A Smile?

Creativity, inspiration and determination are todays keywords, under the vibration of the number #3.

Intuition tells you exactly where your attention is essential! So, there’s no reason to risk, letting the prime moment for action pass you by.

Before moving on … I love to know how did the recent New Moon work for you?

  • What is your fresh direction after this New Moon in Libra?
  • Any news on the romantic front?
  • Did you detox your friendship circle?
  • Are you looking for a new friend?
  • Want to start a fresh relationship?

Well under today’s number three vibration and having the Master of Communication, Mercury transiting in Scorpio ♏️… all kind of communications are in the Center Stage.

Yes, you will need to run an extra mile or probably a couple of miles to take a step closer to this special someone.

But I have good news…the odds are in your favor, that you’ll find a new friend or the beginning of a budding romance.

My special tip: Start off with a smile and let nature take its course.

Happy Tuesday!

P.D. Just want to say how grateful I am for you. I know you could be reading a ton of other people’s blogs and it means a lot that you’re here! Thank you!

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