Ring, Ring! He is Back-on-Track

So how are you? It’s the big day. The expression planet, Mercury is turning direct under today’s numerology “seven”.

Mercury is slowly untangling the cross-wiring drama. During the last three weeks you might have had some awkward, but also very very revealing moments (AHA-moments).

So what to do now? Be patient!

Many of my clients have told me, that they have a couple of things they like to buy. A new car, a tablet… one said his phone has gone crazy and he had to give it to repair… but it’s not working properly… so, for sure he will need a new phone…

Since we must wait a few days for the messenger planet to gain momentum before we see any forward movement. Meanwhile, the ambitious Capricorn Moon keeps our eyes on the prezzies… on your shopping list?

There is good reason to be positive.

B u t, don’t misunderstand … you still need to get every question answered, check quality, compare prices and read the fine print…. don’t trust blindly. This is when I like the numerological vibration of today’s “seven”. It make us more conscious and willing to take a step back to analyze.

Not all that glitters is gold!

While Mercury turns direct today, Venus fills this space up with incredible potential since Tuesday until April 20th. Being able to declare what you want and need in order to achieve the bond you both desire will be easier now.

Plus you and your special someone will feel a strong pull to make things work, no matter what.


So, here is the thing…

Whatever stays, let it stay.

Whatever goes, let it go.

Some of us are about to become all Buddha-like when it comes to your perspective on love.

There is no doubt, that you do have the highest ideals and best intentions toward your partner or a prospective romantic interest. At the same time, however, you realize that love is not possession, and in order to love, you have to give it unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

Love can bring us incredible bliss, but it can also bring us unimaginable pain.

You’ll become a master at that over the next few weeks. Fortunately, a reward is likely in romance as a result.

Wishing you a very joyful and productive Thursday. Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

Photo credit Kikis de la Creme

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