Clear away Cobwebs

Before you grow, you have to purge. That sounds like a hard-work-project … and actually it might make you sweat and more…. Today’s introvert numerological vibration of #seven , the recent Full Moon effect and topping this with the Piscis season in full swing… it is the perfect ambience for a deep-Soul-x-Ray.

I know, it requires some extra effort to do the first step… but once you start consider it like an early Spring cleaning of your home.

You can unlock long-closed doors , clear away cobwebs and of course discard any traits or possessions, that no longer fit in your life.

Go for it and don’t limit yourself from experiencing the joy and lightness. You will ultimately liberate yourself and something from your past.

Now you are free to design your future.

Wishing you a very productive and joyful space-clearing Wednesday !

Thanks for reading me!

XO Kikis

Photo Credit: Kikis de la Creme, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2018

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