Dive into the October Breeze

The creative mind comes up with all sorts of exciting options when not constrained by the word impossible.– Kikis dela Creme

Welcome wa new month with fresh energy and exciting opportunities ahead . We start the month and the week with numerology four. This week and the whole month the astrological weather is quite intense.

By the way …yesterday, the planet of authority, power and sex, Pluto finished the retrograde transit …. and in addition to this… on Friday, October 6th … the planet of beauty and love will turn retrograde. In this occasion this will happen in two signs, which are strongly related to relationships, Scorpio and Libra …Oh je! Until November 16th, this might bring some friction in your love life or other kind of relationships.

With Pluto now back on track there will be a lot more transparency in situations that had you double guessing , relationships and your intimate life will be in transformation mood.

During Venus retrograde, it’s an excellent time for forgiveness so if you had trouble with someone and want to make peace, October (after the 6th) is a brilliant time to offer an apology .

On the other hand, financed will also play an important role. Is there anything you want to renegotiate ? … a financial agreement you have ? Go for it! …after the 6th is potential-packed (mark the days around the 24th and 31st).

So far for the first October week… of course there is still more … which for under today’s numerological vibration my tip is to keep paper and pen handy. Take notes, trace a plan and strategy for your priorities.

My other tip is to pack some comfortable shoes, so you can go for a walk with a healthy lunch or after work. Many people underestimate the effect of a good walk. I invite you to give it a try , you will be surprised how it clears your mind and who restive it can turn out!

Wishing you all a very peace- and successful October.

XO Kikis

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