What makes you Tick

The full moon in Taurus just happened … how about your whishlist? Did you write one or restructure the last one? You didn’t find time to do some brainstorming? Don’t worry, the moon is still bright and strong and it’s perfect to work on your goals, ideas, wishes and plans today.

By the way, this Thursday has the numerological vibration #one. A strong number inviting us to take action, but…

…maybe all you need , is a little detour on your path to success. Now, it is very important to stay open to fresh concepts and evaluate the different options.

You know, there is this thing about getting square-minded with a certain procedure /strategy, once it has been successful for you. That’s a very common issue among my clients and out of sudden you can’t understand, why it is not bringing the desired result…. when it always has worked.

That’s exactly because the environment is not static. Everything is energy and everything moves, changes and evolves. You change!

So, your enthusiasm and willpower are marking the rhythm. What is it you are exciting about? Roll up your sleeves and put these ideas on a paper, trace a plan B,C,D. Be open to implement new structures, strategies and concepts.

Well, get busy while the cosmic conditions are favorable. 

Wishing you all a very productive and succeful Thursday.

XO Kikis

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