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Kikis de la Creme is BA Phil. For many years she worked in Automotive Industry in Mexico.  Since 2000 she has her own offices “Kikis Cafe” and ” Art House World  as a Master Feng Shui,  decorator and trainer,  numerologist, artist and author.

Kikis is also a professional certified Tarotist, reader and teacher of Lenormand, Life and Spiritual Coach.

Nowadys she offers personal and internet consultations as well as classes, workshops and international conferences in Germany, Mexico and USA.

Kikis de a Creme is the author of the book “La Tiendita” (available as free ibook in Spanish). Since  2017 the book – as an excerpt –  is also available as an English version /ibook

La Tiendita The Mini Store

The Mini Store 

Kikis is also the author and artist of the App Oracle Cards:

– Lenormand a la Mexicana “Las Marías” ® –

App in iTunes / Googleplay: App Lenormand

Painting, knitting, crocheting, writing and dancing are some of her bobbies. If you like to enjoy a part of her work as an artist, Kikis de la Creme painted 36 cards in pastels for her App. This artwork is an “homenage” to Mexico and is inspired by the Mexican doll “La Maria”. Kikis started to work on this project as a personal healing therapy after an accident she suffered in 2013. It is a “naïve “colorful painting style Kikis chose and this work was finished in 9 months. Until today, Kiki has not yet decided, if she wants this Lenormand Oracle deck also to offer as a deck in bookstores or online stores.