The Key to Success is Action

… can you feel the fresh breeze? How are you this morning? My day started l a little later ( normally I am a super early bird), but today my dogs joined me for the walking meditation. We had a wonderful time and are having now breakfast and enjoy some sunshine… so, don’t worry it’s not a “Mercury Retrograde” thing that I didn’t post earlier.

It’s already midweek! Under the current sky and today’s numerological vibration of “one” there is lovely energy to open up … in all senses. The sensitive Pisces Sun cooperates with passionate Pluto.

This is your chance to set your burden down and explore your options.

“Always keep in mind, it’s ’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.”

Thanks for reading me… by the way, there is also a new audio available … just in case your are into a couple of extra tips. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

XO Kikis

photo credit Kikis de la Creme

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