Brilliant Ideas | Lenormand and Coffee

Hello, hola, hallihallo! How is your day so far?

I know, it’s a little later today with my #dailytips a la #Lenormand … but, I like today’s tips so much, that I think it is worth to read it at any time of the day • there is progress + good news on the Path

Practice a little more #patience, as #mercuryretrograde is still going on… that gives you actually the chance to re-view, re-structure, re-define … to have a behind-the-curtain-view and get more insights

• also you might have a kind of “aha-moment” during a casual conversation at your coffeeshop or supermarket • without expecting it, good advice might come in a subtle message •

✨my special tip: don’t forget your 📔 journal • your #creativity is top-on-edge ….& you defentily should keep record of your brilliant ideas 💡 •

• Please let me know if this works for you. Happy Wednesday!

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Money Talk |Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there! How are you today? My Lenormands are waiting to reveal the Friday tip . Are you ready?

Tára -tara 📯

#Lenormandsummer No . 29

34 + 7 + 3

Fish 🐠 + snake 🐍 + ship⛵️

Well, if this isn’t good news 📮 ? Uncertainties in financial matter could come to an end.

It’s time to move on. Are you ready for the 💰 money flowing in ? 😂😃 yes, there might be still some delay, but this is minor and the cash or deposit is on its way.

Can you also feel the breeze from the ocean ? How about a quick weekend trip to the beach. You remember that plan you had like two weeks ago? Why don’t you go and un-dust the idea 💡… a little escape to the beach or a river/lake nearby can be a superb mood-changer.

Wishing you all a very joyful and of course relaxing Friday! 🍀


#lenormandsummer no 29 • 🏖 •

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

Painting by Kikis de la Creme • “Ladies Sparkle” @ Art House World

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Let it Go | Lenormand and Coffee

Hi there ! It’s my late lunch break and I am greeting you from my favorite coffee-shop . You might be already a fan ofmy daily-early -bird -numerology …. yeah…. ,but for some •unknown reason • I missed the post this morning .

But, I have a Lenormand update for you 🤩. This is a very interesting sky. There is a Venus / Uranus alignment, plus we are heading to the first Partial- Solar-Eclipse in ♋️ Cancer.

So today I have:

20 +8 + 25

The garden + coffin + ring 💍

A surprising and not so surprising spread = Lenormand tip. As under the effect of the Solar Eclipse in the water sign ,Cancer , domestic and relationship aspects are emphasized.

• …. breathe & relax • there are things in #life you can not control• a negative vibe • a bad intention • a toxic relationship •

Now that the #solareclipse is on your path “change” is unavoidable • let it go! More details 😉☕️✨..

Venus, the planet of love 💗 and beauty is traveling in Virgo. This gives certainly a serious touch to our relationship analysis. If the grits have already been very wide, then the eclipse might be the desired game-changer. Each of you might decide to go it’s own way .

It also could happen, that a friend will inform you , that they just filed for divorce. A business partner could call to give the update about a recent negotiation… which finally couldn’t be sealed .

These are just a couple 💡ideas… be inspired and flow with the change, as it is happening for some reason .

Happy Wednesday! 🍀✨

its the #lenormandsummer spread no. #22•

• ⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the #author & #artist of this #lenormand deck • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

#gold silver #creativewriting • #blogging #design #travel #travelblogger #kikisdelacreme #독일 #거피 #기기 커피숍 카페 #fengshui #elpaso #numerology #astrology @fengshuialacreme @arthouseworld @b.arroso #amplemannontour #worldtraveler #fengshuialacreme #coffee #ig_captures #ig_europe #düsseldorf #kikiscafe #missouri


by Kikis de la Creme

Hi there! You are back 😃! Thanks for joining me again in today’s Lenormand tip .When you are reading these lines, enjoying with your  ☕️… we ( my team, the Amplemann and I) are already half-day ahead and decided that this is an ice-cream-sunbathing-lunch 🍨🍦🍨

Are you ready?

Day 16| #36dailylenormandchallenge

27+ 25+ 31


  • The news today will be as positive as the weather forecast .
  • So lean back and focus on the details. Some fine-tuning for your current project,
  • as well as doing some brainstorming for the long-term-goals should also be on everybody’s list
  • Be especially attentive to all kind of messages , even the most trivial text-message could have a valuable content
  • The clue is to read in-between the lines\
  • Happy Tuesday 🌸🌼🌺!
  • May 6th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

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A quick hello to all of you! We are still on the road 🚗☀️😊, but decided to declare this a relaxing Sunday.

Also WiFi seems to be in relaxing mood today and does its thing . But, taking the challenge by the horns 🐃, here I am with my Lenormand and ready for today’s tips:

Day 15| #36dailylenormandchallenge

31 + 25+ 19

🌞 Sun + Ring+ Tower

  • This is a super sunny 😎 Sunday!
  • Peace and Harmony are todays keywords. The  Sun of this spread seems to compete with the sunshine we  “literally” enjoy outside
  • …inviting happy thoughts
  • without any doubt…focusing on communication, harmony, peace, change in communication, peaceful communication …is today’s number-one-top-priority
  • Pamper 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏼‍♂️ your mind, body and soul
  • Open the windows, clean your desk once again (!) and give your creativity
  • and inspiration a little boost .
  • We just had some delicious waffles with cherries 🍒🍦and whipped cream ( chantilly) ….
  • ” offer your body the best, so the soul loves to live there… (Winston Churchill)
  • Happy Sunday 🌸🌼🌺!
  • May 6th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

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Happy Vibe Tuesday

Hey there ! Today I brought my Ampelmann again to the office.  Do you remember him?  It’s this little green man from Berlin. I am the proud owner of a small collection of “Ampelmänner”, but somehow they were misplaced …

By the way, my Amplemann has also his own social media.. maybe you like to take a little sneak peek . I would love ( and of course he too)  to see you around there …

So the Ampelmann is on today’s Lenormand pic.

Day 13| #36dailylenormandchallenge

11+ 24 + 1

Whip + Heart + Rider

  • I can see sparkles in today’s message ✨
  • Venus pirouetting into lighthearted Gemini makes it all possible.
  • Without any doubt its a happy-vibe-Tuesday😊,
  • Yes, there can be some slight disagreements in your personal relationships, but
  • come on, this makes and keeps it also interesting.
  • Solutions are just around the corner…
  • constructive talks, successful negotiations good advice and for some of you • maybe also … a love 💗 declaration are on the menu.
  • On a professional level, it will be a day with many, but short and precise communications of all kind.
  • Take the chance from now until around May 20th to settle those wonderful ideas and projects.
  • and… there is something else. Your intuition 🔮 is top-on-edge.
  • So, don’t waste too much time in logical explanations and
  • take a leap by trusting your feeling 💜.
  • Happy Tuesday!
  • April 24th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

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Lunch in the park

… hello, I am back with my Lenormand and coffee! Thanks for stopping by.  Its a fresh week with a busy Monday. For the next days my firm plan is to stick to my #36morninglenormand. Time has been limited and I had to decide for one of my two daily posts. A tough decision, as I love both areas.

This week I´ll try to make it up for you😃.

Day 12| #36dailylenormandchallenge

(27) 31+ 29+2

(Letter) Sun + Woman + Clover

  • Friendliness, kindness and gentle communication mark this day.
  • The Taurus Seasons is in full bloom.
  • Although this is a more grounding energy , there is a strong feminine vibration 😃 ,
  • which can pop up some emotional ups and down.
  • Channel any kind of interrupting energy with a quick walk at the fresh air, lunch in the park or an early evening run.
  • Whatever suits you best, but don’t allow that anything dimmers your light or
  • crashes your positive thinking.
  •  😉 Enjoy!
  • Happy Monday!
  • April 23th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand

•⚜️ @kikisdelacreme is the author & #artist of this #lenormand • you can download it • free in iTunes & Googleplay

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Piggy Bank 🐷

Hello! Hola!Bonjour! Good Morning!

It’s again time for a coffee ☕️ break and my Lenormands. How about you?

Day 10 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

31+ 34+25

Sun + Fish + Ring

  • Any thoughts concerning your finances💸 🧐?
  • Actually the subject seems to be under the spotlight
  • and… I have good news😃
  • Everything related to your financial life is flowing a lot better… smoothly.
  • If you have any negotiation or deal in store, you can trust on closing this successfully
  • This complicated client, who is always delayed with payments…will be back on track today ✨
  • Isn’t this good news? Also signing documents and discussing agreements will be easy to handle.
  • With so many good news, there has obviously to be a shadow effect. Yes, and there is a little one or two
  • Control any “over-spending” tendency. It´funny I already mentioned some tip concerning the  credit-cards in my early numerology post
  • On the other hand avoid risky investments. Of course Mercury isn’t retrograde anymore , but this is still the post-settling-phase .
  • Go the extra mile and doublecheck, re-read and practice your in-between-the-line reading
  • Ge tting 🐖 a Piggy Bank could also be a fun and super practical idea
  • Take it serious and think on dryer times and set some savings aside. ( even 2 dollars 💵 each day mark a big difference )
  • Ah… and of course this doesn’t mean you can’t get your favorite coffee. 😉 Enjoy!
  • Happy Thursday!
  • April 19th, 2018 |#36morninglenormand


Hello! …. time is running today and it´s not that I am lazy . Oh no ! Actually, if you are into numerology, you might have read that especially this morning, I have been a very productive-early-bird .

My watch says, it´s 10:10 a.m. over here. Perfect for my coffee-break and Lenormands:

Day 9 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

17 + 13 + 18

Stock + Child + Dog

  • Change is unavoidable and necessary to grow 🌱
  • Actually restructuring and choices related to your plans, office, strategy, personal plan… could be, now, the positive aspect for a fresh beginning🌻
  • You get a really good helping-hand from the Sun / Uranus influence
  • By the way re-structuring your inner circle of trust, might also be a top-notch-idea
  • You know, sometimes we let people in to our lives, who really do not deserve our vote-of-trust.
  • On the other hand, today your patience is required. Control your impulsiveness !
  • Go step-by-step with your changes.
  • [Also, there could be news of pregnancy.. for yourself or a friend? ]😲😊
  • …Anyway, the mini-decluttering in your contacts and friendships will bring the desired peace and harmony
  • and further on… lovely communications☕️☕️.
  • Happy Wednesday!
  • April 18th, 2018 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

Roundtrip ?

… Is it just me or are you also sensing a different ambience this Monday ?

It is a working week and a busy Monday. But I feel relieved 😅. My early morning phone calls to a clients and a plumper service have been flowing astonishing well . Unbelievable! After weeks of struggeling, in many occasions,  to get my idea across … (of course people had some tough experience in talking to me too😁).

I know it is to early to sing victory, as Mercury, the messenger planet is just making it through its first day of traveling direct… But, let me enjoy this moment a little bit over my coffee-break ☕️😎💮📿🃏with the Ampelmann and my Lenormand:

Day 8 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

12 + 3 + 31

Birds + Ship + Sun

  • Indeed communication flows, better, clearer, but slow
  • Are you having any travel plans? … or your special someone ?
  • Keep in mind that the cross-wired communication needs still some time to settle and probably there can be delays
  • There is a roundtrip on the menu (that’s good news), but you need to pay extra attention to all the arrangement
  • Double-check 🗺 🧐 car reservation, hotel, tickets, if you ordered your special menus, window seat… just to throw in a couple of ideas
  • Now you are good to go!
  • You will enjoy the trip, something exciting is on the path, either for business or personal pursue
  • Happy Monday! Happy week beginning!
  • April 16th, 2018 | #36dailylenormandchallenge

Amplemann and Lenormand |Kikis de la Creme