Dreams of Sugarplum Faries

Happy Christmas Eve Day! Among all the preparation and final touches tension might be getting really high.

Before I started to write this morning, I gave a really long thought about what could be my best tips for this day…

So, let’s see.. just on time for the celebrations, the planets Mercury (Master of communication ) and Neptune (the Dreamer) are squaring off.

That gives a very blurry flair to the whole ambience and being still a little more precise… Dreams of sugarplum fairies dance in our heads.

On the other hand, revealing your feelings is a double-edged sword today. Although you believe that the emotional waters will remain calm throughout the day, there’s a tempest brewing out near the horizon.

Whatch your words and even more prepare a conversation-topic-list! (!)

Casually expressing what’s in your heart may not be in your best interest until the hectic energy settles down. This of course includes all delicate subjects, as politics, religion, giving your sister or aunt a piece-of-mind…

Yes, it is like it is and somebody might not be in holiday-mood . Pay attention to who might be lurking on the sidelines. 

Thankfully, tempering your rapid responses and bringing empathy can catapult you in a wonderful direction. Also, compassionate action rather than defensive reaction is the key to your happiness.

I wish you all a very harmonious and joyful Monday.

Merry Christmas!

XO Kikis

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