Slow and Steady

… the other day in my program, I described the current season as a Marathon run…. better than a sprint. That’s exactly what applies today, under the numerological vibration of #five… and the current sky.

With today’s numerology “five” you might feel the desire and drive to push forward on your wish/goal-list, but you do better on holding the brakes over your speed. Review your strategy, do some research . There is a slight tendency to fall in the extreme of “hyperactivity

And if this weren’t enough, the number “five” gets a helping hand from the planets Sun and Pluto. The Capricorn Sun inches towards the annual hook up with relentless Pluto.

Here my tip: Do this little exercise of visualizing yourself as an experienced Marathon-runner, finding your speed. Focus on the finishing line.

Your creativity and inspiration might be on edge. Certainly, you have a couple of hidden talents you are ready to show. So, do your work in preparing the next big step.

Get the coffee, screen out all kind of distractions and get ready for business!

Wishing you all a very productive day. Happy Thursday!

Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

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