Coffee for you?

The friendly Aquarius ♒️ Moon harmonizes with the Libra ♎️ Sun, creating a solid foundation for all types of interpersonal interactions.

B u t an uncomfortable #Mercury / #Mars square turns molehills into mountains , if we put competition over cooperation | so, what to do?

Exercise control and good judgement,you will feel more secure about whatever transpires.

Then, adopt an exam-style philosophy; stick to your plan; when solving a problem, show your work. Of course, details matter in both, love and money.

Actually I have a little extra-tip: under so much pressure doing some workout is absolutely healthy . Go for a run, some kick-boxing …. Also eating today the “green” menu will be very helpful to keep you relaxed and calm.

I wish you all a very productive and peaceful day. Happy Friday 🎃!

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