A fresh Breeze

..let’s put is like this, the truth is you simply have a change of priorities! Some might call it a change in taste, flavors… moods.

I like this! Friction drives action. Being static is the real enemy.

Today’s numerological vibration of #four✨ indicates that square thinking might be substitute by outside-the-box-thinking. Many forces compete for your attention now.

Allow yourself some grace as you navigate the twists and turns of the day. There is no rush. The most important step you are already doing by popping your nose out of this square box.

Be bold and move on!

Little by little the magical and mundane mix together, restoring harmony to your life. Are you ready for the fresh breeze?

Wishing you a very inspiring and productive Tuesday!

XO Kikis

Photo Credit: Kikis de la Creme Aachen, Germany 2018

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