Socialite and Spontaneous

Make sure the facts are on your side as you forge ahead today . Today’s numerology vibration of the potencial #eight✨ and as we are heading to the 1. solar Eclipse 2019 ( New Moon in Capricorn) … this is a strong goal-orientated accumulation of energy.

In addition to this, the planets Mercury and Uranus are in a very harmonious angle… feel the passion to express yourself ?

Actually, I consider this like a little test-run. If your current plans and stand up to this kind of bold and sincere energy , your confidence will soar now.

But if not… then take steps to address the legitimate need for more information. You know, plenty of potential headaches can be eliminated by sticking to this wise advice my father always gave to me: “If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

The eight is a very strong mountain-moving number. It’s often considered to be also a very extreme number . You can experience some severe emotional ups and downs.

Therefore, I like to add also some additional tips… keep today’s menu as “green” as possible.

Definitely don’t forget to pack you walking shoes. Trust me, balancing your food and sportive activities will be very useful to avoid falling into emotional extremes on any decision you need to take today.

All in all, it’s an excellent day for brilliant ideas!… and don’t forget to plan something interesting for tonight … if it’s an spontaneous escape even better …

Wishing you all a very productive and joyful day. Happy Friday!

XO Kikis

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