Full Moon Sparkle

This morning I greet you with a question: What have you been working on for the past six months? Double -check your calendar and flip straight back to April 15th, 2018 the date of the corresponding NEW moon in Aries.

Tonight we have the Full Moon 🌕 in Aries . So, what have you achieved until now? Let’s count your blessings and achievements . I am sure there is something to celebrate.

It’s a week beginning with very mixed energy under the vibration of the number #8

… yes, there is this strong drive to move forward… but there could also be buried anger.

I highly re-commend to stay as neutral as possible and to pack the walking shoes . You will do so much better, if you leave the drama queen at home.

Further on, with a very harsh angle between the Sun and Saturn, some of us could see the green monster just stepping out• inhale • exhale •

Whatever challenging situation you might be facing keep it as discretely and private as possible … trust me you don’t need to update the whole world about any nasty incident .

On the other hand, there is a lot of progressive energy on the table. Ideas fly high! Just double check, if this is what you are really passionate about ?

That said, don’t let perfectionism kill your enthusiasm. The good thing is that later on there will be plenty of time to fine-tune .

So, coming back to the Sun-/ Saturn rendezvous… it’s probably safe to assume some compromises will be in order on Tuesday. For some of us the taskmaster, Saturn will be traveling in your career zone. In this occasion the Sun and Saturn form a testy square and could affect all kind of partnership .

This is something that only happens a few times a year, but when it does, there’s no missing it! If you’ve been asking yourself why everything seems to “heat up at once”… well here you go, this is your answer.

Let’s take a little sneak peek. For example the zodiac sign of Aries: The taskmaster planet will spend a total of three years in your professional sector (from December 19, 2017, to December 17, 2020), offering valuable teachings and giving you the experience and credibility you need to advance. But, when it forms a harsh angle to other planets, that’s when you get stressed. Watch your words… less is definetly more…

Especially, if you have your own business… this week might have a special lesson for you… please listen carefully to your clients demands!

Everybody will be so happy, when finally the coming weekend the planet , Pluto, is turning direct …. This will be certainly the opportunity for many of us to set fresh goals and to make considerable progress .

I am ready for another coffee!

To yours and mine success!

Happy Monday!

P.D don’t forget to take an Aries-Full-Moon-Bath 🌕🌝🌱🛀💚

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