Shake up the Status Quo

Hello and good morning on this very first Friday of February 2019 . Today’s numerology is #six .

A beautiful month we are starting … not only are we heading to the next New Moon in Aquarius , which is not an Eclipse . The zodiac sign Aquarius… is the innovator, the inventor, the scientist, the hippy, the humanitarian, the collaborator, lover of groups activities and all things unique and eccentric.

Also on February 5th, it’s the beginning of the Year of the Earth Boar. So, definetly it’s a symbol of new beginnings and ideal for starting afresh. Take advantage of this forward-moving vibe injecting fresh energy into your life in all areas.

Getting back to today’s date with a not less interesting moon, transiting in Capricorn …The tendency is still to set specific goals and to create a practical plan.

However, although the numerological vibration of the six is so full with friendliness and kindness, there might be some challenging moments.

The planet Mars forming a stressful square with unrelenting Pluto might not be very fond of your good intentions. So, a looming interpersonal battle may be unavoidable unless you’re willing to compromise.

Before you allow your emotions to turn into a green-monster-outbreak … go for a walk, focus on your breathing and please step back from any uncontrollable action/re-action. I go even further and say… today is a day for observation… learn how you handle stressful moments in a better way.

Now you are good to go 🙂

Wishing you all a very harmonious and productive day!

Happy Friday!

XO Kikis

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