The Sparkling Eight

If there really exists something like the “Feliz” (happy) week of Valentine’s… well, then I think this could be the one!

Under the current sky with the planets, Mars and Uranus in their 8th alignment in the fire sign, Aries, since 2011…this brings lots of sparkles to the air.

Two very powerful planets hooking up and bring themes like sex, anger , the unexpected, chaos… change on the table, that’s a lot to deal with. Topping this, today’s numerological vibration is “eight”.

By the way this, Mars and Uranus show up in this combination for the last time. You will have to wait the next 80 years to enjoy these vibes again. But what does this mean for you?

For starters: we feel pretty and handsome, strong and confident!

Of course there is a lot more and there is also a shadow side.

When things just started to flow beautifully, harmonious and your consistent efforts at work start to show in your career status.

It’s completely normal, that the stability of your position takes your confidence to the next level. Anybody in your orbit notices!

You friends, colleagues, neighbors, fans…. the haters, naysayers and of course your enemies

But with such beautiful and strong vibrations, you may not feel you have worthy competition. As I said, in your mind you stand in a league of your own and act accordingly.

However, the brighter you shine, the darker your shadow can grow.

My special tip: Carry a message of cooperation and coexistence to those who seek to block you.

A little goodwill goes a long way to further your success.

Wishing you a very happy San Valentine’s week.

To a productive and successful Tuesday!

XO Kikis

Photo taken by Kikis de la Creme in Siegen City, Germany • April 2018

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