Assess and Re-Prioritize

How is your busy week going so far? … as I promised in my last post, there are more wonderful things going on in the Cosmic Column. Are you ready?

Especially, as this is the week of Jupiter ( the planet of expansion) turning retrograde in the fire sign Sagittarius. So you might say … retrograde again? Yeap! But, … before you close this message and walk away… let me anticipate, that this is actually a very positive aspect .

Under today’s numerology “eight” and tomorrow’s “nine” this activates a four-month-tour (until August 11th), in which you will be able to >focus <. on what you’re really passionate about.

It’s the time to assess and re-prioritize. Your agenda might be packed with activities, nevertheless even if you would love to dance-in-all-parties/meetings …. re-define what’s really indispensable and requires your direct attention … and what can be delegated.

Wishing you all a very inspiring Wednesday!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Photo credit Kikis de la Creme, Aachen Germany 2019

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