Upcoming Events June 2020

P & S Virtual Summer Kikis de la Creme jpg
Hola Hello 👋☀️! Hoy te invito a nuestro siguiente Paint 🎨 & Sip Virtual🥂”Summer”  | I invite you to our next Virtual Paint and Sip Event

La cita | Event Date: miércoles | Wednesday • 17/6/2020 • 7:00 pm vía zoom

El Kit de Material se entrega 🚚 a domicilio | Material Deliveries are only available for the Queretaro Mexico Area

•Fecha límite registro : 11/6/2020 | Last Date to register June 11, 2020
• costo p/pers. $499.- pre-pago; •{incluye todo el material, pequeña sorpresa y entrega a domicilio } | Cost per person MX $ 499.- includes all material and delivery in Queretaro Mexico Area

Nos vermos pronto!! See you soon 🤗😘 Kiki

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Please Register for this event per email. We will offer your several payment options.
  • Favor de inscriberse para este evento via email. Le proporcionaremos diversas opciones de Pago

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