When the Butterflies fly High

… there is good news on my list today… only three more days ’til Mercury Retrograde will say sayonara (さようなら) .

How are you doing?

You might have already an interesting list with ideas, wishes and plans for the next month…But for now, it’s time for some behind-the-scenes work, in order to make your plans a lot more doable. 

As you still may not have all the details together, do the detective work!

Are you ready for more good news?

… well, this week some of us might feel the butterflies in the stomach, see the flowers blooming even more beautiful… now that the planet of beauty, romance, love (and also money aspects)…Venus, will dance in Piscis .

With the Spring season in full swing and the upcoming Venus dance, there is a romance-Cupid-forecast :0

To be precise, from this week on until April 20th, 2019 Venus will certainly activate your romantic-artistic-poetry-sweet-love vines.

So far so good and I wish that everybody enjoys this time by maximum. But under today’s numerology “four” and with Mercury still retrograde…. I cannot just let go without, giving a couple of extra tips:

The Venus / Piscis combo, this is a (too) illusionary aspect. Keep your feet to the ground and don’t let the illusion and your heart win over your head .

Under today’s numerology “four” (and also on each of all the other days ’til April 20th) make it an habit to prepare your priority and To-Do-list while enjoying your first coffee. This is an excellent excercise to organize part of your day.

Now, you should keep this list as “handy” as possible. Frequently double checking, will make it easy to work on your tasks.

There is a lot of love potential for singles and also if you are already in a relationship. You might feel again the butterflies…. The ambience invites to enjoy and smooth the edges… b u t Love can bring us incredible bliss, but it can also bring us unimaginable pain.

So, there is no need to rush … give it time, maybe another thought or two before you promise too much.

Wishing you all a very productive and successful week beginning .

Happy Monday!

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