Are you ready for a very special Saturday? …under the current sky and today’s numerology “nine”, the 1. Solar Eclipse of 2019, a New Moon in Capricorn there is so much activity. Actually there are 5 planets now transiting in the goal-orientated earth sign of Capricorn.

Together with the vibration of the number “nine”.. this eclipse can bring the unexpected into your life. For some of us it could be a wake-up-call.

Use the energy to accelerate progress in your personal and professional life to bring the changes quickly.

This 2019 we have three eclipses and these can potentially open your doors. New opportunities might be already lurking around the corner…

Here, I like to remember my tip, to not act exactly on the day of the eclipse… it’s always better to wait a couple of days to get the whole panorama and then take the advantage of change.

Yesterday, In my FB Live program I said that this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is like a “Marathon run and not a sprint ” . There is no rush!

Also, your mind-body-soul connection plays an important role. Set some new wellness goals that you work toward over the coming six months. … no sweets, more vegetable, more water, less alcohol…

You should put your necessities first … now that the personal planets move through Capricorn. It’s time to plant the seeds and to work your project from here to July.

Finally, I like to recall that all eclipses have certain symbolism… so, you might also need to let go of something or someone… or you will need to close a chapter / door in order to purify and get space for something new.

Wishing you all very inspiring New Moon / Solar Eclipse! Happy Saturday

XO Kikis

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