Buckle Up

Sending you a warm welcome greeting on the 2. Day of this fresh 2019. It’s already midweek!

Today’s numerological vibration is “six”, the planets, Sun and restrictive Saturn are managing the speed of the day. The action-orientated planet Mars is traveling through Aries… there is really an interesting energy boost inviting to take part in the journey of your next projects.

Actually, the dynamic of the day might initially slow down and help you to decide better about the next steps to take.

It’s a really mixed /opposing energy we have on this Wednesday. Plus the energetic accumulation is getting stronger as we are heading to the 1. Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Capricorn )… But, your instincts will tell you when it is time to buckle up.

My tip: Don’t focus too long on how far away the finish line might be now. This will only kill your enthusiasm. Win, lose, or draw, there are rewards that can only come from following your heart. Claim the adventure that belongs to you.

You might remember one of my latest articles, I called the “friendly six”…

So, besides working on your goals and projects… find some time to reconnect with who is important to you… a coffee-break is always a good occasion for a little chat.

Wishing you a very productive and joyful Wednesday!

XO Kikis

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