The Green Monster

It’s the last Sunday of the year! Just two more days for 2018

Today’s update numerological vibration is “eight” … plus the Libra Luna is in a stressful opposition to s u p e r unpredictable Uranus.

Well, the number eight itself has a powerful vibration. It can easily fall into extremes. Either very prosperous, strong, positive, happy or exactly to the opposite which develops deep sad emotions, disappointment, disillusion, lose, worry, anger…This is like a wildcard that defies rational analysis.

Here my 1. Tip: Please inhale, exhale … do the whole breathing routine before reacting and saying things you might regret.

Definitely, getting along with people may be more complicated than we anticipate, once we get up this morning.

Especially, if someone isn’t playing according to the rules, the GREEN MONSTER is already lurking around the corner and could just pop out at any moment!

I go even further and say, that a power play could decide our fate once the Moon switches signs and enters intense Scorpio.

2. Tip: Go for a walk or run! Do some sports. Physical activity is an excellent catalyst. It clears your mind and free all the anger.

On the other hand, you know there are things you want to finish before the new year begins, but you may be too distracted to accomplish much .

3. Tip: Don’t blame others! Being social and going with the flow does not mean giving up your power in the process. So, if friends and family set the agenda, choose in what part you can and want to participate without loosing the chance to work your pendings.

Wishing you a very peaceful and harmonious Sunday!

XO Kikis

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