Ready for a plunge into the past?

… take some time to re-view where your money is going each month. The planet Venus is turning retrograde until November 16. Under today’s vibration of the number “eight” and the current transit of Venus in Scorpio ♏️…money, but also relationships, intimate life …. are the very important topics now .

We all have a rare opportunity to re-examine our basic values . I can see you smiling … yes, the prefix “re” is showing up again . You know that’s exactly the thing with retrograde phases…under the vibration of the number #8…so, think twice before ducking into that boutique with the eye-catching display😊.

By the way loose lips sink ships. Be especially mindful not to get swept up in gossip that masquerades as “concern”. Better focus on how you and your life works with others.

Are you happy?

What do you want and need to change?

On the other hand, The past cycles back around as old friends and lovers reappear. But do you really want this? My proposal is… don’t rush back to familiar territory—especially if that terrain was thorny the last time around.

The challenge is resisting the urge to fall into old patterns. Here my invitation to do some memory check. What happen between October 8th and November 20th in 2010? Where were you in your love life?

And as I mentioned earlier, watch your cash, as themes may repeat in our financial lives, too.

Now you are good to go!

Happy Friday !

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