Send the Green Monster back to Sleep

.. ok, so you want to settle an agreement… well then leave all that snaky / foxy attitude in the trunk or even better .. at home.

At least today!

I know, that sometime you feel that the green monster woke up together with you. Still, you have the best intentions to stay calm and wish from the bottom of your heart, that this will be a super relaxing and peaceful day.

…the last thing you need and want is that somebody criticizes your outfit or undone hair-arrangement, but then out of sudden, there is somebody who throws it all over board

… and there is no the slightest chance to send the GREEN MONSTER back to sleep… oh My God… trust me, you do better in relaxing and focusing on the goal.


So, getting back to the agreements and settlement that are on your priority list. Go for it!

The Master of communications and Deals, Mercury will be retrograde starting March 5th.

You better hurry up and hustle to make things happen. By the way, this applies also to your travel arrangement . Don’t hesitate and get those tickets

Almost forgot.. today’s numerological vibration is four.

Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading me

XO Kikis

📸 by Kikis de la Creme | February 2018 | Siegen Germany

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