Change is the name of the Game

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free” Tori T. Asai.

What others might consider as lazy is actually a clever form of efficiency for you. It’s a fresh, bright energy we get with the New Moon in Aquarius under today’s numerological vibration of the “nine”… what does this mean for each of us ?

You know, when you are enjoying yourself, your mind makes associations it would not normally make, which means your idle hours are never boring.

I just told my assistance that today we might feel like a snake changing skin. We are at the beginning of a strong evolutionary process… also in conjunction with the beginning of the Year of the Boar.

It’s time to ditch your comfort zone! A New Moon in inventive Aquarius and Chinese New Year 🧧 is urging you to abandon routine and move in a brand-new direction.

This liberating lunation could open you up to a HUGE opportunity.

Change is the name of the game.

When it comes to your love life scenario this shift can take on a variety of shades. For some, it’s an entirely new approach to relating — one that will honor your need for freedom and individuality. For others, it’s about being willing to push the envelope and experiment more with the lines that draw the box of your current relationship.

By the way this New Moon shakes also hands with the planet of expansion, Jupiter. For many this could bring excellent opportunities on a professional basis (… broadcasting, travel , higher education)

Does this make sense for you?

Happy Monday! Happy Chinese New Year 🧧!

XO Kikis

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