly.
  • If you have any negotiation or deal in store, you can trust on closing this successfully
  • This complicated client, who is always delayed with payments…will be back on track today ✨
  • Isn’t this good news? Also signing documents and discussing agreements will be easy to handle.
  • With so many good news, there has obviously to be a shadow effect. Yes, and there is a little one or two
  • Control any “over-spending” tendency. It´funny I already mentioned some tip concerning the  credit-cards in my early numerology post
  • On the other hand avoid risky investments. Of course Mercury isn’t retrograde anymore , but this is still the post-settling-phase .
  • Go the extra mile and doublecheck, re-read and practice your in-between-the-line reading
  • Ge tting 🐖 a Piggy Bank could also be a fun and super practical idea
  • Take it serious and think on dryer times and set some savings aside. ( even 2 dollars 💵 each day mark a big difference )
  • Ah… and of course this doesn’t mean you can’t get your favorite coffee. 😉 Enjoy!
  • Happy Thursday!
  • April 19th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand


Hello! …. time is running today and it´s not that I am lazy . Oh no ! Actually, if you are into numerology, you might have read that especially this morning, I have been a very productive-early-bird .

My watch says, it´s 10:10 a.m. over here. Perfect for my coffee-break and Lenormands:

Day 9 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

17 + 13 + 18

Stock + Child + Dog

  • Change is unavoidable and necessary to grow 🌱
  • Actually restructuring and choices related to your plans, office, strategy, personal plan… could be, now, the positive aspect for a fresh beginning🌻
  • You get a really good helping-hand from the Sun / Uranus influence
  • By the way re-structuring your inner circle of trust, might also be a top-notch-idea
  • You know, sometimes we let people in to our lives, who really do not deserve our vote-of-trust.
  • On the other hand, today your patience is required. Control your impulsiveness !
  • Go step-by-step with your changes.
  • [Also, there could be news of pregnancy.. for yourself or a friend? ]😲😊
  • …Anyway, the mini-decluttering in your contacts and friendships will bring the desired peace and harmony
  • and further on… lovely communications☕️☕️.
  • Happy Wednesday!
  • April 18th, 2018 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

Roundtrip ?

… Is it just me or are you also sensing a different ambience this Monday ?

It is a working week and a busy Monday. But I feel relieved 😅. My early morning phone calls to a clients and a plumper service have been flowing astonishing well . Unbelievable! After weeks of struggeling, in many occasions,  to get my idea across … (of course people had some tough experience in talking to me too😁).

I know it is to early to sing victory, as Mercury, the messenger planet is just making it through its first day of traveling direct… But, let me enjoy this moment a little bit over my coffee-break ☕️😎💮📿🃏with the Ampelmann and my Lenormand:

Day 8 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

12 + 3 + 31

Birds + Ship + Sun

  • Indeed communication flows, better, clearer, but slow
  • Are you having any travel plans? … or your special someone ?
  • Keep in mind that the cross-wired communication needs still some time to settle and probably there can be delays
  • There is a roundtrip on the menu (that’s good news), but you need to pay extra attention to all the arrangement
  • Double-check 🗺 🧐 car reservation, hotel, tickets, if you ordered your special menus, window seat… just to throw in a couple of ideas
  • Now you are good to go!
  • You will enjoy the trip, something exciting is on the path, either for business or personal pursue
  • Happy Monday! Happy week beginning!
  • April 16th, 2018 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

Amplemann and Lenormand |Kikis de la Creme


Hey there !  Do you know the “Amplemann” ? It’s this little green man from Berlin. I am the proud owner of a small collection of “Ampelmänner”, but somehow they were misplaced . Now, that we are re-decorating and re-organizing my offices, I just found the box 📦 and couldn’t wait to share my joy with you.

So the Ampelmann is on today’s Lenormand pic.

Day 7 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

10 + 20 + 27

Sythe + Garden+ Letter

  • Do I see danger lurking around the corner?
  • Or is this some snaky 🐍 / foxy 🦊 energy holding behind the bushes
  • My special tip: watch your back
  • Sometimes it’s just enough to distant yourself from a person, a group of people, toxic environment, negative vibes like hotheaded discussions and stressful behavior •
  • Give your self a well-deserved break and focus on your projects.
  • You have so much to do!
  • By the way there is exciting & inspiring news on the way
  • yep 👍 • green light” , even with #Mercury in the finals,  #communication is flowing
  • Happy Wednesday •

⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the author & #artist of this #lenormand • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Ampelmann by Kikis de la Creme.jpg
Ampelmann by Kikis de la Creme | 36-morning-lenormand

Who has the Key?

Now, I am exactly 1 hour 35 minutes and 45 seconds  too late for my #36morninglenormands. So, this hastag won’t work today, but the good thing is that I have a second option. You remember ? #36dailylenormandchallenge.

Sorry for this delay !

If I tell you, what my team and I have done, since 8:00 a.m., you won’t believe. We have been moving 20 furnitures to my office building. The idea was to bring just a small table and some individual lounge seats . But once we started to set up the scenery, we got so inspired and excited for this Saturday’s Anniversary event. Out of sudden, we figured out that we needed more seats,consoles and decor material. Thankfully it’s done !

Couch moving

Time to relax a little bit…I just got my Skinny-Vanilla-Latte, a croissant and my Lenormand . Here the details for todays tips 🙂relaxing frog Kikis de la Creme

Day 6 #36dailylenormandchallenge

2 + 16 + 33

Clover + Star+ Key

Un-dust this dream-idea-list!

  • What? You can’t remember your list ? Come on, get your journal ( the promise of paper and pen ), lean back and get a helping hand from your notes
  • The timing couldn’t be better for working on your projects. Have a coffee meeting with your team and do a group-brainstorming. 
  • Important is, that you listen carefully.
  • Let everybody give their point of view. I know, you have a couple of doubts. But sometimes it’s so important to pay attention to the whole pool of ideas.
  • By the end  you literally have the key 🔐 🔑 to open up new horizons for the next project chapter.
  • Happy Tuesday 🌷! • To your and my success 😃☕️☕️
  • April 10th, 2018 | Day 6 of #36dailylenormandchallenve

⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the author & #artist of this #lenormand • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

26 morning Lenormand with Kikis de la Creme .jpg
This deck is also available as a free App in iTunes and Googleplay

Finally a break | Lenormand and Coffee


Hello Good Morning ! A fresh week with positive energy. Today my team and I are re-decorating our offices. We are in celebration mood as this month it’s our company anniversary and also a very special birthday. This is so exciting and we look forward presenting, next Saturday, the new design to our clients.

Now it is time for a well-deserved break . I am enjoying my mid-morning-coffee and have todays Lenormand spread ready:

Let’s see:

Day 4| #36dailymorninglenormands

11 + 23 + 16

Whip + Mice + Stars

Dont´t trust “blindly”. After so many stressfull and exhausting days, we all need some peaceful vibes.

So here my tips for today:

  • breathe & enjoy the day 😊
  • At least for #today those endless dissucions are giving you a break
  • BUT don’t push to quick in a new direction. Patience is the keyword
  • Brainstorming is just perfect and necessary
  • Un-dust your goal-wish-list for this 2018
  • Trace your strategies and focus on the details
  • Starting April 15th you will then be able to move forwards with your plans
  • also if you had experienced some loss ( recently…) there is finally a light coming to the tunnel
  • there could even be some “divine “ message / tip for your current situations • be attentive to signs and dreams
  • although you feel less pressure • still#focus on your long-term #goals
  • Happy Monday 🌷! •
  • April 9th, 2018 | Day 4 of #36morninglenormands

⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the author & #artist of this #lenormand • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Lenormand a la Mexicana by Kikis de la Creme


How Flexible you are ?| Lenormand and Coffee

Foto from iTunes App Lenormand by Kikis de la Creme.jpg

by Kikis de la Creme

Hi there ! ☀️🌻🌞I know it’s already a little late , but hopefully not too late to still pamper you with my tips and #36morninglenormands .

On my watch I have 15 minutes before the morning definetly ends 😅 … I invite you to join me for a quick read:

Day 3| #36dailymorninglenormands

16 + 27 + 1

Stars + Letter + Rider

  • How flexible you are ?
  • There is still some fine-tuning required in your projects • plus some WhatsApp / SMS message could urge you to re-direct your focus
  • but nothing you won’t be able to handle 😅
  • I think we all have been in good training with #mercury still retrograde
  • Avoid hasty decisions
  • Read between the lines … this snaky 🐍 energy is still somewhere lurking out there … 😂🤣 #justsaying

⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the author & #artist of this #lenormand • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

like to take a sneak peek to other tips ?

Foto from iTunes App Lenormand by Kikis de la Creme.jpg
Foto from iTunes App Lenormand by Kikis de la Creme.jpg | #26morninglenormands


Who suffers indecision? Here some tips | Lenormand and Coffee


Who suffers indecision?

Day 2 | #36 dailymorninglenormands

28 + 22 + 2

Gentleman + Path + Clover

  • But hold on, maybe it is good to re-think , re-view … giving a second thought
  • probably this temporary delay will save you from some manipulative “ snaky “ underhand tactic 😳☺️
  • that’s the invitation from #Mercury still retrograde plus the stabilizing energy from #Saturn
  • • the good thing is: there is plenty of #yang energy
  • you are ready for #action
  • re-focus on what needs your urgent attention
  • I love especially the positive attitude
  • so, take it easy, practice patience
  • go with the flow & enjoy the day
  • Happy Saturday ! 🌸🌺🌼
  • April 7, 2018 |Day 2 | #36morninglenormands

•⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the author & #artist of this #lenormand • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Daily Lenormand with Kikis de la Creme | Day 2

Who? …A Karmic Relationship? |Lenormand and Coffee


Here I am again 😃, with a nice coffee and my Lenormands.

Do you remember the cards ? Maybe you already had a chance to download them.

A big “Thank you” to all of you 🤗!

Last week, I got a couple of interesting emails. Questioning about those cards and …”how somebody like me is using these kind of tools..” (Mmmh, what are they talking about 🙃😂….).  Well, here the answers for all of you and to this specific person, who wrote to me…:

  • It is a tool, a metaphysical tool.
  • It is a very quick method in answering all kind of questions
  • Easy to learn and apply.
  • Fascinating in how accurate and clear the messages / answers are.
  • Very handy for traveling, as I made also an App in iTunes and Googleplay of my particular deck.
  • But, as I say, it is a tool…. You decide if you take or leave the message.

I hope this answers your doubts and you will like my new challenge. Probably by now you are already laughing about me… because there is already the #36dailynumerologychallenge and now I will have another one ? Yes! I spend yesterday’s afternoon on brainstorming which hashtag to give to this daily post.

Summing up:

  • Well, the deck has only 36 cards.
  • 3+6 = 9 The number nine is the Flying Star number which is hosting the center of the Lu Sho square this 2018. ( Feng Shui information) A very lucky number in the Chinese culture. So, the choice was between #36dailylenormandchallenge or #36morninglenormands 
  • I couldn’t decide ( probably because Mercury is still retrograde 🙂 )
  • So, I will use both hastag

Ready ? I invite you join me for today’s tip:

Day 1 | #36 dailymorninglenormands

18 + 36 + 27

Dog + Cross + Letter

  • A karmic relationship gains importance.
  • Even, when you have been doubting, you two are meant to be friends
  • This is a very lucky aspect for both of you
  • News is on the way… apparently a “casual” note
  • … BUT, with Mercury still retrograde, you do better in re-reading and re-thinking before answering or deciding
  • Read in between lines… the message has a “far-reaching effect”
  • Happy Friday! 🌸🌼🌺
  • April 6, 2018 | Day 1 | #36morninglenormands
Daily Spread | #36morninglenormands | Kikis de la Creme