Kindness is King

It the first Friday of a fresh month. Under the current sky and today’s numerological vibration “6”….

Hold off on final decisions regarding some aspects until next month. You’ll have stars in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach … but also fog in your brain.

For now, my special tip is to have flexibility as your top-keyword. Don’t worry I am just suggesting to bend, but not break.

The vibration of a number six is generous, peaceful, inviting , friendly, kind … with a pampering touch and the urge to re-connect with people … a beautiful energy. Nevertheless today, it requires some extra effort to really make that happen.

Of course you can and should stay true to your values and convictions… but today it needs a little more to maintain some of your relationships. Re-adjusting your strategy and including an extra touch of compassion and friendliness in the ingredient list is perfect.

I know, you might be a bit impatient with the extra effort required, but more pleasant interactions are likely, even with unpleasant people.

Kindness is king.

Wishing you all a very joy- and peaceful Friday!

XO Kikis

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