Bang! He is here!

..buckle up because unexpected change may be heading in your direction! It’s s the second day of Mercury Retrograde ( in Pisces) , the Master of communication in slow motion .

But there is more… today we have a New Moon Wednesday in Pisces; the planet of chaos and the unexpected, Uranus is switching signs… leaving Aries and traveling for the next seven years in Taurus and finally, today’s numerology is #three.

Yes, there is a lot going on from an astrological point of view.

Strong waves of inspiration and creativity surround us (numerology/three). Nevertheless, your plans for the day and the following …might just have some unexpected changes.

There is a certain kind-of-closure feeling on the menu. We all

Have Uranus somewhere in our Astro Chart, which for it will effect each of us in a different way.

So, you might feel you’re outgrowing some of the members of your current circle. Or perhaps a recent career change puts you in touch with others whose goals for the future are more closely matching yours.

Personal growth often means leaving something behind.

But, once you know where you want to go, the universe will send signs to guide you. Change is unavoidable and the less resistance you put, the better you will handle it. Pay attention and keep your eyes on the road.

Wishing you a very Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

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Marbella , Spain 2019 • Kikis de la Creme

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