Autumn Breeze

…. Its a weekend, a Saturday with lots of interesting aspects surrounding us and bringing all kind of relationship aspects to the center-stage.

The Master of communication, Mercury is now traveling in #Libra ♎️ and well, this prompts us to seek that ever-elusive balance between fact and fiction.

Yesterday I mention that this is only a short-term transit, you an I should really take advantage of. Your approach to previous stressful situations and harsh words you had with a colleague, friend and or family , is totally refreshed. Now we all have a fresh perspective and are gaining clarity on what is really working and what probably has grown out.

Also, today the Sun shifts also into fair-minded Libra , marking the Autumnal Equinox.

But there is still more … today’s numerology is six (6). Under the current sky and this numerological vibration harmony can be as important as the truth . With the Equinox, equality in union becomes more important .

“One’s not half of two; two are halves of one.” | E.E.Cummings

Wishing you all a very harmonious and relaxing Saturday!

XO Kikis

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