Cool Off Period

…it’s the last day of the month, happy Halloween 🎃 👻!

The Master of Communication, Mercury is now traveling through Sagittarius and today Venus Retrograde is backflipping to Libra ♎️…., plus today’s numerological vibration is “7” …

You get the invitation to pause and to ask yourself, if this battle is really worth the drain on your energy or the hard feelings that may result.

But, here is the thing …Don’t be too quick or too bolt!

Partnerships, relationships of all kind are on the center stage. Today’s numerological vibration : #seven invites to include a couple of extra coffee / tea breaks and to give a thought or two about conflict resolution.

Yeah, I know some of you might feel irritated , when you are ready this. You could be so stuck in discussions or even the grid between you and the other person (s) could already be so wide, that a reconciliations is the last thing coming to your mind .

On the other hand, watch your words, now it’s so easy, that a simple (positive) comment is completely misunderstood … my special tip: try a “cool-off” period 😅😊 • Make a conscientious decision to put kindness first and trace your next steps.

Can this work for you? I love to read your comments.

Wishing you all a very joyful Wednesday! Happy Halloween 🎃 👻 !

XO Kikis

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