Monday Sparkle

Wooow….when the planets are so busy, it suggests that it’s a time when we can start to make changes in our lives.

I prepared a little list for you to point out the most important events of this extremely busy week,let’s see:

  • Mercury connects with Pluto

  • The Sun changes signs and moves into Scorpio ♏️

  • The Sun opposes Uranus

  • The Sun and Venus connect but also….

  • Venus sextiles Saturn
  • oh, and there is more … The Full Moon 🌕 in Taurus ♉️

… and with so many gently conflicting energies, it could be hard to know where to start.

Under today’s numerology #seven, you might have the chance to look inward and trace a solid strategy. This may guarantee your future success. Actually projects that you start now can be the result of your hard-work & dedication to succeed.

Well, love and relationships is always a hot subject and the good news is, that a turning point in love is certainly possible this week. Your physical and material security needs in your relationships will be under the spotlight… this Wednesday.( 11:45 am here in Mexico).

But also, this full moon 🌕 opposes Venus (still moving retrograde) . As a result, what you want and what you need in love might be at odds.

On the other hand, this Full Moon and Venus will both be at a very harmonious angle to Saturn, making it more likely that security needs in love will be met — even if they haven’t been met in the past.

Change must be implemented strategically now, so as to do the least amount of collateral. I like to say here, that timing is absolutely important!

As I mentioned earlier, this lunation is in Taurus … it’s a very earthy full moon … inviting us to re-connect with natural products . It’s a great opportunity to update your menu, try some new salud recipes… visit the local market, join the knitting / crocheting circle… our Paint & Sip…

Wishing you all a very successful Monday! Thanks for reading me.

XO Kikis

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