The Five

It’s a fresh week with three more days to end the month of October. How are you?

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

We start this Monday with the numerological vibration of the “5”. Its an exciting and active number. It’s always interesting to see how the numbers add up and today we get first a “23”. The two and the three, both numbers of the communication complex .

There is the invitation to be aware of the complexity between listening and speaking, writing, posting, how you are relating to people… Now, that the Master of Communication, Mercury will this week start to travel through Sagittarius ♐️… it will be impossible to tell a lie.

On the other hand, Venus is still retrograde and also will shift signs to Libra ♎️ . All kind of relationships are once again ( or still )on the center stage .

So, there is really a lot going on and it promises to be a very active week. My tips are focusing today on getting thinks worked out in your relationships.

Keep in mind that Mercury will start the next “retrograde” phase on November 16th…. it’s pretty soon ! So, postponing any longer that unavoidable “talk” with the colleague, client, boss or partner …. will not bring you any further.

Instead , how about making a small list of top points that you consider important for your meeting. It’s not about solving all world -problems in a single conversation, but creating a common base. In case you need to work further on in any negotiation, contracts…. for more reason get this done soon… Mercury Retrograde is never an easy time to seal deals ( either on a private or professional level).

Let’s shed some light on the “love” aspect . I think we all agree that this subject has been quiet rough lately. Yeah I can tell!

But this is also something positive about Venus Retrograde. You finally have time to re-analyze and re-define / rekindle your relationships.

So, the other day a client asked me if she should postpone her wedding date. She is getting married next Saturday… I advised not to cancel. If you are in the same situation, please go ahead with all your plans . The only tip I give is, to program a first-anniversary-vows-renovation .

Wishing you all very successful week beginning. Happy Monday!

XO Kikis

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